#WomanInTech: Meet The Nigerian Woman That Created An App To Reduce Maternal Mortality In Africa

Not a 2016 news, but a news worth celebrating nonetheless.
Meet Kesandu Nwokolo, a US-based Nigerian developer who recently developed an application called CradleCount that has  garnered a lot of recognition in Nigeria.



Although the app which was last updated on the 18th of November has only 50+ downloads, you can clearly see its usefulness
Kesandu Nwokolo, cradlecount 1

Cradlecount: Image source: GooglePlay

When downloaded, it can help calculate the day of expected delivery, this will reduce the rate of home delivery and also reduce the rate of mortality in Africa and the world.
Asides that, you can know the number of days to the expected delivery, you can also receive alerts that remind pregnant mothers to register and follow up with their antenatal care. Lastly, you can receive regular pregnancy and health tips without the need for an Internet connection
Kesandu Nwokolo,
The app is just 1.53MB in size but has been made easy to use for tech and non-techies. To download, click here
Kudos Kesandu Nwokolo, our woman in tech crush of the day.


9 comments on “#WomanInTech: Meet The Nigerian Woman That Created An App To Reduce Maternal Mortality In Africa

  1. FELIX says:

    Wow thats interesting. Women are rilly waking up this time.

  2. FELIX says:

    Nigerian men what are u doing!!!

    1. George says:

      Nigerian men are doing some cool stuff too, not long ago I published an app that lets you find interesting places around you can check it out

  3. Nigeria men are still at the back-end cooking some great stuffs,
    good for her and the pregnant women out there.

  4. KyLe West says:

    Nigerian Men coming soon^_^

  5. KyLe West says:

    MissTechy…sowie av bin M-I-A 4 a while.^_^……apology accepted shey?….thanks. Ehen….dat said… it just me or is it infinix dat doesn’t want to sell dia infinix zero 3. Been everywhere on jumia….#NO HOPE

  6. Gabriel says:

    Nice one….. From a Nigerian….

  7. KingAbsolute says:

    Real heroins of tech.

  8. Joshua says:

    nice app, great innovation

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