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What Can MissTechy Do To Serve You Better?

Ever since I started blogging on the 9th of February 2015, I’ve had my fair share of triumphs and setbacks. At one point, I thought of giving it up, but this quote came to haunt me in my dreams.
In a bid to see that I cover all angles and to also challenge myself, I am throwing this open.
What Can Misstechy do to serve you better? What areas do you think I should improve upon or what do you want to see?
I will really appreciate your feedback, they will mean a lot to me, trust me. (So, anonymous readers, please help me out here too, you don’t have to put your name, just leave it as Anonymous :D)


39 comments on “What Can MissTechy Do To Serve You Better?

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    I can’t believe you started blogging this year. When I first saw your blog, I was ‘charmed’ to it, I even followed you on Twitter & mentioned you on how I got hooked up.
    1. Add a little entertainment tech related gists.
    2. Create your posts into channels (I don’t know how it works but I think its possible) so visitors can easily find the post related to their search intention.
    3. Promote your blog on social medias to create more awareness.
    4. *still thinking*

    1. kenny says:

      I think shz done all that, most of the stories arent just straight up tech they have their fair share of spicy entertainment, and concerning the channels i think thats why theres d menu section

    2. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hmmn will look into creating of channels and other suggestions listed.. Thank you so much for the feedback

  2. Covenant Oyetade says:

    You’re doing good all right. You just need to speed things up a little bit. You might have to “employ” one more hand to amp things a bit.
    I follow all Tech Blogs, both locally and internationally. What made some stand out is, releasing tech news as it’s happening.
    I know this is not easy but, with time, you’ll get there.

  3. Ehitunez says:

    F.t.c!! Anyways theres nothing i hate about this blog, i find every single content very interesting thats why this is the no.2 site i visit everyday afta NL . But please whenever you are organising a competition try to inform us of the date so everyone will be prepaired. I mean this ur last competition was so unfair becus when i finally got to know about it they had already been 91 entries. Many had unfair advantages over others! Pls the date of the next competition (if theres going to be any) should always be made known to we the contestant so every no one will get an unfair advantage over others

    1. Ehitunez says:

      *Correction* *no one* the (every) was a typo error

    2. You are right bro,
      the competition is so unfair as we suppose to be getting daily update on who are getting the top3 leading entries.
      I later drop off the competition coz I don’t know my stand in it.
      I don’t find it competitive at all (even the top commentators is more competitive than the giveaway)

      1. micheal adeniji says:

        When she wanna start this competition, I remember her saying that she will be asking a question and the fastest finger that answer the question will win the competition all of a sudden the competition didn’t go dat way… Pls understand… The change in her decision is the cause… . Tanks Buddies.. . Correct me if am wrong.. ..Peace Out.. .

  4. Chris says:

    It’s quite unbelievable that you started blogging this year, YOU’VE Gone Far. Keep it up.
    Your Blog is wonderful

  5. Anyway you’ve been trying and keep trying!!
    Happy new month! cares!

  6. Laila says:

    Wow misstechy so you are not even up to 9 months.. Didn’t know oh.. What you have done with misstechy is really impressive. I really wish you did not partner with anyone.. If you had continued with what youve been doing.. The sky is your starting point. But moving forward you can integrate more giveaways and if you can get more insider gist from Nigerian tech space.. By insider gist I mean lives of tech people like Jason and the likes that would make sense.

  7. Muhammadbkk says:

    Ever since I got to know about ur blog, I have always wanted to be on it always. it’s just like if I don’t click on your blog a day. definitely wasn’t online that day. surprisingly just got to know that it’s not uptil a year.
    Nice Blog thou.
    Just try to improve ur blog design

  8. micheal adeniji says:

    Nice Questions Though.. I knew you through nairaland.. Ever since then i always say to myself that their is no challenges bigger than a person if that person never gives up. .. As a female techy for that matter. .. You are impressive miss.. .. Keep it up and never give up. .Linda ikeji also started from this stage , now look at her, she is a multimillionaire.. Hope to see you in that level soon.. . You are already serving me better.. .All i want 4rm you is to keep moving.. . Peace Out…

  9. micheal adeniji says:

    As regarding this competition.. Even i didn’t know earlier.. Buh no shaking. .. Oluwa is involved..

  10. OBA says:

    …The design can be better,faster news delivery,and u can take a leave from on how to sectionalize Ur blog for easier access. reduce the give always,encourage people to follow is blog through those who are already following. Create a discuss section within the blog for gadget lovers to interact and network via your platform…

  11. FELIX says:

    I know u’re doıng great…
    1) Umm ı thınk ıf u could secure my(or our) post so much from spammers ıt wıll help ıncrease the traffıc ın your blog..
    2) ıf u could set up somethung lıke a whatsapp group for u to ınterract wıth ur fans, and for your fans to ınterract wıth themselves, ıt would also help sell ur blog.
    Note: mı has been the best blog ı’ve ever vısıted

  12. Cirphrank says:

    You started this year? ? I need flogging.

  13. omanemoses says:

    if am to give you a rating ill give you 4/10. you know how to win people bt ur topics to me sometimes you are not creative. i swear its like a nigerian movie where there is no logic in the movie. and also your topic are just too basic anybody can easily write or blog about them it just like you just see a twitter post and you just follow up the story and copy and paste it for your readers. i hope you use my words to grow better. from ur faithful reader.

    1. Laila says:

      Honestly, I had to reread your comment over again to understand. How can you say misstechy’s topics are bland?? I actually think she has the most interesting topics ever.. In short her topics are the best click baits I have seen on Nigerian blogs. Other tech blogs use straighforward topics but she makes hers more fun to click. Are you sure you are an ardent reader. No offense intended

      1. kenny says:

        Preach it sister!

