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If You Work In This Department, Be Prepared To Be Replaced By Robots – BBC & BOE

Robots are getting cheaper, the cost of owning and operating a robot, for instance, has tumbled from $182,000 in 2005 to $133,000 last year, and will drop to $103,000 by 2025. Plus, with the rise of AI and Robot actresses, I think the world is getting ready for that phase subconsciously.

replaced by a robot

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So, one might totally believe the reports by BBC and Bank Of England – According to Andy Haldane, the chief economist of the Bank of England, 15 million jobs could be replaced by Robots in the UK and 80 million in the US. He showed this in a set of charts about robot workers  – thanks to Business Insider for annotating it accordingly.
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Image Source: Bank Of England via BusinessInsider

Halden also backed up his claim with an algorithm used by BBC – You can check it out here. According to him:

For an accountant, the probability of vocational extinction is a whopping 95%. For a hairdresser, it is 33%. On these numbers, the accountant’s sun has truly set, but the relentless upwards ascent of the hairdresser is set to continue. For economists, like me, the magic number is 15%. At first I found that number disconcertingly high. But in fact it puts me in the lower third of “prone” professions.


BBC also broke down the jobs that are least likely to be replaced by a robot.

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…And the ones that are at a high risk

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Here is my 2cents on this:
Will machines make many human jobs obsolete?  Yes.
Will humans find ways to enhance their job capabilities with machines? That’s where I hope we’re headed!


8 comments on “If You Work In This Department, Be Prepared To Be Replaced By Robots – BBC & BOE

  1. kasy says:

    $133K for a robot?

  2. Dharn says:

    At the current exchange rate, jobs in Nigeria will still be safe for the next 50years at least I don’t know who will want to spend N20 million+ on a robot for house keep ( for instance).

  3. Danmola Ahmodu-Rufai says:

    For me In person, I don’t like this Ai stuff and Robot. It will cause more harm than good. This will make the human race lazy and in disarray. Ole, Barawo, onyonshi go plenty.

  4. says:

    Hmmm this is not good at all
    for more tech news log on to

  5. KingAbsolute says:

    Not only lazy, how can human race generate income, when robots start doing jobs.

  6. Joshua says:

    lol… interesting,

  7. Joshua says:

    that moment when robots control the World

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