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Meet The Top 2 Nigerian Facebook Employees Making An Impact In Silicon Valley

Who says you can’t rule in a foreign country no matter the race?! These 2 individuals have proved that sometimes, all you need is a strong determination and passion.
Meet the two Nigerian Facebook employees making an impact in Silicon Valley.


Ime is the Director of product partnerships at Facebook. He has worked on everything from the Facebook Messenger app to the Apart from being a Facebook executive, Ime spent 6 years of his life working at IBM. 


Top Nigerian Facebook Employees

Ime Archibong majored in electrical engineering and computer science and according to him

“After graduating, I was trying to figure out what field to go into and clearly tech was where I spent the majority of my academic pursuits looking towards.

Did I mention Mark Zuckerberg likes almost all his posts?!
ime archibong facebook


Our woman in tech is a diva! Before working at Facebook, Jidenma worked as a Global Business development Manager for PayPal. Prior to that, she worked at Google where she worked on Internet access initiatives in emerging markets to advance Google’s goals of expanding global connectivity.
Currently, Nmachi Jidenma works at Facebook as its Global Payments Partnerships Manager where she manages partnerships with financial services companies and develops new product initiatives at the intersection of payments, social networking, and advertising.
The reason I gave her the diva tag is because she is also the Founder of CPAfrica and has previously served as an Africa editor at the Next Web – an international tech news service based in the Netherlands.
All hail the diva!
There you have it, our very own Facebook gurus. I am sure if Mark Zuckerberg were a Nigerian, some of you would have said their parents probably knew him, hence the reason they got the job, but for once, I am so glad he isn’t.


12 comments on “Meet The Top 2 Nigerian Facebook Employees Making An Impact In Silicon Valley

  1. Covenant Oyetade says:

    Quite impressive!

  2. micheal adeniji says:

    Mehn… This is it.. Bravo to them

  3. ojooluwakayode says:


  4. Dharn says:

    Very motivating…

  5. KingAbsolute says:

    MissTechy, I know how you feel about Mark being a Nigerian. That’s what people will definitely say.
    Like whenever a new celebrity emerge, they’ll say he/she did some kinda ritual.

  6. FELIX says:

    Nice 1. I’ve always known that nigerians are gifted. What we only need is opportunity

  7. Promise says:

    Misstechy you did not add “Made in Akwa Ibom” badge for Ime Archibong

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol I took that off her Facebook’s page

  8. Otobong says:

    Good for them. Fat pay check

  9. OptimusPRIME says:

    Impressive!!! Dey are making us proud!!

  10. Joshua says:

    impressive seeing that, Enough cash sha

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