    2. kenny says:

      My friend sit down and shut up. U think its so easy or u think having a tech blog is like one of those stupid naija blogs out there where d bloggers copy and paste stories. 1. THE HEADLINES OF HER TOPICS ARE VERY CAPTIVATING 2. THE WAY SHE WRITES ABOUT THE TOPIC MAKES IT TOTALLY WORTH READING, NO BEATING AROUND D BUSH OR ANYTHING 3. A LOT OF HER TOPICS HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR IN THEM WHICH JUST MAKES U WANNA READ MORE. 4. GERRARAHIA MEHN SHIT!

      1. omanemoses says:

        only in Nigeria ones opinion pisses the another if you have something to say say it stop stalking on another nigga and besides you don’t know anything about what am talking about.

    3. KingAbsolute says:

      This is so not true, unless your system is outdated

  14. kasy says:

    I have to say your blog is amazing, Can’t believe you started blogging this year and u’re getting this must attention that’s really nice and if I may ask wats your secret.
    And by the way your service is awesome #wow
    Already bookmarked this site since….
    Hope I didn’t just comment twice lol…

  15. kenny says:

    U need a software engineer to help u design d site better for PC users, of late i had such a DIFFICULT time navigating through cuz of the pop-ups(even tho my pc is set to block them), i could be surfing through and out of d blue i’d get redirected to another site, the on screen ads are so hard to get rid of. I thought twas my pc, visited d blog on another, same thing. This NEEDS to b fixed. It is annoying as it is frustrating.

  16. DY says:

    To me, just four things.
    1. A related post feature should be enabled
    2. The blog’s loading speed should be improved
    3. The header height ( where Home etc) are, should be reduced. It’s not so cool the way it’s fixed to the top and yet tall. I love to see more sentences I’ve scrolled past when reading.
    4. The responsiveness of the blog. Don’t know sometimes it’s responsive and sometimes it’s not..
    All other, articles, etc are great. And I love the fact that I don’t leave this blog without having to smile 🙂

  17. DY says:

    @kenny, I really think it’s your PC cause I’ve “Never” seen any ad pop up here nor been redirected to any site from here. Check your installed programs, on windows -> Control Panel -> Programs and uninstall anything like Shopper pro, cinema etc. Cause irrespective of how much your pc has been set to block pop ups, or you even removed the addon of those annoying ad softwares from the browser; If you don’t unistall it from there, you’d still get pop ups from site that innocent.

    1. kenny says:

      Thats why i tried it on ANOTHER pc and d same thing happened and nothing like that happened before when i was browsing. But all d same sha it could be d biggest coincidence of all time

  18. NAB says:

    Be more active and update ur blog regularly with tech news especially latest gadgets… But u seriously need to be very active like lindaikeji

    1. kenny says:

      Is she not? Linda ikeji in her pursuit for being “active” will be posting stories that are unconfirmed just so she be can be no. 1 to put it online when it is now false she wee now b deleting stories anyhow like pikin wey shit for pant

      1. NAB says:

        Just my opinion… No offence….

  19. Tobi Ayeni says:

    A big thank you to everyone that took their time out to offer their feedback. You don’t know how much this means to me. God bless. I have taken into consideration your criticisms and I hope it will improve misstechy generally. Love you guys. No homo ?

  20. Kay says:

    I’m late to the party it seems. ?
    Have you tried accessing your blog off-site.
    Like using feed-aggregate apps?
    Its so uncool that one has to click to read posts by you – cos you show only summaries in your feed.
    Sometimes I totally ignore some posts. I only click to view the complete post if it’s very important.
    Show some love to your off-site readers ?
    Make the feed show full posts not summaries.
    Some folks (like me) love reading all our news in one place (feedly).
    TechCabal and Mobility Understands this.
    Keep Kicking Ass.

  21. Kay says:

    Oh One more thing.
    Abridged: If someone replies to any comment I make, I want to be notified.
    Tobi, remember when you automatically ticked the box for each user to receive followup comments?
    Though the emails pouring in were annoying (very), but the comment section was much more interactive.
    Remember those Vj smiles (where d hell is this guy) and Ada’s fights. They were made possible because each user knew that a new comment has been made on the post they commented on (I think).
    Have you heard of “Comment Reply Notification” or “Reply Me”? (they are both in the WordPress repo)
    They are free plug-ins to install and use (I use and recommend the former).
    Their functionality?
    They notify a comment author (only) that a new reply has been made to their comment (only their comment).
    That way a commentator (me) gets to know when someone replies to their comment without have to “subscribe to receive follow-up comments” (I can’t even find that button too).
    One last thing.
    There’s this app (plugin) called sumo me. Read up its features. It’ll be of help to knowing readers actions when on the blog (like where they are clicking, what parts of the blog post they spend the most time on.
    Once again.
    Keep Kicking Ass ?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol. Mr. Kicking ass. Greatly appreciated, will look into all that you mentioned ?

  22. Michael says:

    Well said people. I come here everyday after NL to read Ur contents and it’s wonderful. Ur pic description r hilarious and creative. Am saying this not cos Ur cute but honestly Ur really doing a great job.
    Creating channel will be a very good idea.
    Try and keep alignment clean

  23. Joshua says:

    I go with Kay

  24. Joshua says:

    nice job you’ve done with this site in such short time, I font usually have interest on most tech sites, but since April I saw this site I’ve really liked the way it’s contents are served… Nice Job

  25. Franck says:

    As for me…I’d like to subscribe to your posts but I don’t see a subscribe option. Or maybe it’s from my end.

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