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The Infinix Note 2 Gets Introduced To The Nigerian Market, Will Sell For N27,300

For those who have been anticipating, it is finally here! The Infinix Note 2 has been officially launched.
IMG_0402_nOTE 2_compressed
According to Benjamin Jiang,  Infinix Mobility’s CEO:

“Customers, response toward Infinix HOT NOTE had been so positive, with Infinix NOTE 2 we want to raise the bar and offer better product. Infinix Mobility is offering new dimensions and new features that will simplify your daily use”

For those who are wondering how they intend to raise the bar, the Infinix Note 2 as you know by now will come with a 6.0-inch screen with slim bezels and a stunning HD 720 x 1290 resolution display.
For the camera geeks, the NOTE 2 will be equipped with an advanced 13 Megapixel rear camera and an optimized 3P lens 2 Megapixel front camera f/2.0 aperture. The rear camera will feature Samsung’s S5K3M2 ISOCELL CMOS sensor and 5P lens with a f/2.0 sensor aperture offering a 78-degree shooting angle.
The Note 2 will be empowered with an MT6753 Mediatek chipset while the electronic component is based on ARM® Cortex®-A53 64-bit octa-core processor 1.3 GHz. The MT6753 also supports high-performance wireless networks including 4G LTE.
With fast charging technology, Infinix NOTE 2 will definitely simplify and improve users’ life, the report has it that it will provide 20 minutes charging time for 7 hours performance and a 15 min fast charge for 8 hours with a 4.5A current.
In addition, Infinix Mobility has developed a cloud service called “X Contacts”. It is now possible to back up your personal contact to the cloud and always stay in touch with your family, friends and network whatever happens to your device. It is safe, friendly and free.

Network 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 – 3G WCDMA: 900/2100 – Dual sim
Processor CPU; 1.3GHz Octa-core, 64bit, MT6753 – GPU; ARM Mali-T720 MP3 450MHz builds in CPU
Display 6 inch HD (720 X1280)
OS Android 5.1
Camera rear facing; 13 Megapixel 5P lens f/2.0 with Flash LED – front facing; 2 Megapixel 3P lens f/2.2
Memory 2 Variants:
16 GB ROM + 2 GB RAM
16GB ROM + 1,5GB RAM
support SD card up to 32GB
Dimension 159.5 X 82.5 X 9.3 mm– 194g
Battery 4000 mAh Li-polymer built-in – fast charging
Additional features smart gestures – ultra power saving mode

The Infinix Note 2 will be available at a retail price of N27, 300 for the 16GB ROM+1GB RAM version  and N31, 600 for the  16GB ROM+2GB RAM version.
Considering the price, do you think this is a Win?


71 comments on “The Infinix Note 2 Gets Introduced To The Nigerian Market, Will Sell For N27,300

  1. Rotimi Popoola says:

    Misstechy aren’t we lucky but isn’t there 4g on it

    1. salami says:

      It has a 4g version

  2. Kay says:

    This device should be in the BF/CM deals. 🙂 (Remember InnJoo Fire?)
    Anyways, Infinix out did themselves on this one.
    For that price, this is gold.
    BTW whats with OEMs and 1.3GHz? (I am not the only one complaining. Elroy is too.)

    1. salami says:

      hmm. but the 1.3GHz also have a high capacity to do in performance…. having 2.0GHz which is fake wont be encouraging…

  3. adesinaabolaji says:

    where and how can we get this?

    1. salami says:

      it will be avaliable on jumia and other mall any moment soon according to their social media

  4. Covenant Oyetade says:

    When will these people go from 1.3GHz to something higher?

    1. salami says:

      they should have a plan on that soonest… what do u advice they upgrade to?

      1. Covenant Oyetade says:

        2.0GHz won’t be a bad idea.

  5. FELIX says:

    The phone is a nice one. But i’ll pass my final say after the full hands review @misstechy

    1. salami says:

      actually, am using the device…. it madly good!!!

      1. FELIX says:

        Wow. How much did u get ur’s and what would u say about the camera?

  6. Tony says:

    6inches is too big is like carrying a tablet around

    1. salami says:

      despite it 6″ it so light,…. just 194 Grams

  7. optimusPRIME says:

    interesting,,,BT 2 mega pixels is kinda small

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      When I get my review unit, I’d surely pair that with other cameras like the Infinix Hot 2, so keep an eye on that 😀

    2. salami says:

      guess it time we realize that MP is not how clear the camera is… it might be better than we think

  8. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

    … Well, nice design but I think the specs aren’t worth that design! I suspect there will be INFINIX hot 2 Pro just like they have been doing!…

    1. Titi says:

      Don’t understand

    2. salami says:

      what spec do u suggest since u want the pro

  9. ỌBÁDÁRÀ says:

    … Sorry, I, mean Infinix Note 2 Pro just like we have Infinix Note, then Note pro…

    1. salami says:

      hmmm… it a nice suggestion…. will be expecting your spec suggestion soon

  10. samm says:

    hmmm….I’ve anticipating this device but there are a few things that could have been better…
    1.3 ghz is really poor
    the 720 x 1290 pixel resolution is horrible judging by the huge screen size, it’d result in a relatively low ppi

    1. Dilemma says:

      Man, its an octa-core 1.3Ghz not dual core… Plus 2GB RAM it’s says can open up to 30 Apps in multi-tasking. This device is a must have. Think twice before writting.

