Unboxing The InnJoo 2, The N35,900 Flagship That Wants To Compete With The Phantom 5

For those who are wondering how a N35,900 device can compete with Tecno’s Phantom 5, read on. I got my review unit of the InnJoo 2 and I must say I was pretty excited – P.S. I am always this way ?with new gadgets.
If you have been anticipating, you can stop, MissTechy is here to save the day in her sexy superwoman outfit.
I bring to you the InnJoo 2, InnJoo’s last flagship device for 2015.


Yeah, InnJoo still stuck with their trademark – nothing special.
InnJoo 2 Unboxing


However, boring stopped outside the box, I opened and saw this
InnJoo 2 Unboxing 4
Then this
InnJoo 2 Unboxing 6
And this,
InnJoo 2 EarPhones
Finally, this:
InnJoo 2 Earphones price
Then, I was like this:
Did the earphone packaging bring back any memory?


One Good thing about the InnJoo 2 is the fact that it is slim and light but could still pull off the premium look thanks to its 2.5D full metal body.
InnJoo 2 Unboxing 7

top and bottom

On the top seats the earphone jack
InnJoo 2 Top
The bottom also houses the charging port and the speakers. See any resemblance?
InnJoo 2 Bottom


The InnJoo 2 is a 5 inch device with a dragontrail glass, there is a WHOOPING 13MP camera with flash, you should also see the proximity sensor seated close to it and finally, the huge speaker placed in the center of it all
InnJoo 2 Front View
This is the part that changed the game for InnJoo, the InnJoo 2 has a fingerprint sensor that is rumored to be very fast (Robert claims it is faster than the iPhone, but we’d have to put that to test.) It also comes with a 13MP back camera with dual flash light.
InnJoo 2 Back Camera
Yeah, the back is non-removable.
InnJoo 2 Back Vieww


Since the back isn’t removable, we have the  Dual – Sim card placed on the left side
InnJoo 2 Dual Sim
By the way, it has a Micro and Mini  Sim card slots.
Update: By the way, you can covert the second SIM card slot to a Micro SD card slot, but you can’t have both. i.e either 2 SIM cards with No SD card or 1 Sim card and your SD card.
While the volume and power button seats on the right side.
InnJoo 2 Side


Yes, a peek is all you get pending the time I break the device into pieces for a full review.
InnJoo 2 price
That is all for this short review, I will like to know your opinion.


OS Android 5.1
Camera 13MP Front and Back Camera
Screen 5 Inch with DragronTrail
ROM 16GB expandable to 64GB
Battery 3200mAh with Fast charge
Processor Ota-Core
FingerPrint Yes with 0.446s
SIM Dual Sim

Do you think it can compete with the Phantom 5?
Update: The price is actually N35,900 n0t N39,500, Apologies for the typo.


112 comments on “Unboxing The InnJoo 2, The N35,900 Flagship That Wants To Compete With The Phantom 5

  1. titi says:

    Mayne, this is someting, based on specs I like already their fingerprint is 0.46s? Hmm

  2. kasy says:

    WOW, Nice device, I love the earpiece
    Its true, the boring stops outside the box.
    I just the design asin eh.

    1. Techie says:

      The earpiece is crap and of low quality

  3. lanre says:

    Oh well competition is now stiffer I think, phantom 5 is in trouble because many Nigerians will prefer this especially with its 13mp front camera and finger print, but I would have to wait for misstechy’s review before I can know where I stand

  4. tochukwu osakwe says:

    Yes its a challenge to the phantom 5 spec wise and blasts fantom 5 out of the water on the price arena, aside from infinix i would gladly go for this device. The design and looks is berra dan phantom 5. It looks like a huge iphone 4s????

    1. lanre says:

      Lol the similarity is very obvious

    2. Kay says:

      Better than phantom 5 design wise?
      Wake me when you’re done lying. 😮

      1. Osakwe tochukwu says:

        Lying? Now thats a harsh word…pls look ant the images and check ergonomic design of the two devices then gt back to me

      2. lanre says:

        I would definitely go for this than the pH5 design wise

      3. Alonzo says:

        Lol, it below par and should just be ignore

      4. Olabisi says:

        @lanre are you saying phantom 5 is better than this one…..

