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Pre-Black Friday: See The E-commerce Platform Nigerians Are Searching For The Most.

Black Friday is now less than 2 days away! Can you predict which E-commerce platform is gaining the much-needed attention from Nigerians? You don’t need to waste your time predicting, MissTechy to the rescue!
black friday nigeria 2015
According to Google, Jumia is the most searched e-commerce platform in Nigeria with Konga following. As seen in the graph, despite the huge marketing spend, Yudala did not appear in the results.
black friday jumia
Do bear in mind that this result was set to 30 days – when I changed the result to the past week, Yudala appeared in the graph, although, they had a very low score.
black friday for 2015 yudala
Trust the search results to focus on the Black Friday event coming up on the 27th.
black friday konga
However, one funny thing I noticed with the results for Jumia and Konga is that Lagos did not appear in the location graph, instead, we had states like Abia, Bayelsa, Ekiti and Ondo taking up a larger portion of the result. Are Lagosians tired?
jumia black friday for 2015
With the rate at which Nigerians are searching for Jumia, I hope they don’t have a downtime like they did the last time.


18 comments on “Pre-Black Friday: See The E-commerce Platform Nigerians Are Searching For The Most.

  1. Covenant Oyetade says:

    Lagos scored low because, all the Online Stores are based there. Besides, people prefer place where they can haggle the price before buying.

    1. chukwudi says:

      I don’t quite agree with you though, yes the stores are here but perhaps lagosians are not bothered about the black Friday since we know these guys are scammers last last

      1. micheal adeniji says:


  2. OptimusPRIME says:

    Pls Misstechy was Edo state among?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Edo was only available for JUmia, let me guess, you are from Edo?

    2. Stiiz says:

      Osassu…well done oh ??

  3. Joseph emmanuel says:

    Misstechy did you recieve the email i sent you?

  4. FELIX says:

    Lol…….im not suprised though

  5. OptimusPRIME says:

    Yess oo@misstechy,,,,thanks 4 d info Ma

  6. Promise says:

    Misstechy biko what are you giving us for Black Friday?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol, loads of information for FREEEEEEEEE

  7. Joseph emmanuel says:

    Misstechy did you see the email i sent you?

  8. Joshua says:

    haha, interesting

  9. optimusPRIME says:

    I have got this feeling that jumia won’t disapoint this time.

  10. hannah_montana says:

    I agree with Optimus

  11. Ayomi says:

    Just check Jumia and Konga now, those sites are SCAM…. No reduction stall if you have been checking their price recently you’ll find discover what am talking about. Too bad!

  12. KingAbsolute says:

    Lagosians already know they’re scam, trust me, Jumia doubled their prize & slashed it to the original prize.

    1. chukwudi says:

      Very true . just checked now .. Infinx is still sold at 17900… BIGGEST SCAM !!!!!

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