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Update: Misstechy's Choose Your Phone Giveaway: Win A Brand New Camon C8, Innjoo Fire Plus Or The Infinix Hot 2!

Finally! MissTechy giveaway is here! To celebrate the real MVPs on Misstechy, I will be hosting giveaways regularly. However, there is now a twist, but to make you fully understand, I will be answering some likely questions you might have, you can also ask your own questions.
MissTechy Choose Your Phone Giveaway
Why do I have to choose a phone? Because I don’t want to force a phone down your throat, You are the real MVP so you should get the chance  to choose the phone you want. For October’s giveaway, after you are declared the winner, you can choose either the Tecno Camon C8, InnJoo Fire Plus or the Infinix Hot 2. Read my review on the InnJoo Fire Plus, Tecno Camon C8 and The Infinix Hot 2 to help you decide in advance.
How will I receive my price? I will be using Jumia since their service is accessible to everyone in Nigeria. So, all you need to do is, once you are declared the winner, send your address to my email (Or I will contact you for your delivery address) so Jumia  can know where to deliver it. Don’t fret! all cost will have been taken care of by MissTechy.
Are There Any conditions? The only condition is that you must be ready to take a picture of yourself and the device, so if you are camera shy like can tell your puppy to take it in your stead hehe.
Who can participate? Anyone in Nigeria.
Tell Me The Secret Formula to Winning? Simple! I will be using Gleam to host this competition. So, Increase your chance of winning by getting more points every day for 15 days (The Gleam platform is below under Leggo). To get more points, you can tweet about the giveaway daily using the Gleam platform, You can also refer a friend(using the Gleam platform) once the friend clicks on the link you shared, you are immediately awarded a point. (You can tweet and refer a friend as many times as possible) the highest entry gets the win. Also, being a regular MissTechy commentator can increase your chances. (NOTE: Following Misstechy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is compulsory)
Winner Verification: Upon selecting a winner, I will immediately verify that you are indeed a valid person and that you followed all rules. Any attempt to artificially skew the selection process (by using multiple IDs) will result in instant disqualification from the sweepstakes.
Leggo! (The steps to win are below)
MissTechy’s Choose Your Phone Giveaway

Update: see the top entries as at 28th misstechy winners

Update: see the top entries as at 1st November



172 comments on “Update: Misstechy's Choose Your Phone Giveaway: Win A Brand New Camon C8, Innjoo Fire Plus Or The Infinix Hot 2!

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    I choose Camon 8 🙂

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      You can only get your wish if you win 🙂

      1. KingAbsolute says:

        What link is to be shared? Link to your blog? Or link to your giveaway?
        If someone click on my link, how will you know its from my own link?

        1. Tobi Ayeni says:

          There is a refer friends for extra entries among the ways you can get extra points that will qualify you to win, once you select that, you will be automatically given a unique link that is strictly for you. So once people click on it, it increases your own point.

          1. KingAbsolute says:

            Ok, understood. Thanks for the reply, hope to win

  2. Olajide says:

    This is really interesting. Can’t wait to be declared the winner. Thumbs up Misstechy!

  3. Mukaddas says:

    Am in, when do we start?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Like yesterday 🙂 the you should see an Enter competition, click on it to begin.

  4. Chidiogo says:

    Pls I made a mistake in the email that I used in registering, I was supposed to write but I wrote Is there any way that I can change it or should I forget the competition.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hello Chidiogo, dont worry, your username will be used Chibuzo A. King and when I want to contact you,I will send it to this email address instead.

  5. Mukaddas says:

    Before i earn point, must everyone i refer join the contest??

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      No, all they need to do is click on the link.

  6. Chidiogo says:

    Pls which email

  7. Chidiogo says:

    OK thanks I have seen the email, now how do I get the link that people will visit to for me to earn points

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      The one you just gave. To answer your 2nd question, All you have to do is click on the refer a friend button, a unique link will be generated that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or Email. Once people click on it, you earn points. (P.S they don’t need to participate.)
      Update:Just contacted gleam the referred will need to complete at least one entry

  8. charlieboi says:

    Then lets do this

  9. Olajide says:

    Person with highest entry wins right?
    How can we know our position on the entry list?…
    So we can keep track and know how hard we need to get more people… #JustNervous

    1. Just about to ask that… :*

  10. Emmanuel says:

    And I need phone as I dey go school so….:'(

  11. Kay says:

    Goodluck guys! ?
    Tobi Going Places.
    Kick Ass Oh!

    1. Samm says:

      Lemme guess, you ain’t participating??

