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Do You Love Apple Music But Don't Have An iPhone? Check Out Apple Music For Android.

This is what Apple’s first Android app should have been, not that switch to iOS app they released.
Apple is finally giving Android users a legitimate service of theirs – we all know they are very stingy with their services. Thanks to a German website, MobileGeeks, those without iPhones can now catch a glimpse of the much talked about Apple music. If the screenshot is anything to go by, then we can see similarities with the iOS version.

apple music

Apple music for android

Apple Inc. wants Apple music for Android to compete against the likes of Google play music, Spotify or even Pandora. With a monthly subscription of $9.99 per month or $14.99 for a family plan, does it have what it takes to lure Android users away from Google play music and the likes? #QuestionForTheTechGods
apple music 2

Apple music for android

Apple music for Android is expected to start hitting the Google play store by November. As for me, all I care about right now is to have Siri on board, that will totally make my day!!!?
By the way, I cant’ help but feel that what happened to Switch to iOS might happen to Apple Music.?


23 comments on “Do You Love Apple Music But Don't Have An iPhone? Check Out Apple Music For Android.

  1. Let’s wait and see,
    it might be dope!

  2. Simeon Udoh says:

    Apple is very much interested in competing with Android Platform at all categories. But I feel it’s already too late for them

  3. micheal adeniji says:


  4. That’s great, hope it would come along with nice interface like that of the Apple?.

  5. Emmaway Anthony says:

    Okay! but I don’t like apple’s music.

  6. Emmaway Anthony says:

    Apple should be careful if not android will overtake them.

  7. Emmaway Anthony says:

    Thats why android is the best for me.

  8. Emmaway Anthony says:

    I know that apple will react to this.

  9. Emmaway Anthony says:

    Sorry apple fans! Congrats to android fans like me.

  10. KingAbsolute says:

    They’re still asking us to pay for subscription? Lol, am waiting for when they’ll beg us to.

  11. Cirphrank says:

    Hmmm.., for real? anyone from Nigeria gonna pay for that? if it was Siri now I for dey hear.

  12. emmaedeh says:

    I really hope apple music comes quicker to android. its quite irritating that i cant use play music, play books, play magazine, play movies in Nigeria. i often wonder what Google Nigeria does, when apple music launches i will use their service

  13. Tochukwu Osakwe says:

    Of course miss techy…it will die a natural death. Android aint closed os like ios. Why would i pay money to download songs when i can get them for free. Android is too flexible for things like apple music to come sway androig users into apple music….oh puuuuuulease apple park well biko.

  14. steven says:

    It sures android give much freedom but IOS have his quality like RAM using. Otherwise it will be nice to see the apple music on Android. i Hope it will do

  15. Joshua says:

    Lol…. nice app, but am perfectly OK with Google play music… I doubt that sane stuff will happen this app is way much reasonable. I contributed happily to the rating of switch to IOS, if this is nice it’ll be worth a Good rating

  16. Joshua says:

    that subscription stuff is a real major turn off for me and many other Android users, maybe they dont realize how many great and very interesting apps for playing music are on play store for free

  17. Chris says:

    Cool! Apple may seem not to have a chance with android in this part of the country but for sure it’s taking grounds little by little…
    About the subscription, very soon.. We gonna pay for every single thing we do on our devices ?

  18. kenny says:

    apple jus lyk wahala why dem no gree leave apple music for ios and ios alone

  19. kenny says:

    the irony of everything is that there are still pple will buy it

  20. FELIX says:

    Eveythıng about ıphone ıs jst too expensıve..

  21. FELIX says:

    Even though the subscrıptıon was fıxed at 1kobo monthly, ı wouldnt stıll subscrıbe…theır obsessıon about subscrıptıon ıs overwhelmıng

  22. Mukaddas says:

    I have to pay to listen to their music! I’d stick to downloading em from google

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