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Mark Zuckerberg's Dating Advice For Ladies Is Deep!

Hehe, not every time serious tech talk, sometimes, light tech talk. For those who don’t know, Mark Zuckerberg is a romantic nerd! You can feel the love he has for his wife any time they are pictured together. ( I mean! see that stare *dreamy sigh* #RelationshipGoals).

Now back to the gist, remember the post about his personal project? (If you have not read it, click here) Well, a grandmother who wants her granddaughters to date nerds posted a comment under that post.
I am sure the next thing you are expecting is for Mark Zuckerberg to affirm that statement, but what he said in response was dope and deep at the same time! See it below: 
mark zuckerberg relationship advice
I mean ???????. In non tech terms:
Want to date a rich man, why not aspire to be a rich woman, and vice versa.
God bless uncle Mark for that piece of advice. ??



14 comments on “Mark Zuckerberg's Dating Advice For Ladies Is Deep!

  1. Edward Laveed says:

    Epic response….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSTECHY!!!

    1. Raymond says:

      January 4th was misstechus birthday??

    2. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Thank you so much Edward, I am wondering how you knew X_X

  2. Noni says:

    You have to remember than Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have been together since he was in college. She had ambitions (and fulfilled them by becoming a Paediatrician).
    As far as Mark Zuckerberg is concerned (and what granny missed) is the highest accolade is to be accomplished yourself, not see your accomplishment through someone else.

  3. FELIX says:

    Yep nice advice from sir Mac….

  4. FELIX says:

    @misstechy, is today ur birthday?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Yeah on the 4th was my birthday 🙂

  5. optimusPRIME says:

    d guy is dope…NERDS RULE…..ITS A NERD’S WORLD.

  6. Kay says:

    This is what is manifesting in Linda Ikeji’s Life 😛

  7. Ehis says:

    How is Linda ikeji a nerd biko? Via gossip blog?

  8. Ehis i see you , make anty linda catch you, anyway that is a good advice from mark to us all. i just wish many girls out there can read this post and get productive and stop waiting for ready made product

  9. Edward Laveed says:

    I follow u on twitty….. Am a big fan

  10. KingAbsolute says:

    Mark Zukerberg the great! Epic response

  11. Joshua says:

    good response

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