Join MissTechy In Unboxing The RedMi 2

Yasss!!! The most talked about phone manufacturer for this month – Xiaomi is available in Nigeria exclusively to Jumia. Trust MissTechy to get you firsthand information.
For now, I am going to be unboxing the RedMi 2.
You know that feeling of taking the device out of the box, peeling that little protective cover? That is one of the best feelings ever, it’s like finding a treasure.


Redmi 2 unboxing

For those who haven’t gotten the device and might want to get one, Let me be your eyes and hands. See the RedMi 2 from my point of view. You ready for this?!
P.S:  As at the time of writing this, I kept on hearing music in my head hence the little lyrics in my post. Disclaimer: It had nothing to do with the device.


When you first get your order from Jumia, you might be tempted to return the package for fear that they’d given you a perfume box because that is exactly how the RedMi 2 packaging can appear.
Redmi Unboxing (1)
It comes in a simple box made of recycled paper
Redmi Unboxing (2)
There are next to no markings on the device, aside from the Mi logo on the top right and the sticker containing basic specs on the rear.

She too simple, she too humble

Unboxing it gives you an access to all the goodies Xiaomi has to offer, the packaging is so simple, you have:

  • The Real MVP himself, the Redmi 2

Redmi Unboxing (5)

  • USB Cable & charger

Redmi Unboxing (7)

  • User Manual & Warranty Card.

Redmi Unboxing (22)
Did you notice I didn’t mention earphones? I didn’t because the RedMi 2 doesn’t come with earphones – Pretty sad. I was dying to see their earphones.

I think I fell in love with the 8th world wonder

After putting aside the accessories, take a minute to stare at the reason you had to quickly visit Jumia to place an order before the dreaded out of stock sign, you will immediately notice something, Xiaomi Redmi 2 doesn’t boast of groundbreaking design but it’s without doubt a solidly built device
Redmi Unboxing (9)
The body is made of plastic and the pure white color / black combination does give a very premium look.
Redmi Unboxing (11)

She carry front, she carry back, she too package

The front panel features a 4.7-inch 720p fully-laminated IPS display that has AGC Dragontrail glass protection.
Redmi Unboxing (10)
You have an upgraded 2MP front-facing camera seated at the left corner with your proximity sensor and your LED light placed just below the Home key – It  lights up to alert you whenever there’s a new notification or  a low battery.
Redmi Unboxing (13)
It has dual Mics for noise cancellation and like the Redmi 1S, the Redmi 2 also comes with 3 red colored dedicated navigational capacitive buttons.
Redmi Unboxing (14)

Girl your behind is a killer.

The Redmi 2 sports a removable back cover, The back cover is matte texture finished and wraps around the edge, it is also easy to pull off, thanks to the small opening at the right-hand side.
Redmi Unboxing (11)
The back of the phone also features an 8MP camera lens that slightly protrudes out, an LED flash and a speaker outlet in addition to some Mi branding.
Redmi Unboxing (16)

Started from the Bottom

The metallic power and volume rocker keys are conveniently located at the right edge.
Redmi Unboxing (15)
While in the bottom part, the USB port, mic and easy to remove back cover hole is placed.
Redmi Unboxing (12)
Finally, we have the 3.5mm headset jack gently placed at the top of the device

Would you let me see beneath your beautiful

When you remove the back cover, you are immediately greeted with the removable 2200mAh battery. The phone has dual SIM card support with 4G LTE  on both SIM, can someone say a Hallelujah?!
Redmi Unboxing (17)


Powering it on gives you a glimpse into the Xiaomi’s world? What did I notice?  They had only Asian countries, no African countries listed.
Update: After using the device for about 20 minutes, I got an OTA upgrade that had other country listing including Africa. By the way, stay glued for the full review, I promise you, it will be far from what you’d expect
Redmi Unboxing (20)With some never before seen features i.e. Dual mic for noise cancellation, 4G LTE, LED Ligh Placement on both SIMs etc. I have an inkling that the RedMI 2 will be an interesting device to review.

