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When Tech Meets Comedy: Dave Chappelle Is 2015's Tech Comedian

If you love American comedy or you watch comedy central, you would have met Dave Chappelle – a popular US comedian.


Dave Chappelle

In order to prevent fans from recording and uploading materials from his stand-up performances, he teamed up with a start-up company called Yondr, they develop Smartphone cases that will lock and prevent you from using your phones, when you go to his show, you will be required to put your smartphones into Yondr smartphones cases which come in three sizes.
Once you enter the hall, beacons stationed nearby will signal the socks and lock your phone instantly so that you will be unable to take the phone out of the socks. If you want to make a call, you will need to leave the hall
As expected, he received a lot of criticisms from his fans, but looking at the tech aspect, I think I like the idea, wouldn’t it make a whole lot of sense if Churches in Nigeria starts adopting this?


15 comments on “When Tech Meets Comedy: Dave Chappelle Is 2015's Tech Comedian

  1. Maxkdave says:

    Nice concept. I believe a very large percentage of Nigerians don’t record videos or audios messages in church we are too righteous to start doing that while service is going on.
    The entertainment industry in Nigeria should adopt that concept because that’s where you see people with different devices recording. They want to show their friends and family that they went for the show. Think about it!

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol you’d be amazed at the number of people That use phones in church

      1. Maxkdave says:

        Okay! Dave chapelle shouldn’t have introduced that tech in the first place. If I really want to video his show I can always get other gadgets apart from phones. There are smartwears like glasses, wristwatches, etc. I can use to get the full show without him knowing.

      2. Dharn says:

        Infact you’ll see some people jostling for space with the church camera man, especially on thanksgiving Sundays

  2. karoslicks says:

    I honestly think it’s a nice creation.Great job misstechy.

  3. Its a pretty cool invention but to use it for a show? for me, its a NO. I think he deceived and betrayed his fans, he made them do his wish without their consent, that is not a good act. To use in churches, i think it will reduce the amount of offering that comes in every sunday………………… People no go wan come the church again….

  4. micheal adeniji says:

    Hweeeh… This is hilarious…

  5. FELIX says:

    Nice app there.. But since its only restricted to phones, i would gladly go to his show with my laptop

  6. FELIX says:

    Plssss @misstechy, wen will u be doing the hands on review of the infinix big6…?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      As soon as I get my review unit, I’d make the unboxing & review

  7. Joshua says:

    LOL, nice tech…. though kinda rash, but nice # waiting for the hands on review patiently

  8. OptimusPRIME says:

    Well dis app is cool,and I think its a nyc way to limit Piracy in itself. As for churches,,it culd b a great way of limiting distracting phone calls..

  9. KingAbsolute says:

    Nigerian churches won’t try this, they wouldn’t wanna lose their customers, sorry, their members.

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