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Readers' Choice Award, Phone Edition: Africa! Which Is The Best SmartPhone Of 2015?

2015 has been amazing, right?! From expensive flagships like the S6, Phantom 5 and Blackberry Priv to the SmartPhones that left us in awe thanks to their affordable prices. We’ve been bombarded with phones at every price point imaginable, now it is our turn to evaluate these Smartphones and decide which Smartphone rules above all.
From now to the 27th of December, You can vote for the Phone you think deserves to be the best Smartphone of 2015. I listed out the devices that made the cut, but if you think a device deserves to be on the list, do let me know, I’d include it (P.S: The phone must be available in Africa).  To  vote, simply select which phone is your best in the poll below. After 27th, I’ll announce the Smartphone you’ve chosen to win the Reader’s Choice Smartphone of the Year 2015 award.

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72 comments on “Readers' Choice Award, Phone Edition: Africa! Which Is The Best SmartPhone Of 2015?

  1. micheal adeniji says:

    Wow..nice one

  2. titi says:

    Misstechy you ought to disqualify Micheal he has won something already no offence Micheal but let other shine. You can disqualify me also since I have won something .
    Thanks. By the way I think the iPhone 6s rocks hence the reason I voted for it

    1. micheal adeniji says:


    2. Dharn says:

      Lol…. I feel your pain..

  3. KyLe West says:


  4. KingAbsolute says:

    Stuck between Phantom 5 and S6 but I voted for Phantom

  5. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    As a galaxy note user im sticking with note 5…its the most feature packed productive mobile device out there. Team samsung galaxy note 5!!!!

  6. Odebright says:

    This is Nice. You’re really doing a great job here.
    More Grease to your Elbow

  7. Idris says:

    Its Sony Xperia Z5..
    Anyways, you can check my blog by clicking my name for latest unlimited free browsing tweaks

    1. Titi says:

      We dont want to visit it is not by force. Misstechy abeg delete

      1. Idris says:

        I wasn’t directing it to you only, or shey I put titi go to my blog for browsing tweaks

  8. Mr DoSomething says:

    No Infinix Hote note and Zero 2?

  9. Rotimi Popoola says:

    The Samsung Galaxy note 5 goes for it

  10. Anonymous says:

    Huawei mate 7

  11. yungchief says:

    Infinix all d way

  12. ElroyChibex says:

    Some of the phones you listed are not available in Nigeria. Examples are the BlackBerry Priv, Lumia 950XL and Nexus 6P.

    1. Osakwe tochukwu says:

      They are very much available..blackberry priv is available atleast ma brother has it. Nexus is also available as well as lumia 950xl

    2. Samm says:

      There all available..
      Saw the bb priv on my visit to Slot, saw Nexus 6P on one Nigerian online store (Can’t remember which one tho’) and the 950XL, I can bet my bottom Naira it’s also available..

  13. Joseph emmanuel says:

    Tecno phantom 5

  14. OptimusPRIME says:

    Huawei Mate7

  15. lordseb says:

    my baby smartphone is leading, baby do your duty

  16. Nnamdi Stephen Ezeh says:

    I’m voting INFINIX ZERO 3. Infinix all the way to apex!!!

  17. Nnamdi Stephen Ezeh says:

    I’m PROUDLY voting for Infinix Mobile for great new level of mobile technology achievement with NOTE 2 & ZERO 3.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Keep it up infinix

  19. Nnamdi Stephen Ezeh says:

    I’m VOTING for Infinix Mobile for Most Affordable best quality smartphone in the World.

    1. Micah Ayuba says:

      Infinix hot note all the way

  20. Ogunleye Olusola says:

    I think for a phone to be qualified as the smartphone of the year in Africa, it should meet some conditions, not necessarily big name but those things that could have make it widely distributed in Africa.These conditions should be;
    1 Its smartness
    2 Affordability by majority of Africans(i.e,price)
    3 Its widely distribution across Africa
    4 How many pieces were sold in Africa in the . year
    With these conditions in mind, I think Infinix Hot2,Google phone, the first of its kind in Africa is the smartphone of the year

  21. ebere says:

    infinix hote note2,

  22. Cassandra Onyeka says:

    When it comes to specifications and affordability, infinix Zero 3 and Infinix note 2 definitely have my vote. But since I can only choose one, My vote goes to Infinix Zero 3!