      1. Titi says:

        Let me guess, you are probably working for Infinix. I can smell them from afar

        1. samm says:

          lol…titi you ehn…
          dilenma, i know that but hope you also know that the regular hot note has an Octa-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A7 CPU so this note 2 shoulda been better

          1. Titi says:

            But it is the truth you need to have seen his comment on thee InnJoo 2 you could tell he is an agent

    2. salami says:

      guess u need to use it first before dropping the comment… cuz it more than expectation

      1. Titi says:

        And you guys are back . Infinix agents on the rise

    3. KyLe West says:

      You guys obviously don’t know what is meant by a 1.3ghz 64 bit cpu. A 1.3ghz 64 bit cpu is 3 times better than a 2.2ghz 32 bit cpu. Get d knowledge please!

  11. gaga says:

    will there be a 2gb ram/32rom version?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      There will be a 2GB ram version but not a 32GB ROM

    2. salami says:

      32GB rom will not the avaliable at the moment…guess there will be an improved version of rom… but SDCard can accept more than 64GB so it cool

  12. gaga says:

    wow,so no pro version?? disappointing

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      For the Note 2, there is no such variant, but the company might decide to release a Note 2 Pro, you never can tell

    2. salami says:

      we cant say now… but for me… am okay with this

  13. gaga says:

    wow,so no pro version?? disappointing,i really want a 32gb rom version

    1. salami says:

      no one said there wont be pro verison…. possibly they may decide to do it….

  14. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Thos phone is the ish…its a sure buy. I dont see wat phantom 5 has over it????

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      The fingerprint & 3GB?

      1. Osakwe tochukwu says:

        How many people actually use fingerprint scanner on their phone. Nigerians prefer using codes and passwords. Pls miss techy is dis phone already on the market, i have a friend who’s waiting eargerly to get this phone. He has been browsing thru jumia and konga website looking for this device. Any idea where one can get it?

    2. salami says:

      finer print is what i will use for 2 week of purchase… and will stop using it soonest… because i dont count that as spec for a device…. SD card can help me with 64GB

  15. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    I have samsung galaxy note 3 but i will buy this fone and add it to my note 3…i love rhe design especially the slim bezel. Once a note user always a note user. Miss techy pls when will u be able to do indepth review on this device…im inlove with it already. The design shows improvement over the first infinix note

    1. salami says:

      you right bro… dat what i love also… expecially the white and silver version which is 4G

  16. Musa Yaya says:

    Waoh, this is a bang from Infinix

    1. salami says:

      so surprising infact

  17. Abiodun D says:

    I love infinix, always bringing out lovely phone which are user and pocket friendly

    1. salami says:

      sure… u right…. what i love about it is that despite it 6 inch…. it not heavy

  18. Subomi G says:

    Which network has 4G support, i will be buying this Infinix Note 2, No doubt about that, sleeky

    1. gonaij Inc says:

      same here bro

  19. Eniola Aduroja says:

    One thing i love about the phone is the big screen and slim bezel

    1. gonaij Inc says:

      the 4G network is my favorite.. cuz it the first of its kind from infinix

  20. Ibrahim M says:

    Misstechy, what about the phone with 3Gig Ram and Fingerprint, when are they launching it? I thought it is the Big 6

    1. Team Pray4Nigeria says:

      it not Big 6 o…. havent heard about anything like that at all

  21. Seun Oni says:

    When is the 2gig, 4G LTE variant be out?

  22. Olarotimi says:

    The phone has been launched yet no available in stock, infinix why? We are becomming Impatient oo, Misstechy, talk to Infinix

  23. Sunkami A says:

    It would have been lovely to have it with a 3gb ram/32gb

  24. mr Chidi says:

    infinix did a great job with the design, hope the device will be worth it as am planning to buy

  25. Kola Aluko says:

    It feels more premium in the hands, and the display is cool too, camera quality is the best for a fone of its price and range

  26. Nike B says:

    Heard it has on screen button……it will be a beauty to behold

  27. Chukuwu says:

    There are a few minor me the camera is better, the display is better, and the bezels of this phone is way thinner than the hot not, also it has a led light notification, and onscreen home buttons, and fast charge…..A Nairalander testimony, cant wait to have this device?

  28. Idrisu says:

    Still enjoying my Infinix hot2 , hope to upgrade to Note 2 wu go dash me money

  29. Olulonyo says:

    phone still not in stock, am angry

  30. Omolabake says:

    Misstechy, when is full review nao? Just waiting for go ahead from you ni o

  31. SSinc says:

    Infinix is surely going premium, heard another suprise is comming this december

  32. opeyemi says:

    Infinix far better than tecno 100%……dis is lovely

  33. Madam says:

    this is really cool, hopefully it will be an upgrade to my Hot note

  34. Damilola says:

    This good, infinix we love you

  35. Olamilekan says:

    impressive though i need a 3gig Ram phone

  36. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Miss techy pls a friend needs this phone ASAP…any idea if slot jumia or konga is selling it already?

    1. Samm says:

      It’s available on Jumia and yudala… But it’s the 1GB RAM variant and it’s 30,600

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