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Paris Terrorists Suspected Of Using Playstation 4 Console To Communicate

Might sound unbelievable, but you should take into consideration that most of these terrorists will use whatever means to avoid being tracked. After raiding the terrorist coven, the police found a PS4 console that many believed was used by the terrorists to communicate.


Paris Terrorists might have used PS4 console / Image source: Forbes

Forbes suspects that one major reason the Paris terrorists succeeded was because they used Playstation 4 consoles to communicate. The Belgian federal home affairs minister, Jan Jambon also confirmed this, according to him:

 The PS4 is used by ISIS agents to communicate, and was selected due to the fact that it’s notoriously hard to monitor. “PlayStation 4 is even more difficult to keep track of than WhatsApp.”

The PS4 might be the best bet given that there is an IP-based voice communication feature which is much more difficult to monitor.


Paris Terrorists might have used PS4 to communicate

For example, on the PS4,  you can voice chat, message each other, or even write temporary messages on walls in a game like Call of Duty.
One thing is certain, if this is what they used, no level of monitoring can stop them from communicating with each other.


13 comments on “Paris Terrorists Suspected Of Using Playstation 4 Console To Communicate

  1. Ehitunez says:

    Redmi 2 now available for sale on jumia

  2. emmaedeh says:

    They always find away to communicate, this may mean backdoor access will have to be granted to authorities to monitor users

  3. Dharn says:

    This terrorist are just pathetic. Like the guy on top of me said, authorities should be granted back door access in order to monitor communication over the console

  4. Lanre says:

    I can just imagine how easy it will be to track Nigerian terrorist, those ones will be using phones and even whatsapp but so we have the technology to track them. Definitely no. I weep for Nigeria

  5. micheal adeniji says:

    Tech Gone Bad…

  6. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Bad market for sony playstation 4

  7. Adaobi says:

    Nice to know that Sony have built a secure communication system, sad that it may have been exploited by these scum. Unfortunately, thanks to all the terrorist attacks the world is becoming more & more like George Orwell’s 1984. This isn’t “Tech gone bad”, this is tech used badly. No one is faulting BlackBerry for making secure software, why should Sony be blamed?
    Lanre, I’m not going to go into the slippery slope that is government surveillance, but picture this – over here, the government is now allowed to hold on to everybody’s browser history for a year. I’m not going to even talk about the illegal snooping that GCHQ were caught doing, thanks to a whistleblower. And folks used to wonder when after I said something rather off or maybe incriminating (eg I’ll kill you etc) that I would also add “to any government agents listening, I was only joking”.

    1. Lanre says:

      Hmmn I like you adaobi , makes sense and very insightful, do I want the government to snoop on me just because they can?. Hell no, I gladly take back what I said

  8. KingAbsolute says:

    These terrorists are bad but intelligent.
    Technology being built by man used against man.

  9. Joshua says:

    lol see bad market, # Bad belle is allowed

  10. CSC Guy says:

    Na wa o! These guys are indeed smart…but Playstation cannot reduce their security because of what happened. Like emmaedeh said, I think best they can do is grant access to some of the top security agencies. I sincerely hope these terror acts stop. Even see our dear Naija self?

  11. Davin says:

    I really feel sorry for the victims of the Paris Attacks. I didn’t know PS 4’s security was that tight. I hope these tech companies find a way to work with security agencies so as to prevent such things. But that brings us back to the ever controversial privacy issue. Will they now be monitoring every user?

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