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Google Now Gets A Revamp: Google's Virtual Assistant Wants To Be The Smartest Of Them All.

Android users, Good news! There hasn’t been a lot lately, yeah?
Well, things are about to get interesting thanks to a Google Now update. The former Google now as we know it is about to get way smarter at handling superlatives, time-based and more complicated questions. For example, when it comes to

Time-Based Queries:

Google now will answer any time-based questions. For example:

  • What songs did Sisqo record in 2005?
  • How much was the fuel price in 2014?

It can understand,

Superlatives queries

Google Now will also understand queries like tallest, largest, biggest and so on. This can help in answering questions like:

  • Who is the tallest man in Africa?
  • What is the largest city in Nigeria?

Lastly, bring in the toughest questions possible.

More Complicated Queries:

“Ask Google “Who was Dakota Johnson’s mom in the movie?”, and we’ll respond with the movies of Dakota Johnson’s real-life mother Melanie Griffith, not the actor Jennifer Ehle who played Anastasia’s mother Carla in the 50 Shades of Grey movie,” the search giant confessed.
However Google admits that there might still be hiccups, but it is something that they are actively working on.
To further understand this, check out a graphical explanation
Honestly, with upgrades like this in 2015, you can only imagine what upgrades we might see in 2025.


6 comments on “Google Now Gets A Revamp: Google's Virtual Assistant Wants To Be The Smartest Of Them All.

  1. Covenant Oyetade says:

    This is gonna make me ditch Siri. Sounds creepy, but kool!

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    Google, still king!

  3. FELIX says:

    Nice1 from google.. Still topping their game

  4. Gori says:

    Google is doing an awesome job. The truth be told, all the tech companies are doing awesome jobs including you, miss techy. ?.

  5. Stiiz says:

    It’s great to see Google working on having a smarter A.I search engine. Microsoft’s “Cortana” has surpassed this stage tho, buh with Google catching up, the future is very bright for Android users. ?

  6. JEFF_DSHU says:

    Miss techy… I really love what you do and I would be glad if you can put me through on everything that has to do with tech review cos I wanna tow that line

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