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Infinix Flagship Device For 2016 Is On Its Way

I know, right now, some of you are looking at Infinix like
Infinix is high on steroid as they are already teasing a new flagship devic despite just launching the Infinix Note 2, the teaser campaign is penned #Hero3logly pronounced HeroTrilogy.

Infinix Flagship Device

Infinix Flagship Device

The #Hero3logy is following the TheNextHero and Zero2Hero trend and according to leaks, Infinix Flagship device will include a high megapixel camera
With a high-end CPU that had a 44245 Antutu Benchmark score.
X552 zero3 antutu
The Hero3logy is set to compete with the other flagships like the InnJoo 2 and the Phantom 5.
Right now, looking at the Antutu benchmark, what specifications will the #Hero3logy have?


19 comments on “Infinix Flagship Device For 2016 Is On Its Way

  1. micheal adeniji says:

    Infinix here and there…. Let’s see what dec 15 have for us….

  2. AddedNew says:

    Infinix is not taking this easy at all they wantbto overload the market

  3. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

    … I just hope it will be a flagship indeed and not some kind of overtly priced lame battery, less than 2gb ram/32gb rom nor a less than 128gb msd expansion;not anything less than 1920×1280 @ 300ppi? If anything less than these, its a carrier without a flag o…

  4. Olamilekan says:

    Yes Infinix is going premium, Love this , had it is a 3gig RAM phone

  5. Dilemma says:

    Say bye bye to Innjoo and their crap fingerprint! #HERO3LOGY all the way, Infinix

  6. Mr DoSomething says:

    You such a pretty woman, Miss Techy

  7. Mr DoSomething says:

    You such a pretty woman, Miss Techy…. Infinix at it again

  8. just cant wait to lay my hands on that device

  9. TALENTUEUX says:

    pls what’s the name of the app u screened shot

  10. kasy says:

    Nice device!
    You got me at the obama pic.
    Miss techy your sense of humour is over killin, already applying it on my blog
    Pls check ur related post thumbnail d image is kinda unclear am using opera on BB and the image quality is set to medium.

    1. says:

      Cool blog you have there you just have to do more work on your seo

      1. kasy says:

        U are right about d SEO part, already working on it.
        Thanks bro.
        Your blog’s Dope too, but your image appear kinda blurry on my opera.

    2. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Thank you :), Will see if I can fix that, thanks for the observation. You rock!

  11. says:

    Thanks Kasy for notifying me on the image aspect i will work on that but a custom domain is way to go man

  12. FELIX says:

    Hmmm. #i’m thrilled i must say.. All coments reserved till the full specs is out

  13. kasy says:

    Ya workin on that too bro, also thinkin of change d blog name from kasysleek to kasygeeks,
    What do you think?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      KasyGeek sounds better, KasyGeeks implies that there are more than one Kasy

  14. Edimeh Kelvin says:

    Infinix has really gone crazy, can’t wait to see a review on this device by misstechy

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