What I didn’t like 

  • No Earphones
  • The manual didn’t have an English version. ( But who reads manuals these days, yeah?)

As usual, let me know your thoughts and what you want to see in the full review.


61 comments on “Join MissTechy In Unboxing The RedMi 2

  1. OBA says:

    … Xiaoping is really not ready for Africa. They are probably selling the leftovers first. How can there not be African countries listed especially the three pilot countries of NGR, KENand ZRA? No earphone? I can’t cope with such. But am very sure, Xiaomi will correct all these flaws in their subsequent phone sales in Africa…

    1. Lola says:

      She made an update to the post

    2. The Phoenix says:

      About the earphones, a lot of OEMs do skip that these days. Nokia/Microsoft did that on a couple of their mid-range Lumia devices.

  2. Dharn says:

    Be waiting for your review.

  3. DY says:

    Oh Jesus 😀 funny lyrics!

    1. Lola says:

      Lol I couldn’t help laughing, she soo funny smh

  4. Ehitunez says:

    Missy e be like you go dash me this phone wey u dy unbox oh

    1. Titi says:

      Because you are her brother

  5. kasy says:

    Nice device…
    #Amazing_Miss_Techy always up to date.

  6. Titi says:

    I am loving the looks and your unboxing. Nigerians don’t understand this brand, why do you think they call them iPhone of China because they have copied apples ui and also copied the way apple optimised their phones, I can’t wait for misstechy full review to prove so many wrong. Saving money patiently for the black Friday to get this.

  7. KingAbsolute says:

    The way you unbox phones eh (I love the way you buga oh) makes me wanna own the phone asap. I also hate the fact that it has no earphones. But the design & spec is cool.

    1. Titi says:

      What is the meaning of buga

      1. KingAbsolute says:

        Lol, ask Iyanya (on his Flavor track)

  8. Lanre says:

    Misstechy , you sure know how to break down any review. Fabulous work, I don’t go anywhere else when it comes to Nigerian gadget review, hope you start getting more international gadgets Like this one soon.
    Your reviews are on point

  9. OptimusPRIME says:

    I tink,,,dey do nt really hav africans at heart,,,foreign manual?? It looks nw,,lik d phone..was “”thrown”” to africa,,#my opinion tho#

    1. Titi says:

      Doesn’t mean anything though, like misstechy said who reads manuals

  10. TechyCarole says:

    The lack of earpiece is a minor for Nigerians honestly. When the likes of Tecno are giving full accessories at cheaper price.

  11. Adaobi says:

    Why cater to a foreign market and not have the manual in the market’s official language? If the warranty card is also in Chinese, how am I supposed to know what it covers. All text must be written in a market’s official language whenever you carter to it. They wouldn’t try that ish if they were catering to an EU country, by the time they fine them finish, they’ll know, that’s if they let it see the light of day.

    1. OptimusPRIME says:

      Correct@adaobi !!

    2. Noni says:

      The Apple UI copy and warranty would probably explain why it’s not officially been released in the EU. It would be an invitation to sue.

  12. FELIX says:

    They tried sha but, the specs are kinda low to me

    1. Titi says:

      It is an optimized android os, so it is okay, why don’t you complain when you see iPhone specs because you know they ve been optimised and will even work faster than the 3gb androids

  13. Otobong says:

    China are copy cats tho. They want to start patent war

  14. Samm says:

    I’ve got to say the device is impressive..
    But……. Still not up to standard!
    I’d rather get an Infinix Hot note(it’s cheaper too)
    But you see, the Mi4…. Now that’s the shii I f*#k with.. Judging by the spec list

    1. Lanre says:

      Trust me, my friend from China has this phone and it is really impressive the standard between this and infinix or tecno is far. Misstehcy abeg quickly do review to put this minds at ease

      1. Samm says:

        You misunderstand me, I never said the device wasn’t good… What I meant was that the specs are a bit on the low side for me..
        The battery, not good enough
        4.7-inch display is a big NO for me, I’m a phablet fan.
        And the price, Not worth it
        Aside from these three things, I think the redmi 2 is a pretty solid device.