  23. Imoleayo adebisi says:

    Infinix hot note

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Please do use the poll in the article to vote,

  24. Oyeyemi Adebayo says:

    Infinix Zero 3….The best phone ever….

  25. Cassandra Onyeka says:

    And to my fellow infinix lovers, come cast your votes. Let us increase our bragging rights, lol

  26. Jemzy says:

    Infinix Zero3… 4G LTE … 3GB ram with 20.7MP Sony……#Hero3logy

  27. Oyeyemi Adebayo says:

    zero 3 is the best phone to get now and it’s also affordable….My vote goes to Infinix Zero 3 and thanks to Infinix Mobile for such a wonderful device

  28. TopMike says:

    Infinix zero 3 ROCKS!

  29. Mr DoSomething says:

    wow! i see plenty Infinix lovers here!!!

  30. Odira says:

    Nice one. I represent Infinix (voted for zero 3)

  31. Lewis says:

    Iphone 6s all the way

  32. Abey says:

    Infinix hot note all the way

  33. Ejiro Frank says:

    The infinix zero 3 is simply awesome and my vote goes to that phone….Comes with an awesome and unique OS,protection and lots more and most of all,,still affordable…Take a look at phantom 5,despite its uniqueness,yet still expensive….Infinix 3 all d way……..

  34. Edi Dominic says:

    As far as Nigeria is concerned, If Infinix doesn’t Win this Poll Vote, I’ll dash MissTechy a 250×250 Banner on my blog 🙂 it’s a bet

    1. Odira says:

      Infinix is defiantly going to win.

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. ismail saidu says:

    Infinix zero 3

  37. speco says:

    Hehe you guys should calm down its Sony xperia Z3 plus also known as Z4 . Gracias

  38. lordseb says:

    is it that my eyes are tricking me or Wat? infinix mobility phones are taking the lead, another thing misstechy, do not count those that vote while commenting, I think they might have already used the poll and are trying to vote twice

  39. solidc says:

    big names & specs aside. we all know how infinix hot2 sold in thousands within few seconds in jumia & konga. hot2 all d way!!!

  40. Titi says:

    Mayne so many peoople love infinix no jokes

  41. KingAbsolute says:

    Many people are going for Infinix 😮
    Lolo, lemme share this post with Phantom lovers to vote, we need to win this oooo

  42. Samm says:

    Na wa o..
    Where my Note 5 lovers at?
    Turn up o…
    I’m a Hot Note users buh guy, Note 5 na Machine..

  43. presh says:

    infinix zero 3

  44. Ogunleye Olusola says:

    Many people that are making noise about infinix zero3 have never seen one talkless of buying, they are only voting based on what they read about zero3.The phone is not even in many of the slots and outlets for now. Iam still sure that infinix hot2 is the best smartphone of the year. It has sold above its benchmark.

    1. Cassandra Onyeka says:

      Infinix Zero3 isn’t available yet at the online stores but its Available at 3C HUB, Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos. That’s where those voting got theirs.

      1. Ogunleye Olusola says:

        We are not voting phones that are only sold in Lagos and owned only by Lagosians.we are talking about a phone that is smarthy,widely distributed and is affordable to Africans.Please check the conditions for a phone to qualify..

      2. Ogunleye Olusola says:

        Cassandra,we are not voting phones that are only sold in Lagos and owned only by Lagosians.we are talking about a phone that is smarthy,widely distributed and is affordable to Africans.Please check the conditions for a phone to qualify..

  45. Noni says:

    Too much choice methinks – it probably should have been limited to ten. I can see some of these will be eliminated because of too few or no votes.

  46. Kevin says:

    It seems the Hot 2 and Hot Note are currently ruling Nigeria. Nice concept Tobi.

  47. Abdul Abdul says:

    Stuck between all the infinix products………….

  48. Obidi Collins says:

    Samsung galaxy note 5

  49. Akshat says:

    No One Plus 2 on the list. I think it is a great phone too.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      I think so too, but no one suggested it before now ?

  50. Rahul Sharma says:

    Moto G3 is also a good phone

  51. Jimmy says:

    I think one plus phones are best smartphones with low price. I currently have one plus 2

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