    3. Anonymous says:

      Better than phantom 5 in terms of design? You got to be kidding. I still maintain my stance, phantom 5 may be expensive but hey Innjoo gets problem with all their phones. I am waiting for misstechy review on the touchpad responsiveness. Camera performance and the likes

  5. Dharn says:

    I think they just proved one thing, you can have a finger print scanner and still be affordable. The Innjoo 2 is already bad news to Phantom 5. But then I await your full review.

    1. titi says:

      Big bad market, Nigerians will compare to no end. The only thing in favor of the phantom is their after service which is also shitty but compared to innjoos it is better

  6. KingAbsolute says:

    This is undoubtedly a challenge to Phantom 5, average Nigerian that wants to get Phan5 will go for this InnJoo if he discovers its specs & price.

  7. DY says:

    This rendered me speechless!

  8. Noni says:

    What, no dedicated camera button with all that megapixel power? The only thing about this that I prefer over the Phantom 5 is that is has a mini and micro sim slot, as opposed to the 2 micro sim slots on the Phantom 5.

    1. lanre says:

      It does have a micro and mini card slot see the image

      1. Noni says:

        @ Lanre, I did say the advantage the Innjoo has for me is that it has a Mini and Micro SIM slots, as opposed to the Phantom 5’s 2 micro sim slots. I have a mini SIM I don’t intend to cut into a micro SIM, so any phone that accommodates that works for me.

    2. Dharn says:

      I doubt if I have seen an android phone with a dedicated camera button, but then how many android phone have I even seen. Not to worry though, I understand the finger print scanner at the rear can be used for taking pictures. So there you have you camera key.

      1. Tobi Ayeni says:

        Spoiler alert: Dharn is actually right, the fingerprint can be used as your shutter button. Was hoping to get that juicy detail in the full review

        1. Noni says:

          I’ve been spoilt by the Camon C8 and Lumia 930. A fingerprint scanner as a shutter button doesn’t quite do it for me. The speed at which I can take a pic and keep it moving when my phone is locked…

          1. Tobi Ayeni says:

            Hmmn, Okay, to test the theory, I’d do a video comparison then convert it to GIF to see which is the fastest.

          2. Noni says:

            I’m still trying to figure out how it works with the fingerprint scanner.
            On the iPhone you can take a pic even if the screen is locked. On the Lumias 830, 930 et al, you can take a pic simply by pressing the dedicated camera button without unlocking. On the Camon C8 it’s a bit trickier but I finally figured it out 🙂 So I’m looking forward to your video on the subject.

        2. Dharn says:

          Opps…lol. If you told me earlier, I forjus keep quiet. By the way how much is that Innjoo TV and who was the lucky winner of your recharge card.

      2. Noni says:

        The Camon C8 and Phantom 5 both have dedicated camera buttons.

    3. januarius says:

      The dedicated key is the fingerprint sensor at the back
      All you just need is to place ya finger on d sensor then you r good to go

  9. boditudy4 says:

    it sound nice but will await a full review before making my final decision bcoz I have to get a phone by the end of the month. Wondering why it not 3g ram though.

    1. chukwudi says:

      If it is 3gb ram be prepared to pay like the way please do an unboxing on the innjoo Max 2 or Max 2 plus pleaseeeeeee

    2. sule says:

      I heard infinix is preparing a 3gig phone , how true?

      1. nuel says:

        yes bro, the infinix zero 3, waiting for that one too

  10. Rotimi Popoola says:

    Miss techy ma is it available at slot

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hey Rotimi, Jumia is their direct partner. Your best bet is Jumia.

      1. Rotimi Popoola says:

        Thanks for the help all the way ma’am on my hot 2

        1. Remi says:

          I dont think its available yet on JUMIA…the preorder link is not even working.

