The Big Baby: The Infinix Note 2 Review – Camera Comparison With The RedMi 2 & The Camon C8 Included

Yay, despite the setbacks, I met my deadline, right before Christmas! For those who have been waiting, wait no more. The Infinix Note 2 review is finally here. Before I proceed, I will like to point out that I used the 1GB variant for this review.
Now, let’s dig right in
infinx 2



The Infinix Note 2 takes up to 27 seconds to power on, this is a little bit lower than the InnJoo 2. Powering off also takes about 4 seconds.


The first thing you will notice about the UI is the lock screen wallpaper changer that changes anytime you lock and unlock your device.
Upon unlocking you should also notice how bright and colorful the display is, the color saturation is also good
After using the device for a day or two, I got a notification (3 notifications later) to install a system update for the XUI.


The Infinix Note 2 comes with the Android 5.1 lollipop, This came into play in the Dialer and notification panel
I don’t know if this is a lollipop thing, but there is a screen pin option that allows you to pin a screen temporarily.


Let’s just say that Infinix saved you the hassle of downloading or transferring some apks – the Infinix Note 2 comes with useful apps like BBM, Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook to name a few.
Although, there are apps you might not necessarily need. i.e. Palmchat, Carlcare, and others.


The XUI also enables you to change themes and wallpapers without downloading a third party app.
There is also the A to Z apps indexing for faster search (duh)
Lastly, it comes with gestures like Quick Start (Unlocking your device by writing on the screen) and Tap to wake.


Guys! The Infinix Note 2 is not big for nothing, thanks to its 4040mAh battery and super fast charge, I was able to use the Infinix Note 2 for a day and a half without charging, this is me putting in mobile data with hotspot switched on to connect to my laptop and playing games like PES 2016 etc. Let’s not forget the ultra power saving mode that can literally save your device


I also did a battery test and a fast charge test that showed how the Infinix Note 2 charged from 27% to 32% in 3 minutes.



This is where my baby reference came to play, the Infinix Note 2 comes with a 2MP front facing camera and 13MP back-facing camera, So, I paired it with the Xiaomi RedMi 2’s 2MP front facing camera and the Camon C8’s back facing camera in a live video test.

The camera comes with features like Gesture and slow motion mode to name a few






IMG_20150203_065548LOL IMG_20150203_065555LOL



Yes, this part might not be favorable to some of you, the 1GB RAM on the Note 2 ensured that I didn’t really experience any lag when I was playing games individually…………………………………..
However, I did a multitasking test to see how well the Infinix Note 2’s 1GB RAM can multi-task. Check that out:

By the way, the Note 2 has a 16GB ROM.


The Infinix Note 2 has an Inbuilt Mobile anti-theft that ensures you can clear all your information or lock your phone automatically when stolen.


Fortunately, the speakers being placed at the back of the device didn’t affect the audio quality which I found impressive.



As always, a few benchmarks to see how the Infinix Note 2 fares.


PROBLEM: The inbuilt Browser kept on shutting down
SOLUTION: Download a third party browser

PROBLEM: The notification sensor is quite small
SOLUTION: Open your phone and put in a bigger notification sensor, Sorry I can’t help here
PROBLEM: No default Music app
SOLUTION: Use the Google play Music or download other third party music apps like MusicXmatch
PROBLEM: Not really a problem, but some of you might not like the wallpaper changer
SOLUTION: Head over to Settings, Security and switch off the Magazine Lock screen.

There you have it, whew! So, tell me, what do you think?


87 comments on “The Big Baby: The Infinix Note 2 Review – Camera Comparison With The RedMi 2 & The Camon C8 Included

  1. Odebright says:

    Nice one. One thing I like about infinix phones, is the Camera. And the Note 2 did not disappoint

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah really love infinix cameras they are really good……and as a gamer am a like the infinix note 2 because of the 6.0 inch screen

  3. victory says:

    Lol…… “Open your phone and put in a bigger notification sensor”. Hahahahahahah.

  4. prime says:

    finally a review!!. thanks babes. few questions tho….btween note 2 nd d previous gen(hot note), which has better colour saturation?. secondly is it true glo sub works on this without rooting??.
    merry christmas.

  5. Edimeh Kelvin says:

    I love the note 2 so much ,was planning on getting one but unfortunately had to use my money to get me a new pair of glasses ,somebody should get one for me??