        1. titi says:

          What will you say of apple, do r rmemeber that these guys copied apple word for word so the say you have low specs and good quality output on the iPhone is the same way you have low specs and good quality on the xiaomi

  15. micheal adeniji says:

    Nice review miss…A job well done… Patiently waiting for the full review….

  16. tochukwu osakwe says:

    Like oba said above na left over phone be this, 2 yrs ago it would ve been a huge improvement but today its a leftover abeg infinix note 2 come to daddy

  17. says:

    Xiaomi did not produce this phone for African you should know that…

  18. Bosstechy says:

    You really explained the review well.. So clear to me.. can’t wait for Xiaomi debut in Nigeria

  19. zita obeta says:

    Nice review. Why didn’t they debut redmi note 2, that is what i see most people buy from online stores

  20. titi says:

    Misstehcy please get the mi 4 I have checked other bloggers unboxing and I didn’t like it, I want yours, you do it better, no compliments intended just staring fact

  21. 50 Shades says:

    They copied Apple, doesn’t mean they are Apple. They can never be like apple. If they were soo ”good” celebrities would patronise them instead. And there’s no form of optimising that can make an 8GB HDD perform like a 32GB HDD. So #Gbam the specs are poor and its not worth the price. Great review MT

    1. titi says:

      first of all, how do you know that some celebrities don’t use this phone?? second ever heard of OS optimization. if you have, you can know that an Os 1gb can be optimized to work very well and hence the reason the I phones comes with low specs but still work great. you all are kinda hypocrites. don’t complain about Apple but complain about another phone because it is from China meanwhile Samsung and the likes are also from Asia

      1. Samm says:

        Except me!
        I’m a huge critic of iPhones, matter of fact I don’t like em.
        I’m a devoted Android users.. I’d rather use a note 5 than an iPhone 6S plus
        I love my gadgets with huge, massive specs..

  22. Stiiz says:

    Look, Admin and fellow readers, let’s all be sincere with ourselves; this phone is crap. I checked Jumia now and i saw that it costs N29k, and for N29,000 do you knw u can get phones like Innjoo One, Infinix Hot Note, Innjoo Fire and even Tecno C5! And i see pple here saying they like this phone? A phone that comes with a Chinese user guide, no Africa region support, and without Earphones? People need to chill here mehn, bcoz Xiaomi are considered the Asian “Apple” doesn’t mean we shud suck-up to them and not call a spade a spade! Innjoo just launched the Innjoo Max 2 & Max 2 Plus, and the specs wud crush this crappy phone twice over. Just with 4000mAh battery, 5.1 Lollipop, FastCharge Technology & 295ppi alone sef…MissTechy, Plz let’s know when to praise a phone and when to give actual constructive criticism.

    1. titi says:

      hey skills how about waiting for the full review before condemning you haven’t used the phone yet you re quick to judge because of the specs meanwhile no body complains about the low specs on an iPhone… I have used this phone before that is why I am bent on you all waiting for the review before you judge. if they didn’t put an English manual doesn’t mean the phone isn’t a good one. dassol

      1. Osakwe tochukwu says:

        Thank you titi tell him pls, iphone has crappy specs yet no one condemns it

      2. Stiiz says:

        I’m critisizing an Android based OS phone that cost 29k while phones below that price range pack more specs & hardware & accessories and u are talking of OS Optimization on iOS? Totally off point bruh. My point is, for a phone that has 1GB RAM, 8GB inbuilt ROM, 1.2ghz Quadcore processor, and a 2200mAH battery, in the same Nigeria market that phones like Infinix Hot 2 for N19,500 (which has same 1.2ghz Quadcore, + 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, and same battery) exists, that price is too much! Why spend N29,000 on a phone when there a phones in the same spec range with After sales support & costs less??? Do you get my point now??

