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#TalkTuesday: What Are The Top 3 Apps That Keep You Sane During Hectic Traffic?

Have you ever gotten stuck in hectic traffic? If you live in Lagos, this is like an everyday routine.
Now just imagine being stuck in traffic without your SmartPhone??
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So, this post is not for those who drive their cars and can’t use their phones the way we civilians do, believe me, I feel your pain.
lagos traffic misstechy
This post is for those who have drivers or simply do it the Danfo way.
How do you keep yourself sane during traffic? what apps do you rely on during this time?
For me, my top 3 at the moment are TuneIn radio (With my unlimited internet, I don’t joke with this), Monument valley (one of the best games ever) and Twitter (It’s never a boring moment with the people I follow on Twitter)


28 comments on “#TalkTuesday: What Are The Top 3 Apps That Keep You Sane During Hectic Traffic?

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    1. Twitter
    2. Media Player
    3. Opera Mini/UC Web
    …in that order

  2. presh says:

    WhatsApp,instagram and uc mini

  3. peterjero says:

    1. Uc mini
    2. Twitter
    3. Facebook

  4. Laila says:

    For me it is twitter, chrome to visit misstechy and surprisingly tune in radio.. I just plug it to my car audio and zoom off

  5. Kingsley says:

    Misstechy what a good topic.. I can remember when there was no light to charge my phone overnight.. I almost died from boredom before getting to my place of work.. If iIhad my phone with me iwill have switched on. You music app to block the razz fuji music prevalent in Nigerian Danfos thenI’ll check my opera mini browser to visit misstechy and other top blogs in Nigeria then finally iwill relax with some gta or asphalt

  6. Chide says:

    for me its 1. Whatsapp
    2. Operamini, and
    3. 4pics one word

  7. My opera first to serve my blog readers,
    then music player and lastly my Clash of clans – can’t do without playing this game a day!

  8. Kay says:


    1. Does stitcher needs plenty data?

  9. Cirphrank says:

    Music player. #Simple

  10. mrtipz says:

    am sorry for asking, but which is the most convenient app for twitter, i use plume, but it hasn’t been pretty lately

    1. Laila says:

      Err why not use the default app.. Is there any special reason you like plume

      1. mrtipz says:

        thanks for your kind response. i ‘d just revert to the default app.

    2. KingAbsolute says:

      Use the Twitter application, if you want to visit twitter through a browser, I recommend or they are nice, fun & easier to use.

      1. mrtipz says:

        thanks for your kind response

  11. Mukaddas says:

    Being stuck in a traffic sucks big time, when I find myself in such situation, chrome browser is what keeps me busy

  12. Stanopili says:


  13. Ayomi says:

    • Chrome
    • BBM
    • Gmail

  14. Noni says:

    I’d probably say my 3 are
    1) Twitter
    2) Any IM where I can have a conversation (could be WhatsApp, WeChat, BBM…)
    3) Facebook
    It also depends on the phone/os. I find on some phones I tend to read more than on others.

  15. micheal adeniji says:


  16. Ojo Oluwakayode Folusho says:

    Candy crush

  17. fixedroots says:

    Opera mini, Opera mini, Opera mini. I don’t know what I’d do without this browser.

  18. Uju says:

    Mostly games and my photo editing apps.
    1. Game (Tile Up). It’s the new addition to my collection and quite addictive.
    2. Photo editing apps: PicsArt and Fantasia Painter
    3. Internet apps: UC Browser and Whatsapp.
    But first there’s Gala and La casera to buy!!

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lmao ? Gala and lacasera is standard

  19. Joshua says:

    Lol…. games, Whatsapp and general web surfing

  20. Ikechukwu Lucky says:

    Mine is Candy crush my love for that game tho, then twitter and whatsapp

  21. Mecco De-Wayne says:

    The best tourist app for Lagos Nigeria is here! Download from Google play store

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