  6. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

    … Well, am impressed with this. I would prefer the 2gb ram version though. And MissTechy, pls, give me the link to download Pes16…

  7. Covenant Oyetade says:

    The camera and the battery are the two things that’ll make pick one up. Nice job lady.

  8. lordseb says:

    what an awesome smartphone, BTW I was stuck looking at the beautiful face of misstechy, anyways why don’t u enjoy a cool phone with a cool game?, get forest of daemons by codeberg, it’s actually a Nigerian game so try to support'd=com.ovaplay.fod

  9. prime says:

    merry chrismas…..again. Another question….how is outdoor visibility on this device?? Do u think its better to get this or wait for d 2gig ram version??. Is d screen scratch resistant? If i get this,twould be my first android as im using windows phone.
    Guess i should b celebrating chrismas not ogling tech right?..

  10. kasy says:

    Nice Review Miss, is that ur office?
    Miss Techy readers #MerryXmas oO.
    Miss Techy na ur house I C so.

  11. FELIX says:

    Well, first of all, merry christmas @misstechy. And to all of u who celebrate christmas.. Ok lets hit the topic. I think the phone is quite impressive, but i wonder if the 2gb version of the phone is available here in nigeria…… Well that aside, i was wowed by the camera, and also the 6inch(i like them big). Nice review @misstechy(i had waited so long for this review)

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Glad to know the wait wasn’t in vain

  12. FELIX says:

    And by the way nice chinese move there(lol)…..i was watching ur review on youtube…

  13. C.Farrow says:

    Nice review tobi.. Buh.. what soccer game is that?

      1. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

        … Please, give me the link to download Pes16…

  14. ZeeShan Ali says:

    Awesome Review Sister.Love From Pakistan.You Cleared Many Questions For Me.Thankx misstechy

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Yayy thanks ZeeShan, glad I could help

  15. Eze Adnah says:

    Please can I get the link for that pes2016… Thanks
    … you can email me

  16. lordseb says:

    This eze guy is trying to indirectly hit on misstechy hehe, BTW I thought the other variant is a 1.5 GB variant cause I think one of the posters above me is confused

  17. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

    … Please, give me the link to download Pes16…

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      I have made a post on this

      1. Anonymous says:

        … The post is not clicking . What’s even the title of the post…

  18. Nnamdi Uche says:

    Thanks for the good work tobi. please how ddju get PES 2016 on that device?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      I have made a post on this

  19. KingAbsolute says:

    Thanks so much for this review, it helped a lot.

  20. Ooh! Boyyyy! nice review miss am convinced!
    this is why i didn’t forget your blog when I saw it through Google.
    Hardwork really pays, it is fun helping people with what you know.

  21. Joshua says:

    impressive device, was surprised it beat the famed Canon c8 though

  22. Joshua says:

    in camera, beautiful review as ever

  23. Timmy says:

    Well it doesn’t come with earpiece and also 1G ram isn’t OK for that price they actually don’t sell this anywhere below #32000 (unless you know where I can buy for less gimme the link) is the 2G ram variant coming any time soon cos you ignored that part of every comment.!

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi Timmy,, Jumia sells the Infinix Note 2 for 30,500, I dont know when the 2GB variant will be available but I will contact the Infinix team to inquire

      1. Timmy says:

        Last time I checked, few seconds ago Jumia has been sold out and out of stock for almost two weeks now so I don’t even know when they actually sold it.!.Please don’t ignore and do say something cos Jumia has been out of stock of Infinix Hot Note 2 for almost 2 weeks and I’ve been checking everyday

      2. Timmy says:

        Last time I checked, few seconds ago Jumia has been sold out and out of stock for almost two weeks now so I don’t even know when they actually sold it.!.Please don’t ignore and do say something cos Jumia has been out of stock of Infinix Hot Note 2 for almost 2 weeks and I’ve been checking everyday

        1. Tobi Ayeni says:

          I just saw it now, the only thing I can say is due to the season, Infinix Mobile had their goods delayed at the port, hence the reason there has been low stock on their product this also applies to InnJoo who have not even started selling the InnJoo 2, I will keep a tab on this and will update if there are any changes.

          1. Timmy says:

            OK so I hope you’ll update me on when the 2G Ram variant will be out and available in Nigeria and also when it will be in stock where it’s affordable it’s actually available on Konga but super expensive

          2. Tobi Ayeni says:

            Yeah I can imagine, Konga has more third party sellers who set their own prices. Will definitely keep everyone updated once the 2GB variant is available on Jumia.

