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That Moment Adele Releases A Hit Single But Gets Trolled By Samsung And The Internet Because Of Her Flip Phone

Adele released a new single titled Hello – her first new thing in years, and I totally loved it! The only problem is, thanks to the phone she used in the video, people, including brands like Samsung, have begun trolling her.
For those who haven’t watched the video, you should. In the video, Adele was sad because her lover refused to pick up the phone. However, the phone in question is an archaic flip phone.  Upon zooming the flip phone, You should notice that Samsung’s logo is above the screen meaning that the phone was released in the year 2003 – 2007 and might fall within the E600 – 620 series – In summary the flip phone she used might be 10 years old.
However, the video itself is more like a flashback from her past, Apparently, no one cares about that, instead, the Internet had a thing or two to sayadele flip phone
adele flip phone 7
adele flip phone 6adele flip phone 2 adele flip phone 4
This killed me!!
adele trolls
Samsung ends this show with this tweet:

Adele flip phone samsung

Adele’s Flip Phone Drama

Moral of the story, Be careful of the phone you use, it can make or mar you.

Adele’s Flip Phone



27 comments on “That Moment Adele Releases A Hit Single But Gets Trolled By Samsung And The Internet Because Of Her Flip Phone

  1. peterjero says:

    Oyibo and their love for flip phones, it’s so prevalent in their films you know.

    1. Anonymous says:

      If that is the case why are the oyibos trolling her

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    That’s twitter for you, always trolling people, if you’re a celebrity & you don’t have/understand sense of humour, you’re set to be unhappy even with your fame.
    For e.g. Donjazzy understands ‘tweople’ so well that he even trolls himself too.

    1. Laila says:

      Lol very true.. He is truly the Don

      1. KingAbsolute says:

        Lol, you know this

    2. lol, if its in Naija sef it would have been worse

  3. KingAbsolute says:

    MissTechy, what happened to this post yesterday? Couldn’t comment & momentarily saw you “testing” comment.

  4. Joseph emmanuel says:

    I noticed that too

  5. Samm says:

    This worst part of it all was when Samsung tweeted, this guys are supposed to be past this.. I guess they derive some kinda joy in bashing others.. Remember their ‘it’s not a phone, it’s a Galaxy’ campaign? That made me hate em for a while
    If she likes a flip phone let her use a flip phone Naa…
    *Downloading Adele – Hello* progress 64% ?

  6. Damilola says:

    lol, cool song tho, she using the phone doesnt mean she doesnt have money to buy better phone jor

  7. Mukaddas says:

    You see celebrity life, people are always finding one thing or another to get at you. Am disappointed in Samsung for involving in this.

    1. kenny says:

      Hi Miss Techy, i love ur blog, i love ur stories and everything, i’ve been using my phone to visit ur blog for sometime now and right now im using my pc and i’d like to draw ur attention to the ads here. they just keep popping up and obstruct the smooth flow of things and there are some ads which as im surfing through the blog i just get redirected to another page and onto ANOTHER page and i have to start going back or even closing my browser to revisit the site. please do something about this, you do amazing work here, more grease to ur elbow. thank u.

  8. Sir Stevoe says:

    Lol @ The moral of the story! Hehehe

  9. Heymar JiM says:

    i dont see anything bad in dat fone…morever it just a video, nt in real life… am sure she got what more better dan dat flip phone,she isnt that local or uncivilised nau abah…stop critizing her ur looks @ADELE

    1. They don’t understand!

  10. Ivon Ehis Judel says:

    Lolz.. Dope song anyway

  11. The music video is emotional

    1. kenny says:

      asiiiiin eh! she tried on this 10/10

  12. simeon udoh says:

    very funny tweets

  13. simeon udoh says:

    just that the era of flip phones are over

  14. Ezecheta William says:

    Loool… that’s kinda weird

  15. felix says:

    But on the other hand, shes too bıg for that kınd of phone

  16. Joshua says:

    well… I think she was Tryna reflect how life was at her past life ….

  17. Joshua says:

    but still she should have used a better phone

  18. kenny says:

    Samsung…desperate people -_-

  19. kenny says:

    saaaamsung! aproko people wetin concern dem nau ehn. is Adele even their brand ambassador or what? say ne i go sue dem, anoda beta chance to make gud money

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