          1. nuel says:

            jumia takes forever nowadays to deliver things, my black friday buys are yet to be delivered, they are forcing most of us to look to konga now

  11. 50 Shades says:

    Note 2 Launch for Infinix _ Automatically Ruined.

    1. chukwudi says:

      As in ehn, I don’t think the infinx note 2 can beat this

      1. Alonzo says:

        The note 2 beat this in performance just that it lack the fingerprint which should be expected from another infinix launch next year

    2. Brandon says:

      I know right lol

    3. Swifta says:

      Dont say that, maybe u nid to handle d note2, D performance is sweet and browsing experience is superb

  12. Brandon says:

    Please run benchmarks from antutu and geekbench in the full review?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      WIll definitely do 🙂

  13. 50 Shades says:

    awwn, Note 2 launch for Infinix is officially ruined now. they’d better head back to their drawing board and make sure their ‘precious’ can top this. Specs wise and Price wise.

    1. Dilemma says:

      Are you mad? You can compare those 2 devices. Innjoo is trying to give itself some fame by prentending to give you a super feature such as fingerprint but the components are 3rd level my friend. Pay cheap get cheap! Infinix Mobility all the way! Cheers

  14. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    If this phone performs well then a lot of people will buy it over phantom 5…the price is soooooo unreal

    1. Titi says:

      I can safely assume that phantom 5 hasnt gotten that much sales based on the recep ion it got

      1. Osakwe tochukwu says:

        Phantom 5 is annoyingly xpensive. They wanna be samsung and apple…not gonna happen…atleast not while there are lots of alternatives out there. So the earlier they revert ba k the price d berra. If phantom 5 was sold around 40 to 45k people will rush it but at the current price…few people will buy it. Again other phone coys have similar phones at cheap price and their advertising strategy seems to have improved. Gionee marathon 5 is also there lets not forget that. So tecno needs to work on their pricing or they will lose dia fans.

        1. lanre says:

          There is a lot of truth in what you said, howwver, tecno can’t continue to live in the past they have been making affordable products and it was time they’d stepped up perhaps if the phone had better advertisement it would have helped but I have an inkling that the tecno karaoke thing is to make people accept tecno . it is a pity they are not been received like they would have envisaged

          1. Osakwe tochukwu says:

            Ur right too…however i dont know how well the camon c8 is selling..its a nice device with an affordable price…tecno can make d likes of phantome 5 with d price tag but also make more of camon c8 lile wit same price. If the high end phones are not selling well for them dey should focus on wi dia strenght lies more mid and low range phones, afteral irs all biz and profit making

          2. Noni says:

            The price of the Phantom 5 will drop inevitably (a lot of people are waiting for a significant price drop to buy). Whether the Innjoo 2 provides enough competition for it to drop to around 45k-50k remains to be seen.

          3. lanre says:

            You know tha the phantom 5 and the tecno r7 still remain the price they were as at launch. Tecno don’t reduce the prices of their phone. Go and check and confirm

          4. lanre says:

            Sorry the phantom z

    2. Dilemma says:

      Innjoo is so unreal too! Crap devices buy it see it.

  15. OptimusPRIME says:

    Oboy!!!!!! Seriously?? Injoo 2 has won it oooo,,,,bt I await d full review from our one nd only MISSTECHY.

  16. Blesslad says:

    Please do injoo phones screen break easily because i hear some ppl say the screen and charging port get spoilt

    1. lanre says:

      It comes with dragrontrail that should mean something

    2. Kayode says:

      Yes, the durability of innjoo product has been questioned anx I guess this wilk also be of low material quality

  17. Lewis Daniel says:

    Penny for Tecno’s thought

  18. Timi akogun says:

    16 GB internal memory is a crime in 2016. kudos!

    1. nuel says:

      Thank God, someone made a good point,no device in the 40k range that is ready to knock off the other main competition off should be given us 16 gig, knowing fully well, the user only gets best 12 gig, in 2016 when some of us are heavy game users, 32 gig should be the target with 128gb as expandable max

  19. Timi akogun says:

    16 GB internal memory is a crime in 2016. kudos tho!

  20. FELIX says:

    Great specs nice phone.. The only thing i dont like is the non removable battry stuff

    1. Dilemma says:

      One more guy who is bluffed by a low end smartphone manufacturer!!!! Wake up man its 2015!