  24. Abdul Abdul says:

    MissTechy can I get the download link for PES 2016 please…

  25. faaria says:

    a very nice review. but one question. does it have magnetometer/compass in it? it would be really appreciated if you can clear my query

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi Faaria, I am afraid the Infinix Note2 doesnt come with a Magnetometer

  26. Timmy says:

    Please help I dunno what’s wrong with my Note 2 it doesn’t alert me at times when I receive calls I just find 2-3 missed calls I can’t really figure out why please anything to do to fix this?

    1. Gerald Fizzy Lawrence says:

      Kindly go to settings and check if your device is on silent mode or check the volume of your ringing tone and also put on the vibration. Hope dis helps.

  27. Xwebyna says:

    I love your review. It’s great and so on point. Is the phone still available on jumia or Konga?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      OMG thank you Xwebyna, yay! Yes the phone is currently sold out on Jumia, but available on Konga for N36,000

  28. wale ade says:

    Pls miss av a qtion for u wil b glad to c ur reply asap
    Dos note2 come wit earpiecs
    Nd reason for ur ansa

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi Wale, it doesn’t come with an earpiece, there are so many brands these days that don’t include an earpiece in their package, example is the Xiaomi.

  29. wale ade says:

    Wao! Tnz miss
    Bt dis is fuckup o
    I am a music lover
    Always wit ma ear pics plugd in ma evywere I go
    Were did dey wnt us to get ear pics now
    Imagine buy a fone worth of 30k plus mdno earpics….pls hw mch is techno cemon 8 on jumia

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      The Camon C8 is sold out on Jumia, but on konga it goes for N31,000

      1. wale ade says:

        MAm pls wat do u tink abt innjoo max 2
        Pls discuss it wel..tnz for been dere for use

        1. Kay says:

          Let me help Tobi out on this one.
          I will be discussing the Max 2 (plus) relative to the Infinix note 2 – comparing their key components.
          Screen & Display Quality: The max 2 plus measures 5.5inches (diagonally) having a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (eqauting 267 pixels per inch) while the note 2 on the other hand has the same resolution but a larger screen, hence a reduction in the pixel density of the display. Hence, the display of the max 2 will be better.
          Processing Power: They both use mediatek’s chipset, but the note 2 uses a more powerful one – MT6753 (octa-core). In terms of processing speeds, I hand it to the note 2.
          Cameras: I think the innjoo max 2 plus’ camera (rear) is better than that of the note 2. They both possess similar million pixels in the lens though, and have similar aperture (f/2.0), but an added benefit for the max 2 is that it’s front facing camera has a flash light.
          Battery Capacity: Note 2: 4040mAh, max 2 plus: 4,600 mAh. They are both polymer batteries not Li-Ion. So be the judge yourself – bear in mind that note 2 has a bigger screen and 8 cores powering the device, hence more consumption.
          I’m running out of breathe.
          I did not proof read this, so pardon any typos.

          1. Nicky says:

            Hi dear know what you are saying. I use the max 2 plus and seriously am dissapointed. The 13mp camera works more like 5mp. And the said front flash my dear its as good as nothing. When I used hot note the 4k battery last longer than the max 2plus 4600. I have friends that use the note 2. My dear u just can’t compare the both. Coz ivn hot note beats the max 2plus. I kinna regret why I got it. But when I remember I got it for 24,010. I just keep my cool.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Plz Misstech. . Do u knw if D 2gb ram Of Note2 supports 4G Network? Nd also, which is better between D Camera of Note2 nd Camon C8 plzz? Ur Honest reply is wt i won’t 4get in a HURRY/

  31. ogheneovo says:

    Thanks for the review. I Love the note 2 but I will prefer the 2GB ram version. Is the note 2 screen 32 or 64 bit and is it 4g lite enabled? Please, I need a reply.

    1. Kay says:

      64-BIT processor, 245 (approx.) ppi, no 4G on the 1GB RAM version. I doubt if the 2GB RAM will be 4G enabled, but it’s however possible, since the SoC used (MediaTek MT6753) supports 4G.

  32. AJ says:

    Heard this phone is bulky and weighs a lot. i am using the hot note pro which is very heavy and it seems the note 2 weighs more. even with the large battery infinx are fond of making phones that weigh a lot except for the zero brand.

