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Microsoft Is Still The King Of PC, But For How Long?

A recent graph shows the adoption rate of various OS types, in the graph, you can see that Windows is still the king of PC, that is after adding up Windows Os.
We can also see that, thanks to Microsoft’s aggressive push (I am referring to those annoying popups) we have about 10.8% of users who have installed the Windows 10 OS, though, Microsoft hopes to have it installed on one billion devices within 3 years. (Which implies that they  still want to retain their Kingship for that long)


Microsoft Kingship Image Source:

Now  my question is, with the way Technology is evolving and don’t forget the Android OS for PC rumor, do you think Microsoft can still retain this Kingship in let’s say 2 years?


15 comments on “Microsoft Is Still The King Of PC, But For How Long?

  1. DY says:

    I believe they can. Not like they’d stay asleep for 2 years and not improve when they know they’d be having real deal to compete with soon

  2. DY says:

    But looking at it from another angle, they might not, not even when their latest OS versions have too many issues of which driver issue’s the commonest. People are becoming used to Android OS on mobile for example, if such could come to PC, I’m not sure if we’d hesitate to migrate to it.

    1. kenny says:

      Exaaaaclty broda. Concerning d drivers issue people are just too ignorant. Some wont download the drivers from d updates and then be complaining

  3. kenny says:

    Haaaa they can o. The thing is, Microsoft has been serving and serving well for decades now and “android pc” isnt something so fancy i mean anyone with a galaxy tab 10 can have d idea of what d android pc’s gonna look like. That android pc, quite frankly wont sell as expected. so in my own opinion MICROSOFT WILL STILL BE THE KING FOR ATLEAST D NEXT 5YEARS

  4. KingAbsolute says:

    I think Microsoft will still be king next 2 years, but for the future (like 5-8 years from now) I can’t say, unless the take correction & change.

  5. Chris says:

    Microsoft, for now can still remain it’s Kingship.
    But Like Internet Explorer, it was a King before. Same could happen to Microsoft.
    But it will take time.. As in, Microsoft has gained a solid ground already. Some computer users haven’t even heard of other OS beside Windows ( Microsoft)

  6. Chris says:

    As others keep improving, Microsoft keeps improving too… It’d be a Long run competition. It’ll take time.

  7. peterjero says:

    As long as pc is concerned Microsoft will remain king for a long time, reasons are thus:.
    1. Pc isn’t device we use constantly like smartphones hence it’s distinct.
    2. Microsoft aren’t sleeping they have a strong R&D who’s not asleep because other competitors are lurking around.
    3. Windows 10 has got a huge potential and they are already harnessing it.
    4. Microsoft is open as Android is to allow other oem manufacture on its platform. Etc…..

  8. Chris says:

    Or, if others come up with something entirely New, very Attractive to Computer Users… Then, the Battle to neat Microsoft could be easier

  9. NAB says:

    They would definitely retain their position in 2yrs… They already av d reputation….

    1. Tosin Smith says:

      Never say never in the world of technology you know

  10. zita obeta says:

    Yea right, never say say. But come two years Microsoft will still retain It’s kingship

  11. FELIX says:

    I’m happy for them sha.

  12. Joshua says:

    windows will remain for the next two years, while the idea of android looks good at first, if you analyze it, you’ll see it’s not cause of the open source especially, and the apps it’ll run won’t really be computer apps for sometime till they start making those and so on… the list goes on forever

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