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Hilarious Phone Notifications You Wish You Had

I can bet we’ve all ignored some Phone notifications at one point in our lives, I have – a low battery notification with a charger in sight and, who wouldn’t ignore those annoying SMS notifications from Spammers – I am always like Beyonce when I receive one.
Thanks to a post on Distractify, we can imagine what it will be like to have more sensible Phone notifications instead of the ones we are used to and they are HILARIOUS. So, get comfortable and enjoy the pictures.

That moment Your Phone Saves You From Gbagauns!



Also helps you remove useless pictures at once


It watches out for your interest, especially when you are in publicSpeakerphones-public-WORST


A phone that can make you not look stupid


If this Doesn’t Make You Close Your Apps, Nothing Will.


Too Real

Are you smiling right now?


13 comments on “Hilarious Phone Notifications You Wish You Had

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    This is nice & cool.

  2. Poza says:

    The first one is so funny! Drinking problem.. Lol

  3. micheal adeniji says:

    Mehn this is superb.. .

  4. Chris says:

    Cool! Just cool!
    I love such apps Lol

    1. Tosin Smith says:

      Lol how is it an app biko don’t you all read??

  5. Cirphrank says:

    Yes dear, I’m a honourabl?

  6. Cirphrank says:

    Yes dear, I’m an honourable certified vampire?, I live on web surfing dear phone, so get ready to browse till you crash!?

  7. Techspecular says:

    That ‘I’m a vampire’ was epic

  8. Anonymous says:

    wow awesome notifications quite cool

  9. Joshua says:

    is there anyway I can get it?

  10. Joshua says:

    wow awesome notifications quite cool

  11. OBA says:

    …I really like this post,its funny and ‘future-peeping’. We can actually get there soon…

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