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Microsoft Sues Corel Over Something So Little

It is just the 2nd day of the year and there is already too much drama! Remember Corel? Well Microsoft recently sued the company in what EFF termed the “Stupid Patent of the month
I don’t know if you guys take note of this ribbon on Microsoft programs
Well,  Microsoft is suing Corel for using the Office Ribbon in Corel Home Office without a license, Apparently, the “Corel Home Office offers a ‘Microsoft Word mode’ and other Microsoft Office app modes that make the program look and feel like Microsoft Office.”


Image source: ZDNET

If Microsoft wins the lawsuit, Corel might hand over all of the profit it has made from the application to Microsoft. 
However, before you think Microsoft is a big bully, they might not be, because back in July 2015, Corel sued them for infringing on several of its patents. So, it’s a case of Corel started it and Microsoft is finishing it, but this doesn’t change the fact that this patent dispute is really crazy!
Since, we are talking about design patents, shouldn’t Magento (an eCommerce software and platform) sue Mavins record for their logo? *sips tea*


8 comments on “Microsoft Sues Corel Over Something So Little

  1. Abdul Abdul says:

    Well it’s payback time……hmmm….2016!!!

  2. Joshua says:

    lol… they should Sue them # more money,
    but that patent dispute is crazy but anyways When money’s involved….

  3. this is really crazy and lesson for us all in technology space, before picking any pattern, module or anything, ensure you check if that stuff is not patent,
    am out of here from

  4. Gido says:

    Very soon it will be Magento vs Mavins

  5. optimusPRIME says:

    lol…d M’s are so similar..

  6. Cirphrank says:

    Lol, that Mavins’s part got me laughing, Mavins go just wreck.

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