        1. Samm says:

          Why naa..?
          It’s actually a good offer..
          I wouldn’t mind adding another baby to my collections.. ?

          1. Collections?? Abeg leave this for us o

          2. Kay says:

            A loophole.
            Ayam participating! ?

  12. EmmanuelIK says:

    How do I choose a phone?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      When you are declared the winner, you can then select which phone you want and have it delivered to you.

      1. EmmanuelIK says:

        Ok thanks

  13. Sir Stevoe says:

    Nice concept Tobi! #gogirl! 😀

  14. jamesFranck says:

    I want the camon. I love that phone.

  15. micheal adeniji says:

    Goodluck 2 yhu all

  16. Joshua says:

    Lol…. have fun guys, may the person with the most link clicking friends Win
    Good one @ Tobi

    1. SweetSusie says:

      It is not only those with link. Clicking friends that can win.. The more you tweet about it the more you can also get entries and the tweet is like 4 per day or so. Haven’t referred anybody yet and I have enough points to rival a lot

  17. ehitunez says:

    misstechy i used my rhythm late nite acc to tweet this… saw ur tweet tho thanks

  18. Ehitunez says:

    Misstechy please i mistakenly logged outta my glem account now i can no longer access mine

    1. SweetSusie says:

      Just log in back now.. It is not hard

    2. Just connect your tweeter account back

  19. Ehitunez says:

    Will there be another competition in november cus i wasnt ready for this one

  20. davou victor says:

    this is cool. Would love to hookup with camon c8.

  21. AJAGA DANIEL says:

    infinix hot 2

  22. Chinedu says:

    Misstechy, the tweet is longer than 140. I’m trying to be ”clever” according to twitter, loll.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Ihave fixed that,sorry

  23. Name*Fundango says:

    I choose hot note pro

    1. chukwudi says:

      Did you see hot note pro there smh

  24. Simeon Udoh says:

    I’ll win

  25. I need this badly!

  26. DAT Miss Techy Brother says:

    My sister, I really need the hot 2 o

  27. Ivon Ehis Judel says:

    Wooow…. Hope to win

  28. Ivon Ehis Judel says:

    Goodluck to me

  29. Cirphrank says:

    Seeing this quite late, damn it NEPA.

    1. SweetSusie says:

      It is not about starting early nah it’s about who you tweeting as many times as possible and getting a link of friends that will click the link on. facebook

  30. zeecorh says:

    Abeg i wasnt able to register with with misstechy oo,,, dis captcha things seff….

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hi Zeecorh so sorry about the issue,but you don’t really need to register to participate, However, have you tried using another browser to see if you can register?

  31. Kerry says:

    Camon C8

  32. Cirphrank says:

    What’s mead by entries? mine is 0 meanwhile I’ve had many of my pals visit via my link.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Update:Just contacted gleam the referred will need to complete at least one entry

      1. Cirphrank says:

        Not cool. not at all, the interface just stews everything, some of my pals can’t even make an entry, and I understand, went through nails and thorns myself to get just the referral link. The page just keep reloading like… !

      2. Cirphrank says:

        And gleam’ app doesn’t even seem like what can track my referred entry up to when they finish a task.

          1. SweetSusie says:

            you can use twitter to tweet na

  33. Hey Miss,
    Is it that if anybody click my referral link that my point will increase or they must also participate?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Update:Just contacted gleam the referred will need to complete at least one entry

      1. Not everybody will want to participate now, some nigg*s just want to help !

        1. SweetSusie says:

          It is not misstechys fault is it.. Me I have 13 points all through tweets

  34. Samm says:

    I have bad luck when it comes to stuffs like this.
    But I guess no harm in trial

    1. Lol bro, help me promote my link na 😀

  35. Simitrendy says:

    MissTechy I choose Camon C8… oya oh

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol then start by making sure you get more entries.

  36. kenny says:

    Hi Miss Techy, when i get the link can i copy and paste it and share it to my instagram followers, will that count too?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Yes it will count, however I just contacted gleam and they require any of your follwowers to make an action (at least one)

      1. Olajide says:

        I’ve got almost 400 entries now… But, I noticed that the link changed today..
        Hope my previous link still works the same way?

        1. Mukaddas says:

          Dude if you’ve gat 400 entries…. Wow
          I give up

          1. kenny says:

            Dat guy na lie hin dey lie ^_^

  37. Ezecheta william says:

    Wooow!! That’s very great. I pray to win

  38. Gaius Udom says:

    I’m in I really hope to win

  39. Gaius Udom says:

    Followed on all social media platform as @gaiusudom

  40. simeon udoh says:

    am hopeful

  41. simeon udohsi says:

    nice one

  42. Gaius Udom says:

    Pls miss techy where can I upload my photo?

