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Google Releases YouTube Music, But You Might Not Like It

Everyone knows that when it comes to videos, you think YouTube, the same way you think MissTechy for interesting Tech content. To continue this tradition, YouTube released its music app called YouTube Music and judging by the reviews, you might not like it when it eventually comes to Nigeria.
The app is very basic – you can search for artist and albums etc. However, there is a twist, (will get to that part shortly). By the way, the app isn’t available in Nigeria yet! But you can use VPN to download it.
Now, back to the twist, if you try out Youtube Music without having a YouTube Red subscription, you get a Youtube video experience, i.e. when you leave the app, you cannot play background music from YouTube Music, neither can you create a playlist. What is the point, yeah? This will not only affect the music experience, it will also drain your battery.
youtube music
However, you get curated music content, for example, when you search for Hillsong United (My favorite group) you can browse through their albums and latest songs. You can also get music suggestions based on Hillsong United, this is available thanks to an Algorithm used by Youtube and a small human curation staff that make these playlists meet your taste.
youtube music 3
As said earlier, to enjoy Youtube Music, you would need to subscribe for Youtube red which goes for $9.99.


7 comments on “Google Releases YouTube Music, But You Might Not Like It

  1. Cirphrank says:

    Ya know how the saying goes, download and play anything ya like… $9.99 dollar??? #Team_Music_Player until alternative go free!!!

  2. Covenant Oyetade says:

    Seriously, your explanation has doused my interest. Personally, I don’t so much listen to music. So, I’ll say, too bad for Google because, Apple has released her own version designed for Android, though, this is still in beta, but one can get it downloaded, no matter the country you reside in.
    If Google won’t work, don’t sulk, go for Apple Music App for Android. ‘pichikom!’

  3. KingAbsolute says:

    YouTube should face the video its known for cuz there are many music app. YouTube Music? Sounds awkward.

    1. Covenant Oyetade says:

      You got my vote.

      1. micheal adeniji says:

        Same here

  4. Otobong says:

    Doesn’t sound too bad as I thought. Is the $10 a one time fee or you’ll have to pay every month or yearly

    1. Covenant Oyetade says:

      It’s a once-off fee.

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