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Xiaomi Will Not Directly Go Through Jumia Or Konga To Sell Its Phones In Africa

It’s no secret that many phone brands in Nigeria ride on the influence Jumia or Konga have to market its device. We have seen cases of the Infinix Hot 2, InnJoo range of devices and so many others.
xiaomi phones in nigeria
If you remember when I said Xiaomi should be king of Nigeria, well, it’s going to happen sooner than we expect and we know what this will mean for other African based phone brands like Tecno and Infinix, to name a few.
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However, there is a twist, Xiaomi won’t sell its phones directly to consumers, instead, the MIA group will handle sales, marketing and customer support.  I googled MIA groups and discovered that they are a major Leader in the supply of innovative electronics solutions. They are the sole authorized distributors for Samsung and PABBX equipment, they are also the sole importer of Gigaset cordless phones
samsung_nicolFor those who can’t wait to get their hands on the phone, you only have the Redmi 2 and the high-end Mi4 which will be available in the middle of November
What do you think of this distribution strategy embarked by Xiaomi, Lose or Win?


21 comments on “Xiaomi Will Not Directly Go Through Jumia Or Konga To Sell Its Phones In Africa

  1. Chris says:

    Well.. It’s a nice one but I am not sure it’d have the kind of sales it’ll get if it were sold through those popular Marketplace.
    Nice info MissTechy ?

  2. presh says:

    tecno and infinix BEWARE!!!

  3. Tosin Smith says:

    I think this is a win, not utilizing jumia and kings means they won’t fall in the same pit the brands that used them fell in.
    I just hope this mia guys have what it takes plus after support is very key.
    I don’t want a situation where I will buy the phone and I will be told to take it to South Africa to repair it.

  4. NAB says:

    Lols… Xiaomi the China boss can definitely send tecno packing in Africa whenever they want… 9z start….

  5. OBA says:

    …I really need xiaomi phone in Africa but I’ve always been concerned because after sales support…

    1. Dilemma says:

      Check their Indian page , complain over complain , the after sales service sucks!

  6. carole Techy says:

    They will hav to fight for space because Tecno is the king in Africa here. Let’s wait and see

    1. Infinix and Techno phones are wack… Try a Mi phone and you will never remain the same.

  7. KingAbsolute says:

    Can’t say, let’s see how they do.

  8. ojooluwakayode says:

    I am kinda confused with the comments like tecno is king!!! Azin since when?? Tecno’s sales this year in nigeria has not really been impressive only main brands xiaomi will have to compete with is the infinix.. and with their good specs I hope they are also affordable

  9. zita obeta says:

    I think they will give tecno a run for their money. Let’s wait and see though

  10. kasy says:

    Infinix and techno got some serious competition…

  11. Olayori says:

    If their price is right and sales/distribution channels are as effective as Jumia/Konga then its a win for Xiaomi . Personally I’ll prefer to buy a mid-range phone powered by snapdragon over mediatek any day.

  12. micheal adeniji says:


  13. FELIX says:

    Well, ı jst hope the’ll be cheap lıke jumıa

  14. Lewis Daniel says:

    Tecno and infinix be watching their backs like????

  15. Joshua says:

    nice, hope they’ll be as cheap as jumia,
    Tecno is about to lose Naija

  16. Stiiz says:

    Read somewhere online that the Redmi 2 costs $130 = N24,000 – N27000, so i guess Xiaomi wud be good competition for Tecno/Infinix

  17. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Once it comes im buying it, berra dis than mumu tecno. They are better off selling alone than going thru konga or jumia

  18. techy carole says:

    Any company that doesnt have a solid a marketing can compete in Nigeria .We all said more than this when Gionee was coming to Nigeria. How are they faring now?. It will be hard for any OEM to replicate Tecno success in Africa.

  19. This network shaa!
    Am still enjoying it…

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