  21. Joshua says:

    interesting review, waiting for full. most people have said what I wanted to regarding tecno and infinix , innjoo killed it here. but a normal slot for m.card won’t have killed the phone. but it’s quite powerful. #Bad belle is allowed

  22. Rotimi Popoola says:

    Okay ma’am I ll be waiting for a full review from honourablr miss techy

  23. Techycarole says:

    Innjoo will create good design for their phones but their touchpad is hell. Their battery is the worst in the world. I can’t dole out my dime for Innjoo phones again

    1. Kaymukaymu says:

      Yes seconded they lie about battery and their phones is very unresponsive

  24. samm says:

    hmmm..better than the phantom 5..INDEED

    1. lanre says:

      Are you saying it is not better

      1. samm says:

        i didn’t say anything, did I?

  25. Ayomi says:

    Does innjoo provide constant OTA? If yes, then they have my 4star rate???

    1. Dilemma says:

      Does Innjoo make good smartphone? This is the question you have to ask yourself fake smartphone!

  26. chukwudi says:

    At the end of the day, what matters is the review , how the device performed all this don’t move me

  27. micheal adeniji says:

    What a beast 4 da price… Team Innjoo well done..

    1. Dilemma says:

      Making fun of you for that price! I imagine how many faulty phones will be back ahahahahah.

  28. Stiiz says:

    The phone is great, as i had previously had high hopes for it. Now, issues i have with the phone.
    Cons: Either use 2 sim cards with no SD card or 1 sim card with SD Card. Like seriously, who does that in 2015? ?? | Why centralize the front camera? They just made it look weird ?? | 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM…not what i expected sha ??
    Pros: Looks very sleek like the iPhone 6! They clearly copied iPhone’s bottom design with the way they placed the bottom speaker & charging port. Buh its nice tho ? | Fingerprint sensor? = YES!! Brilliant!! ? | 13MP + Dual Flash? Front/Rear?? Awesome!! | 3200mAh battery + Fast charge tech?? = YES!!! | Android 5.1 – Cool!??
    Definitely a phone i can spend N33k on. ??

    1. Stiiz says:

      {N36k…my bad ?}
      Misstechy Plz do an unbiased review on this phone..let’s know how fast it unlocks, how smooth games run and how responsive the screen is (previous Innjoo phones had screen response issues for me). Gracias!

    2. Chidere says:

      Yimu, specswise it might look great but performance wise it might be below average, comming from my experience with Innjoo 1

  29. Omonaija says:

    This is a very ugly apple rip off. If you spend your money on this, don’t come on Nairaland to complain later. I’ve said my own.

    1. BitterTruth says:

      Yes, Innjoo has been doing that since releasing their first product, and they made it worse with the InnOs, very ugky

  30. Aunty Tobi please also visit my
    blog, i wrote something special for you..

  31. Abdulkareem says:

    urgently waiting for the full review so as to make decisions before the black friday.

  32. NAB says:

    How can u guys say that this phone is better than phantom 5… It has 2gb ram nd 16gb rom. While phantom 5 has 3gb ram and 32gb rom.. The only reason I like it is bcos of the mini sim and micro sim….

    1. Messiless says:

      innjoo is known for cheap product with crap functions

      1. Dilemma says:

        Oh damn how many people like you on this thread ? Unfortunaelty few, at least someone who understand the business.

  33. chuksteric says:

    does it have 4g?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      There is a 4G variant.

