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App Review: Jumia's App Vs Amazon's App

I got a request to review Jumia’s app and what better way to do this than to compare it with the best e-commerce platform in the world – Amazon. Do bear in mind that the Jumia app is in our focal point, not the Amazon app.


The Jumia app on the Google play store is 6.36MB in size as opposed to the Amazon app that is 26.72MB, this size difference also affects both apps on the Apple store.


The first thing you will notice upon launching individual apps is their Logo and UI, where the Jumia app had just one beautiful African map with Jumia boldly written on it –
Amazon had a very plain background with an option to sign in or create an account.


The major goal of every e-commerce app is to ensure customers find things without any hassle, right? So I tried searching for phones on both platforms.
Jumia’s app was on point! Why? They had an amazing filter that could save you hours of search.
Say you need to find a phone with 2GB ram within the price range of 20,000 to 30,000, it is as easy as spelling your name, Jumia ensured they improved usability and the ability to find things immediately. For phones, you can set the Sim type, Brand, price and so many others all at the same time and at the same glance, no unnecessary scrolling
Whereas the Amazon app had something similar, but I didn’t consider it very easy to use.


New users will find Jumia app very easy since it comes with an ability to create a Jumia account using your Facebook account, you could still do it the regular email way, but this also adds to the user experience.
Whereas, Amazon had the same style of account creation we are used to, i.e. Phone number or the regular email and password way.


Based on looks, feel and most importantly, user experience, I am of the opinion that Jumia’s app is Bae! I give them like a 10/10 under user experience.
By the way, I need someone to prove me wrong, but when it comes to user experience, I think Jumia’s app is king in Nigeria!
Have a different opinion?


14 comments on “App Review: Jumia's App Vs Amazon's App

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    That means Jumia app is the best, haven’t seen Amazon & others tho

  2. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

    … Well, my simple comment is that *I don’t know what to comment * thank you…

  3. ayo says:

    Amazon can track purchases (location of an item shipped) and give realtime info. I’m not too certain Jumia app can do that.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Jumia can track purchases, (By the way, apologies for Askimet eating your comments. )

  4. AddedNew says:

    I do not bother reading the post because Jumia is nothung compared to the great Amazon.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Definitely, but when it comes to user experience, I think Jumia’s app offers more, do note, I am not talking about services.

      1. AddedNew says:

        One feature i could say JUMIA integrated into their app was the ability to login with your social media. Amazon can also do that easily but they prefer account created with them directly not through the use of API , they valued security more than anything because someone with your social media account can simply login to the store.
        Another thing, Amazon is targeting the world not a particular country, what am trying to say is JUMIA”s app was created with a simple interface that a common Nigerian can understand.
        Hope Praise of

  5. Joshua says:

    the jumia app is quite impressive from my experience, Amazon remains king sha

  6. FELIX says:

    #team jumia

  7. Orire says:

    Try Comparing Jumia and Konga

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      I actually did, but honestly, I think Jumia’s app is better.

      1. Orire says:

        Actually I concur with you, jumia user interface is simple, easy and quick to navigate unlike boring konga and others
        NB: My thesis was on both jumia and konga

  8. eXG says:

    Have you tried AliExpress app…. You will throw Jumia app away. Ali app can load very fast and pictures loads even faster. That app is one of the best one the world.
    I am a Jumia agent and I buy products to resell here in nigeria with Ali app. So I use these apps almost everyday.

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