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See Signatures Of Top Tech CEOs And What It Reveals About Their Personality

I found an interesting research paper that analyzed the physical attributes of a person’s signature and what it says about their personalities. According to the research, the larger the signature, the bigger the ego. Also, the bigger a CEO’s ego, the more likely he/she is to be a narcissist. It also noted that a clearly legible signature suggests that the author is straightforward and open.
I am sure you are sipping tea, yeah?
Well, I also stumbled on this study from MyPrint247 that analyzed the signatures of Tech CEOs in line with their personalities. Whether or not their signatures are the right expression of their personalities is up for debate, but it’s #TGIF and you deserve a Tech Friday diversion.


bill gates signature


steve jobs signature


sergey brin signature


larry paige signature


tim cook's signaturee


mark zuckerberg's signature


jeff bezos signature


satya signature


meg whitman signature

Image credit: Screenshot,  MyPrint247

In line with the research, I also tried to decipher my personality from my signature (the soon to be ex-signature).


Signatures Of Top Tech CEOs

You don’t have to tell me your remarks, I already know.
With the analysis they gave, Can you tell what your signature says about your personality?


24 comments on “See Signatures Of Top Tech CEOs And What It Reveals About Their Personality

  1. Chris says:

    About Mine? Back then in secondary school, we were told to sign a Document… I just scribed one thing with my pen, that’s how I manufactured a signature lol!
    I will try and see if I’ll get any meaning from my signature ?

    1. kenny says:

      Just write ur name cross 2 lines over am ^_^

  2. chukwudi says:

    Lmao see marks signature …what in God’s name is that

    1. kenny says:

      SIGNATURE ??

  3. DY says:

    Mine: straight forward and open! 😀

  4. Joshua says:


  5. Simeon Udoh says:

    Incredible. It takes Lot’s of time to find a reasonable signature and then master writing it making it your personal signature. But signature is just a personal writing only exclusive to you or there’s more to it??

    1. kenny says:

      The way it’s written also says alot i mean, some families can have a specific style of writing signatures

  6. Ezecheta william says:

    Quite inspiring, one of these days, people will be yearning to see my autographs too. Lol 😀

    1. kenny says:

      Amen bro

  7. FELIX says:

    Interestıng pıece

  8. KingAbsolute says:

    Lol, that means my own says absolutely nothing, just formulated with my native name.

    1. chukwudi says:

      They analysed the style of writing it also.. You know

    2. chukwudi says:

      Did you guys enlarge the images to see the analysis at all

  9. kenny says:

    What about our naija CEOs lerrus see their signatures o, wey dem go draw two circles, zig zag lines and place cross untop am

  10. kasy says:

    To come up with a good signature iz not easy at all..

  11. Joshua says:

    I like mark’s signature

    1. Laila says:

      I think marks own is the worst

  12. micheal adeniji says:

    Lol… Cee signatures. ..

  13. sos says:

    just becus they a famous people doesnt mean dea signatures connote something out the ordinary! abegi jarey. nxt!

  14. Cirphrank says:

    Hmmm, my name is definitely turning my signature.

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