  43. Gaius Udom says:

    The 3 phones are super get and attractive

  44. Gaius Udom says:

    If I’m among the winners, don’t really know which one I’ll choose.. Lol

  45. oyinda says:

    hi,,how do i get the link pls?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hello Oyinda, just click on refer a friend, and chose either Twitter or Facebook your unique link will be generated, you can copy tthat link any where you want

  46. felix says:

    Althogh ı could manage camon ıf fıre plus runs out of sales

  47. Murey says:

    Camon 8 oo 6 entries already ???

  48. kezie says:

    those of us that aint porpular gon sit this one out

  49. kenny says:

    this one im seeing top commentators.. i fit just spam comments kwa?

  50. kenny says:

    miss techy oo come to my aid pple r clicking my link but they dnt see where to click to enter d competition sme r saying they just see sort of a color wheel nd besides it reads “loading”

  51. kenny says:

    Ive logged out how to do i log back in cuz i tried and it shot my entries back to zero

  52. Tobi Ayeni says:

    Sorry for those who can’t comment. It will be fixed shortly

  53. Laila says:

    Finally comment section is active

  54. Pls miss, we need daily updates of highest entries of this contest !

  55. Or what do you think contestants?

  56. Josh King says:

    Hope to win. The Innjoo or Infinix I go for

  57. omanemoses says:

    never wanted to comment but wanted to share an idea instead of giving out phones you should have given out t-shirts or caps branded with it would asdvertise you more and besides it would get to more people than just 3. goodluck.

  58. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Tshirt is good but this will go a longer way as u tweet post on fbk or refer friends will ensure more people get a chance to know of miss techy blog dan tshirt. Pls miss techy how do i enter this contest.

  59. Nelson Jovial says:

    Misstechy, i ve enroll… meanwhile you ve nt replied my mail almost 3 months now regrading the mentorship… still awaiting ur response… thank you

  60. This contest suppose to have 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners

    1. kenny says:

      Yeah i really hope there’s consolation prize for runner ups cuz na real hustle i dey hustle nd e go bad if i no get anytin in return

  61. micheal adeniji says:


  62. micheal adeniji says:

    @dimeji what’s your entries so far? ?

  63. techy carole says:

    nice one misstechy

  64. Joshua says:

    Lol… that moment Miss tech is giving out free awoof, then You start seeing traffic and like never before,:D
    @ tobi, I want Nokia 3310

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  66. Chris says:

    Nice one. It is really nice to give back to the MVP’s . Great job you are doing here MissTechy

  67. Seun says:

    I want another phone!

  68. micheal adeniji says:

    WTF.. . My entries is 89 and am not listed.. ..

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Can you take a screenshot and send to

  69. micheal adeniji says:

    I have done that…

  70. micheal adeniji says:

    Is it the top 3 entries that will win the giveaway? ?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Seen, as at the time I kept that, Gleam hadn’t updated their reports.

  71. micheal adeniji says:

    Tanks…. You haven’t ansa my question.. .

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      I said we will only have one winner.

      1. kenny says:

        Lmao naija pple eh

        1. Chris says:

          What did they do? LOL!

  72. Samm says:

    My entries are not increasing even tho people are clicking on it…

    1. kenny says:

      U knw, those clicking on it have to complete atleast one offer so tell them tz not just to click on link nd forget d tin

  73. Ikechukwu Lucky says:

    Giving this all my best, winning will give me great joy and even if i dont will be happy i made attempt.

  74. micheal adeniji says:

    Pls miss update the entries… .

    1. kenny says:

      Make sho no update am for now, she shu leave it for lyk 3days so dat errbdy fit hustle well nd discouragement no go dy

  75. kenny says:

    I hope Miss Techy sees this, u said being a regular commentator increases one’s chances of winning. Toh what if the 1st runner up of d competition happens to be no. 1 in the top commentators list and the winner is actually in d buttom. Does it now mean that in final deciding of winner, d 1st place runner up takes d prize seeing as tho he is the no. 1 commentator?

  76. kenny says:

    Nd my other question, what exactly is the meaning of “regular commentator” is it someone on the top rank of d commentators table or just someone who comments frequently? Thank u

    1. micheal adeniji says:

      Active Commentators.. .. Some pple just filled the spot of recently because of the giveway …

      1. kenny says:

        Like meee ?? lolz. I’ve always been visiting the blog, just that i read d strories, laugh at the humour-filled ones, read some comments and im off

    2. Chris says:

      I think someone who comments frequently.

