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Will This Start A Trend? Facebook Male Employees To Get Four Months Paid Paternity Leave.

Earlier this month, Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would be taking two months off to spend time with his daughter and wife Priscilla Chan, I guess his decision led to this.
According to a blog post by Facebook’s vice president of Human Resources and Recruiting – Lori Goler, Facebook Male employees will now be granted four months leave.

“I am proud to announce today that we are extending our parental leave policy for full time employees to cover four months of paid baby leave for all new parents, no matter their gender or where in the world they live.
From January 1 2016, all new fathers and same-sex partners, including those who had or adopted a baby throughout this year, working full time at the company will be entitled to four months of paid leave, which can be taken up to a year after the baby’s birth.
“For too long, paid baby leave has been granted only to a mother who is giving birth. We believe that fathers and mothers alike deserve the same level of support when they are starting and growing a family, regardless of how they define family,” Ms Goler added.

I am so sure the men in the house will be like:

Bringing it back home, Lagos State started the trend in Nigeria when they passed a law granting a 10-day Paternity leave to male civil servants.
In the wake of Facebook’s decision, do you think more companies, especially in Nigeria, will consider this and start giving male workers longer paternity leave?


4 comments on “Will This Start A Trend? Facebook Male Employees To Get Four Months Paid Paternity Leave.

  1. micheal adeniji says:

    Mehn…This is superb… Mark my idol

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    Lol, in Nigeria? I don’t think so, highest you can get is 1 month, depends your position in the company.

  3. Joshua says:

    Thats really nice

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