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See The First International Beauty Contest Judged By Robots: Be The First Person To Be Judged By A Robot

Since Robots can cook meals, clean the house, and even be an actress, how about making them a Jury for a beauty contest?
Welcome to 2016, where that thought just became a reality!
international beauty contest
A group in Hong kong called Wayco International Limited just created an International Beauty contest opened to all and sponsored by some big tech companies like Microsoft,  NVIDIA, and others. In the contest, the contestants will be judged by ROBOTS, the robots that make up the jury include Wrinkle detector, Symmetry master, and intelligence scout.
international beauty contest how it works 4
How will this work? All you will need to do is download their app ( On Google Play, or App Store),  take a selfie and upload before the 15th of January, then wait for the Robot Jury to judge if your picture is top notch. hehe crazy? I know! Asides this, if you are a data Scientist, you can submit your algorithm to the Robot Jury
international beauty contest how it works
According to TechCrunch, The contest intends to have robots analyze the many age-related changes on the human face and evaluate the impact on the perception of these changes by people of various ages, races, ethnicities and nationalities.

So, if you know you are beautiful, how about participating, at least, we know there won’t be any unfair judgment.  By the way, you mustn’t use makeup, keep beards or wear any glasses when taking the selfie.
international beauty contest how it works 6
I am going to be rooting for anyone that wants to contest, who is down?

AllImages Via: Screenshot – Beauty AI


13 comments on “See The First International Beauty Contest Judged By Robots: Be The First Person To Be Judged By A Robot

  1. feranmi says:

    ?? i should enter.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Yayyyy , honestly, I will ring the alarm if you do!! 😀 😀

  2. Joshua says:

    LoL, may the finest one win

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Tell me you will compete

  3. Kay says:

    Patients of Dr 90210 already have an edge. 🙄

  4. Robot too can give unfair judgement Tobi

  5. DukeTee says:

    Hehehe the world going super techy..LOL. Hi Tope my first time here, did a post on top 15 blogs in naija and someone asked why misstechy is not on my list…
    Wow you’ve got a big blog here sis..big ups and see on top…

  6. KingAbsolute says:

    Tech crazy
    Misstechy, with ur post, you’re not participating?

  7. Promise says:

    Misstechy I hope you’ve already uploaded your selfie and please don’t tell me you’ll not compete.

  8. Gido says:

    Wow, dats interesting.
    Lemme try.

  9. Noni says:

    Err….we are waiting for,you to upload yours and let us know the results *flees*

  10. FELIX says:

    I agree with u @mubarak

  11. Dharn says:

    with this my Headboy sized head, I know what my position will be so no thanks to entering the contest.

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