  77. Mukaddas says:

    #Shit someone’s at 164 .
    Am out

  78. micheal adeniji says:

    Lol @ Mukaddas

    1. Anonymous says:

      Till the whole game ends maybe before i can hit 150

  79. Chris says:

    AuntyTechy, no more updates on current current leaders on the leader board? Please I need it to motivate me the more Lol!

    1. kenny says:

      Lol are u the one leading how many points u get ?

  80. micheal adeniji says:

    Miss Update it Pls.. ..

  81. micheal adeniji says:

    Wanna know my progress so far.. .

    1. kenny says:

      The best thing is just assume yhat there is someone with a whooole lotta ppints and set ur mind on beating it

  82. Tochukwu Osakwe says:

    Miss techy this ur give away dey confuse me o. I ve gotten an account with gleam follow ur for all sociL ntwork platform yet ma entries read zero…biko is there something im not doing right?

    1. kenny says:

      Have u connected ur fb/twiiter/instagram accounts? Cuz if u dont connect dem ur points wont link to ur account

  83. kenny says:

    I really hope to win this and even if i dont atleast i get something nice as consolation, airtime or some’

  84. micheal adeniji says:

    Kenny What’s Ur Entry ??

    1. kenny says:

      Im at 111 ?

  85. KingAbsolute says:

    MissTechy, I am that Chibuzo A. King, I hope you know?

  86. Joshua says:

    and the hunt continues

  87. Joshua says:

    who will finnaly win the new phone?

  88. micheal adeniji says:

    Me i guess…. Lol

  89. Ezecheta william says:

    @Miss Techy please we need a current leaderboard, so as to track our progress.

  90. micheal adeniji says:

    @ William. .Nawa 4 Yhu Oh… Cee Your Entries As At 28th of October. .. I know it has gotten to 250 or more…lol.. Newcomer Wanna Win Our Giveaway….

  91. Ezecheta william says:

    @Michael.. Lol..

    1. kenny says:

      Neeeeeh ur entries aint at 250

  92. micheal adeniji says:

    miss update it Pls. ..

  93. Tobi Ayeni says:

    These are the top 3 people in the leaderboard:
    Micheal Adeniji
    Ezecheta Wiliam
    Christian Ogochukwu

  94. Ezecheta william says:

    Miss Techy we need to know the points too, please oo…

  95. kenny says:

    Haaaaaaa ?im prolly in 5th place

  96. Rotimi popoola says:

    Bad luck for me dat my phone wnt lemme win misstechy nid ur help so sad though

  97. micheal adeniji says:

    Miss Tetchy am unable to get entries since yesterday… It keep saying ” you are creating too many entries “..

  98. micheal adeniji says:

    Miss Techy am unable to get entries since yesterday… It keep saying ” you are creating too many entries “..

  99. Sixtus says:

    ‘BUSTED’. …. So Michael Adeniji, you’re the one creating the entries yourself, I guess your cheat code has expired and gleam has snared you…….

    1. micheal adeniji says:

      Now i know that you are not OK.. ..

  100. micheal adeniji says:

    Are you Alryt ?? A 4rend of mine tried my link through facebook and it’s showing that respond… .

  101. micheal adeniji says:

    Better know what u’re saying.. ..

  102. micheal adeniji says:

    My facebook friends are unable to access the entries… That is what it keeps saying oh.. .Since Yesterday.. .. Abt 3 of them same respond… .

    1. Chris says:


  103. micheal adeniji says:

    It’s back to normal.. . @ Sixtus i wanted to insult you earlier. . I just decided to ignore you cos you are dumb..

  104. kenny says:

    All becuz of fone lmao! I would hv won but My uni registration had me occupied all week so i was unable to invite pple online. Congrats to d winner sha

  105. Paul says:

    Hello Misstechy,
    I saw your videos on YouTube about tecno camon 8 and I have some questions to ask pertaining to that video,and have tried to get through you but I found it difficult.
    I will be glad if you will like to listen to my question,

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      You can ask away here or on Twitter

  106. John Tobi says:

    Hello misstechy i like to draw ur attention to something. Reading tru d comments on the just concluded competition i noticed it seems michael Adeniji had been adding entries himself using a “cheat” judging from his recent comments. Please as u announce the winner bear such instances and let the credible winner be mentioned, thanks

    1. micheal adeniji says:

      Anoda dumb person.. .

  107. micheal adeniji says:

    Don’t wanna say anything stupid all because of giveway…@Misstechy Pls judge fairly.. How can i cheat and still come here to complain….SMH.. Some people ehn… Common sense ain’t common.. ..

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