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Sad News: IrokoTV Lays Off 130 Employees.

It seems IrokoTV has joined the list of tech companies that have laid off their employees, this list includes the likes of Microsoft, HTC, Samsung, to name a few. According to Techmoran and other reliable sources, IrokoTV sacked a total of 130 employees!
Techmoran’s sources  accused IrokoTV’s CEO, Jason Njoku of indecisiveness, mismanagement, cruelty and riding the Nollywood fame’.  According to the source,

“They don’t like to pay locals what they’re worth and they overpay the new London team. iROKO is a success story because Jason makes noise. Goes on BBC, his blog and journalists don’t ask hard questions during interviews. He’s always promoting himself but with subscription less than 50K globally and declining there’s much to worry about,” claimed a former senior employee. “Jason is a great sales guy, so brilliant but sells his dream and then when you buy it, he demoralizes you and fires you. It’s terrible, people crying and feeling low. It’s the greatest mind fuck of it all.” –

The people who were sacked includes  lead of partnerships, the lead of offline, lead of YouTube, its CTO, its engineering lead plus the telesales team and content operations.”
Jason himself was quoted saying

” We’ve had to say goodbye to valued team members from the Lagos office over the past few months,” ——- “Mainly our Lagos-based offline marketing department were affected – we’re reducing numbers in that area of the company and approximately 130 staff have been let go.
This is part of a larger restructuring that will see the company move personnel and resources to other parts of the business as well as relocate operations that require stronger infrastructure to its office in New York. There are some roles which required stronger infrastructure (moving large files) and experienced hands so we shifted them outside Lagos.”

Honestly, for a startup like IrokoTV, laying off 130 people at once is a lot! However, in business, you have to do what you have to do.


18 comments on “Sad News: IrokoTV Lays Off 130 Employees.

  1. Cirphrank says:

    Hmm, may the mind of those laid off be at peace and may they find and get better jobs, in Jesus’ name.

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    This is sad, saying from the shoes of the sacked employees. But if its for the right reasons, a firm got to do what it got to do to progress.

  3. Jimi Akinleye says:

    Why is this a sad news?
    Its a business and the hiring was done to achieve a result – so its normal.
    BTW, that last quote image by Watson is unnecessary.

    1. SweetSusie says:

      What are you saying Jimi.. 13 people with families to look after lost their jobs and you are telling me it’s not a sad news.. I just pray you lose your job so I can laugh and gloat since.. Of course itsnt a sad news

    2. Noni says:

      Unfortunately it’s very valid for every business owner, whether we think it’s appropriate or not.
      Employees are always at the mercy of the business’ success or failure.

  4. OptimusPRIME says:

    To me,,jason is making another mistake,,,d same source says he wants to move office to LonDon,,,,,d0es he undastand d word “TAX””????? Wen he is slammed my massive TAXES he wil reconsider,,,nd come bak,,

    1. Akindele O. says:

      True! I am just wonder why now?

  5. micheal adeniji says:

    Saw news.. They wanna start afresh… They have their reasons tho…

  6. Joseph Emmanuel says:

    Iroko why na

  7. Joseph Emmanuel says:

    Why are you doing this to peeps na

  8. Simeon Udoh says:

    I have to Quote
    “in business, you have
    to do what you have to do.”
    You’ve to do it in a right way and at a right Time.
    A Typical example is Michelin (Remember that tyre Manufacturer? Yup) Before Laying Off Workers, They informed them ahead of time and the workers were able to use the little time left so sort after other jobs aside the company. Now it’ll soon be the festive season and You’re laying off employees unexpectedly.

  9. felix says:

    I pıty for those sacked staffs and ı pray the fınd a beta job

  10. Joshua says:

    really saw news…. I pity those that were sacked

  11. Joshua says:

    The way all this tech companies are laying of workers, gets me thinking

  12. Emmaway Anthony says:

    so sad

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