  34. Nairalander says:

    The innjoo 2 will never be worth it. I’ll rather buy a Samsung galaxy note 3 or an elephone p8000 than an innjoo device.
    Innjoo as a brand is currently a ship without a compass. While trying to copy the numerous products by Samsung, their phones all end up looking the same, run on crappy processors (the MT6582 is the worst quad core processor ever made by mediatek), they keep dishing out half baked operating systems with lots of bugs, and the chances that your phone will be thrown into the trash by them due to lack of support is very high. Their phones especially are like a one year time bomb, they begin to fall apart once your warranty expires starting with the microphone, then ghost touches, screen issues, expanding battery…for now just stay away from innjoo.

  35. Bosstechy says:

    wow… Expecting the full video review.. The innjoo 2 is great, but there’s no way u can compare with the 3GB phantom 5.. Although the price of the device is harsh.. Only if tecno can reduce pricing to 50k.. I also expected u show us the processor clock speed.. how many Ghz..

  36. kezie says:

    spend 35k on a 3g phone, not happening

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      It has a 4G variant thouugh

  37. innjoo 2 says:

    When is this phone going to be available on jumia

  38. Hatem says:

    Is the back made of glass like the Innjoo One? Thanks for the brief review btw, waiting for the full one (:

  39. segun ife says:

    miss techy pls where can i buy the innjoo2

  40. Remi says:

    Hi Miss Techy. Great job you are doing. Keep it up….This INNJOO2 does it come with a plastic protective case like ONE?… How can I get this INNJOO2…the link in JUMIA to preorder has not been active forever. Tx

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi Remi, I have contacted the InnJoo team regarding this issue, but they have not gotten back to me.

      1. Remi says:

        I have been on it with JUMIA to no avail. But you got one? How did you you get it.

  41. nuel says:

    nice phone but i can never compare this to the phantom 5, that is a beast of a smartphone, i don’t trust innjoo and this review is too basic to make me like the device, the only nice thing here is the finger print lock, as for every other thing, i need a proper review to be convinced, that 13mp cam think, well till i see a proper video review, to those people comparing this to the phantom, smh, it’s so busy to buy a Nigerian off on a product, just this and u all are clamoring for the device. nice job dear, pls keep it up mz tobi

  42. muha says:

    Hi pls whr can i get the innjoo 2

    1. muha says:

      Pls i rilli lyk d phone and i will love to hve it

  43. emerson says:

    is it just me or does all innjoo phones look alike? using the fire ∆° and its really burning. Nice phone for the pricr

  44. ebony says:

    please where can i get the Innjoo 2

  45. creebhills says:

    some phones are super cool and just because they are not what were aren used we tend to neglect them for the likes of Iphones and Samsung

  46. januarius says:

    Jerry Mheen
    I wonder Y some ppl r like this
    I’ve use innjoo one and I love it..
    The spec.
    The configuration.
    The look Evytin about the phone
    Now am on 2
    The innjoo 2 na fire if you like it, take it or leave it…. Am loving it.
    Try and upgrade but all the same some ppl r jest like that and with to dye with their acient Religious totz
    There’s no way you can tell a monkey that strawberry is sweeter than banana ?….
    If you don’t like innjoo then you go for Alcatel
    Lol #SMH??

  47. Oic says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade, well it’s like this, there is white rice, jollof, fried, coconut as your taste and pocket demands, so also there are phones, in terms of branded product apple is no 1, in other areas there is also class with tecno leading the game, they have started with China phones copied branded phones, made a lot of issues and bugs with their products and so they have learned ND polished there products to be one of the best in Nigeria right now. The thing is itel is at the bottom followed by gionee then Injoo, Infinix, and finally tecno. Injoo is just trying to copy iPhone which is bad, if it’s injoo make it injoo don’t copy that’s where tecno gets kudos. Phantom 5 is a premium device and they made it without copying any other phone injoo has a lot of work to do

  48. Emmanuel says:

    I just got to knw abt ur blog today, well ure doing a good work. The injoo 2 is good like the specs and ba3 life.

  49. Khaleesi says:

    Nice review nice phone but to me can’t be compared with the phantom 5

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