        1. Rotimi Popoola says:

          Sorry the hot 2 is 1.3ghz and not 1.2ghz

          1. Stiiz says:

            Thanks, I’ve corrected that in my previous comments. ?

  23. 50 Shades says:

    What other ‘full’ review are you guys expecting. The phone has nothing more to offer, there’s nothing more to say about it.

    1. titi says:

      Coming from someone that hasn’t used their phone before.. That is very insightful your assumption skills is amazing. So what will you say of the tecno camon c8 with 1gb ram? That has nothing to offer abi . Nigerians and their assumption skills tho

      1. titi says:

        Some Nigerians

        1. 50 Shades says:

          loll, bro,m nt being hypocritical. its PERFECTLY normal for brands to make phones that dnt meet up with the market’s demand. i cnt criticise mi4. why? becuz it is good. it is AWESOME. 3gb ram 16gb memory 3080mAhmbattery and at 56,ooo on jumia that is VALUE FOR MONEY SPENT. i even prefer it than tecno phantom 5. lets jas be honest nd stp bragging abt it. if u were given 35 or 40 thousand naira. you WONT buy Xiaomi Mi2. u wud look for other alternatives nd get good value for ur money. bro its jas d truth and you know it.

    2. Osakwe tochukwu says:

      Wait for indepth review pls

  24. Stiiz says:

    Mr. Osakwe & Titi, here’s my point.
    Infinix Hot 2 – 5″ screen, Android 5.1 Lollipop (Upgradable to 6.0), 2200mah battery, 1.3ghz Quadcore, 16GB inbuilt, 2GB RAM, 8.8mm thick, After sales services. Price = N19,500
    Xiaomi Redmi 2 – 4.7″ screen, Android 4.4 (Upgradable to 5.1), 2200mah, 1.2ghz Quadcore, 8GB inbuilt, 1GB RAM, 9.4mm thick, no after sale service yet & doesn’t come with Earphones. Price = N29,000
    Plz, do i need to say more? Do i need a detailed hands-on review by MissTechy to think about getting this phone? NO!!! The difference is glaring. The Xiaomi Redmi 2 is overpriced, has basic hardware specs & if i buy it and need to change the battery or repair the screen, i might end up touring the whole of Computer Village for the spare parts.
    I rest my case. ??

  25. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Stiiz wait tilk u use d phone or atleast miss techy gives us a compare review with other devices. U dont judge a book by its cover. Wait first pls, judging the phone now will be a mistake

  26. Samm says:

    Mehn.. Stiiz, uah speaking my mind, kinda like we’re connected..?
    Titi & Osakwe, there’s no way you guys would tell me that the redmi 2 is better than the Hot Note (remember the Hot note is cheaper too 24k I think)
    It’s Tru you can’t judge a book by its cover but looking at the spec list of this phone feels like looking at one low end itel phone

    1. Stiiz says:

      Finally, someone that gets my point! ???

  27. Covenant Oyetade says:

    Well… I’m not impressed. The only thing that could make me put my money on this device is the 4G LTE. That’s all.

  28. Otobong says:

    This phone is crap and hence doesn’t worth the price tag so please if you don’t agree with me #goanddie

    1. Covenant Oyetade says:

      Hmm… Otobong! You must have had a really bad day.

      1. titi says:

        As in, guy it is not by fight, RedMi 2 is great can’t wait for the full review so I can put you all to shame

  29. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Its the full review im waiting for, but for now lemme not pass judgement based on specs, 1 gig ram seems like crap on paper…but hey iphone 6 had it and still performed wonders. So lets wait

  30. Innjoo used to do the same thing, no earphones

  31. ambrose says:

    pls where can i buy Redmi note 3 in Nigeria?.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi Ambrose, it is not available in Nigeria

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