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Tech Tweet Of The Day

I couldn’t resist sharing what I found  on Twitter  some weeks back – hence the Tech tweet of the day title, see the tweet below:


Tech Tweet Of The Day @Okundayor

Those who understand how expensive a DSLR lens is will get this way more. For those who don’t understand, see a screenshot of a camera lens from Konga.
tech tweet of the day

Tech tweet of the day

Now imagine someone giving you this, as a birthday gift.
tech tweet of the day 2
Do you understand now? I mean, if someone gave me this as a birthday gift, I will just start crying! 


10 comments on “Tech Tweet Of The Day

  1. Rotimi Popoola says:

    Lol that’s true oooo u wud think its a camera lens whereas its not….. Misstechy why would u cry…? Thanks for my hot 2

  2. KingAbsolute says:


  3. Dharn says:

    Chaiii, That lens will pay for a 3 bedroom flat in my area!

  4. Abimbola Sojimi says:

    It’s just unfortunate Tobi, the giver was just being thoughtful. The gift is just a memento; like giving a pilot an airplane shaped Bluetooth speaker with alarm clock. The receiver misjudged the gift due to no fault of hers (his).

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol I know, but just imagine for one moment that you received this without being told (P.S: I heard the cup is also heavy) being a photographer, you will be so excited, For me, (I might even scream for joy) but after realizing it’s a cup the person might have a “falling from cloud nine” effect. with the Airplane speaker, you already know what it is, with this, you might get carried away thinking it is the real thing.

      1. Abimbola Sojimi says:

        You are right Tobi about “falling from cloud nine”.

  5. micheal adeniji says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha.. . See Brutality…

  6. Adaobi says:

    Okay, I actually gasped when I saw the picture, I was even about to scream, then I finished reading the tweet. I’m not even that big of a camera person, but I felt the pain.

  7. Joshua says:

    LOL… interesting gift

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