  33. wale ade says:

    Guys….mhen d fone note 2 rily make sense
    I enta ikeja today….not available in slot bt dem get d sample 1 i press am nd waz impress the fone rily meet ma taste..u nid to c wat I saw…he fine nd handy…nd heavy atall…normal weight
    Tumbs up #infinix #miss_techy

  34. LeezyBethy says:

    Infinix note 2 is muaah, ability to lock your videos when watching so nobody can disturb, power saver, lot of fonts, different ringtone for each Sims etc I Love Infinix mobility

  35. LeezyBethy says:

    Its not as heavy as hot note very light

  36. Sabaka says:

    How do one activate the hand gesture in hot note and hot 2?

  37. wale.ade says:

    dus infinix note 2 as a sensor led for notification nd messages

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Yeah it does wale albeit really tiny.

  38. Bim says:

    Hi miss techy am super glad I came across ur blog. Pls am confused ? between the techno c8 and this infinix hot note 2 which do I go for? Pls I need a reply soonest. Thanks.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi Bim, I did a video that is yet to published, on the battle of the 1gb ram and which 1GB ram is King of 1GB ram, you can wait for the video which will be uploaded on Monday, but to answer you right now, I will like to know your preference, are you a camera freak, gamer, etc.

      1. Bim says:

        I just want a superb camera, both indoor and outdoors and a cool screen resolution good for watching movies. Am not a game person at all. Thank you so much for prompt I really appreciate it.

      2. Bim says:

        I just want a superb camera, both indoor and outdoors and a cool screen resolution good for watching movies. Am not a game person at all. Thank you so much for ur prompt reply I really appreciate it.

      3. Bim says:

        I just want a superb camera, both indoor and outdoors and a cool screen resolution good for watching movies and good speed. Am not a game person at all. Thank you so much for ur prompt reply I really appreciate it.

        1. Tobi Ayeni says:

          For superb camera, I’d choose camon over note 2. But for good size especially for watching movies, note 2 is your best bet, in terms of speed, they are the same, though Note 2’s processor trumps the Camon, so the only thing the camon has over the Note 2 is the camera.

  39. prime says:

    please am confused between this, gionee m5 nd gionee s plus. dont have preference for any aspect of phone-ness save a beautuful clear screen nd no lag

  40. wale ade says:

    Pls miss techy nid ur hlp
    Wana buy dis note2 forcma gel…fr ha birthday comin March…she like big fone of such size
    By I wana ask u wat u fink ant d 2mp frnt camera cus she is d selfie type..loov to capture
    So pls as a lady wat do u fink abt d frnk camera asap

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      The front camera is on an average and it is not the best for low light pictures.

  41. AJ says:

    Please what is the weight of infinix note 2? from the videos i watched on youtube, it seems very bulky and heavy. Is it by chance heavier than the infinix hot note?

  42. Aldre says:

    1st off, seein a lady makin tech reviews givs m goose bumps, a lover of hardcore games, biutiful lady wit a well arangd site (1 of d best i’v seen) n mst of all, a MAN UTD fan! OMG!!! *siento mariposas enel estomago* U rock. D note 2 z an overall cool device anyways [at last a manufacturer thinks of a 6-inch phone] nice camera n all, d nly issue z d multitasking. im really confused ryt now on getin eida camon c8, innjoo 2 or note 2! wt preference in watchn vids, camera n of cos multitaskin. can u hlp m out asap? Thumbs up!

  43. SOLO.K says:

    Nice job TOBI,how much is d 2
    GB Ram now

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      I Just checked Jumia, it is N40,900

  44. Solo.k says:

    Too much now! when zero 3 is #48

  45. Anonymous says:

    Ma note 2 does nt activate 4g wenever i put it on

  46. Anonymous says:

    Ma 4g does nt activate

  47. Joel says:

    LOL you’re there cursing on camera lmaoooo. Great work mehn, I had no idea this was your site. A beautiful interface; really great.

  48. baby says:

    thinking of going in for either note 2 or hot note. which will you advice me to go for and why?

  49. Jean Luc says:

    hi. Is the earpiece any good ? I remember being disappointed by the note’s sound quality .

  50. carl says:

    Miss techy I am a big fan,I just ran back to your site after watching u play that pes 2016 on YouTube,mbok email me d link

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi Carl, thanks so much for being a fan. It is a modded PES.

  51. Richie says:

    Hi miss techy,I have a problem with my note 2 camera,anytime I take a video of more than two minutes the video starts breaking and eventually stops.I have enough space on my SD card and on the phone too.Please help.thanks

  52. peter says:

    hello please how much does the note retail on jumia or konga

    1. peter says:

      note 3 to be precise

      1. peter says:

        and the note 2 please

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