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Samsung CEOs Get Salary Reductions Due To The Drop In Sales

It appears that Samsung CEOs are feeling the impact of the poor sales performance, this is according to the latest report from the Korea Herald – In the report all three co-CEOs have seen a drop in their annual income.

samsung CEOs see a reduction in salary

Samsung’s regulatory filing showcases the following information:

  • CEO Kwon Oh-Hyun received 3.82 billion won (about $3.25 million USD), compared to 6.25 billion won in 2014.
  • CEO Yoo Boo-Keun received 2.34 billion won, compared to 3.61 won in 2014.
  • CEO Shin Jong-Kyun received 2.28 billion won, compared to 12.03 billion won in 2014.

I am sure most of you are looking at the reductions like
Trust me, even if you feel they still earn a lot to not feel bothered, the drop is very significant to them – It’s like the case of dropping to a Lamborghini after using a Ferrari.
Samsung CEO
According to Android Authority, their actual salaries were not really affected. The reductions only affected their bonuses. Now, if the top Samsung CEOs are seeing a reduction, it means that Samsung’s employees might also see a salary reduction.


6 comments on “Samsung CEOs Get Salary Reductions Due To The Drop In Sales

  1. Covenant Oyetade says:

    Mehn! Those guys are heavily paid. Jisos!

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    Lol, am not sympathizing with them, after all its better than losing their jobs.

  3. Poza says:

    Are those salaries annually or monthly?

  4. kasy says:

    Hmmm See Ego
    *Listening to “The money” by Davido ft Olamide*

  5. FELIX says:

    Its a sad news sha

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