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Meet Japanese 8th World Wonder, A Phone That Can Be Washed With Soap & Water

We have so many water-resistant smartphones, but not all can really withstand water for a long time. However, my Japenese brothers and sisters are taking water resistant to a whole new level. Meet the Phone That Can Be Washed With Soap & water.

Say you drop your phone in the toilet and it survives screen damages but didn’t survive the offensive smell.

iPhone in a Toilet 2

At that moment, you wish your phone can allow you wash it with some nice detergent to get the stench away, right?


That is what Kyocera’s Digno Rafre wants to do for you, The Digno Rafre wants to allow you wash its phones with soap and water to get it shining again.


So in the event that it gets dirty, instead of merely wiping it with a damp cloth, you can clean it using your sponge, soap & waterP1200928

The company also claims the display of the phone has a touch panel that when wet will continue to work.

It also comes with a finish that can  heal itself from scratches, a Kyocera’s Smart Sonic Receiver, and a bone conducting technology that provides audio without the need for a speaker.
Innovation or INNOVATION?


17 comments on “Meet Japanese 8th World Wonder, A Phone That Can Be Washed With Soap & Water

  1. Chukwudi says:

    These guys won’t kill me wahalai 溶解度好多好多级别的话费

  2. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Hmmmm…this chynko people eh una wonders never cease to amaze me. Nice idea

    1. Noni says:

      Uhm, they’re Japanese, not Chinese.

  3. Dharn says:

    Audio without speaker? Na wa o!

  4. FELIX says:

    Woa”” this is totally awesome.. But concerning the healing ability stuff, i first saw it with lg(i think gflex)

  5. KingAbsolute says:

    I N N O V A T I O N
    …with space

  6. Joshua says:

    Pure INNOVATION, Awesome phone

  7. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

    … In Japan, they have crazy tech products there. I’ve read a lot about their tech space, its really mad!…

  8. Mukaddas says:

    Welcomed innovation or course, When is it going to be ready?

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is really innovative.

  10. torbez says:

    This is really innovative..

  11. AddedNew says:

    suprising i wonder well tech at its highest order

  12. ingrid says:

    lol, who washing of phone don help. I find this very unreasonable & SUPERFICIAL.

    1. 8IST says:


  13. Noni says:

    Not sure why I would drop my phone that far in the toilet.
    Then the washing. Really? Might work for someone with OCD but Kyocera I associate with printers, I’ll pass on the washable phone thing.

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