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Here Are Some Facts You Might Not Know About Jumia's Black Friday Flash Sales.

Here is an official press release from Jumia to ensure that you get the best deals today.
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The trust of our customers is and will continue to be an important asset. We at Jumia Nigeria will do everything that needs to be done to safeguard the trust so many people have placed in us. It is only midday and we have already made history with record high sales for BlackFriday. We thank you warmly for this! We nonetheless appreciate and take seriously the feedback from our customers on the Black Friday Flash sales.
We wish to clarify the following:

  1. Flash sales are a time-limited, quantity offer of high discounts.The system is a win-win for customers. The faster you spot a deal, add to cart and complete the buying process, the luckier you are! Some products already have amazing deals all through the day but are further discounted for a very limited period of time so be on the lookout!
  2. Adding the item to cart does not mean you have purchased it, you have to complete the buying process as fast as you can and get a success notification at the end.
  3. Ensure you have fast, stable internet connectionand Keep refreshing your browser. Make sure your time is correctly set and ensure your log-in is not timed out on the site.
  4. Remember 20 seconds or less is what it takes for the deals on flash sale offer at a particular time to sell out, don’t let this discourage you from taking advantage of thousands of other massively discounted products across categories. Electronics Flash Sales (computers, tv, smartphones) are so popular they usually go out of stock in seconds! If you have not been lucky with those, try your luck with our amazing fashion sales on brands like Michael Kors, Paul Smith, Zara, New Look, Casio etc.
  5. You can stand the chance of winning extra vouchersby sharing on our social media ( Twitter, Facebook) a screenshot of your order number confirmation with the hashtag #JumiaBlackFriday !
  6. We are committed to do everything possible to continue to earn your trust every day.

Please contact us for any complaints/enquiries or suggestions, via any of the following platform/channels. On Twitter – @JumiaNigeria On Facebook – Jumia Nigeria Customer service email –



19 comments on “Here Are Some Facts You Might Not Know About Jumia's Black Friday Flash Sales.

  1. Covenant Oyetade says:

    All “he” said all confirmed my belief in “Black Friday”: FAKE!

  2. Covenant Oyetade says:

    … You have to be fast… You have to have faster Internet connection… bla.. bla.. bla..

  3. FELIX says:

    Jumia black friday_dissapointed#

  4. optimusPRIME says:

    Na scam¡!!!…I have a friend who kept a night vigil 4 dem…frmm 11pm last nyt to 2am fis morning/…waiting for infinix to drop….oboy!!! e gree drop??? scam all d way!!!….I guess dey just lost my trust…

    1. chukwudi says:

      Omo no be only you. 12 sharp . but nothing worth mentioning . like someone said . this is SCAM Friday from konga and the others

  5. Mukaddas says:

    This Friday sale is just a waste of time. I tried the first flash sale and was about checking out when i kept receiving error message. Since then i didn’t bother much to even check their website.
    i learnt my lesson during last year’s black Friday, i cant repeat the same mistake this year.

  6. Robert says:

    Jumia na scammer, 12 mid night, their website did not work when finally worked all prices didn’t change.. Only konga effected price change downward.

    1. Titi says:

      Taaaa konga was the worst!!! Imagine them still selling Infinix hot 2 at the same price Jumia sold before the sales

  7. Joshua says:

    they’ve lost my trust along with so many others , and it’s close to impossible to get it back

  8. Dharn says:

    20 seconds? that’s even to long.. am flash abi!

  9. Lolz… Una never see anything yet Sha…
    Ehhhn… MISSTECHY, u need to make a how to shop online video faaaast!!!
    We need more light on that.
    Ladies and fellas, Look out for……

    Cyber Monday!!!

  10. samm says:

    I was on jumia bout 10 mins to go time, everything was peaceful
    but the moment the clock hit 12, their site stopped loading on both my phone, bros phone(both of em) and also all our PCs too
    kept showing some error message
    i was patient tiiiiilll 3 am when everything was back to normal and i saw SOLD OUT

  11. Kay says:

    I don’t know why you all are complaining. I actually picked up nice deals yesterday both on Konga and Jumia.
    Got the camon c5 and redmi 2 for 15k (approx).
    Also an i5 inspiron for 30k off the street price.
    Over at Gearbest awesome (crazy) deals also dropped – got xiaomi’s power bank (16k mAh full capacity) and accessories for peanuts.
    Konga sold the BB Q5 for 26k
    You just have to know where and when to look.
    Seems I will publish a post on this.

    1. Titi says:

      Last time I checked, redmi was selling for 19k so where did you see 15 .. P.s I followed up with that

      1. Kay says:

        Tobi has turned off the upload images feature. I could have shown you a screenshot

      2. Kay says:

        Ok use this link to view the shot

  12. Cirphrank says:

    7. Come in terms with the fact that: Jumia’ black Friday was, and still is even as extended a SCAM.
    P.S: I’m an ardent Jumiaic Fan.
    Konga and co. were not different too.

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