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Google Will Make Your Ex Disappear From Your Digital Life.

Almost everyone has an Ex that made us regret it all.

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Google Photos

So, let’s imagine after breaking up with Mr. Regret, you find someone that treats you better, however, you have about 5,000 pictures of your ex in your phone and since you don’t want the new lover to see that you are not over your ex, you might want to delete them, which is a lot of hard work.
Now imagine there is a service that automatically hides the pictures of your ex without you deleting them, that will be cool, yeah? Let me introduce you to an update in Google Photos that uses its facial recognition software to hide the people you don’t want to see in your timeline. It also makes it easier for you to search for anyone.

Google Photos

Android owners can install the update now,  the changes are coming “very soon” to iOS and the Web.
Pretty cool, isn’t it?


6 comments on “Google Will Make Your Ex Disappear From Your Digital Life.

  1. Chris says:

    Lol! Interestingly funny
    I don’t have an Ex tho.
    Thanks for the info ?

  2. Google everywhere…
    They even launches their new social Media tool, read here:

  3. micheal adeniji says:

    Wow… So cool

  4. Dharn says:

    Its really cool.

  5. kenny says:

    ???? the Kevin Hart imagine tho

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