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Kaymu Announces Free Internet Access On Its Mobile App.

That moment when you  hear free anything
Kaymu in partnership with MTN recently announced the launch of Free internet access to its customers on MTN using their app.
Kaymu free internet access
See their press release below:

Online Marketplace Kaymu Nigeria, in partnership with telecom provider MTN, has announced the launch of Free internet access to its customers on MTN using the Kaymu Zero rated data mobile app.
MTN’s zero-rate data usage means the Kaymu’s current and prospective buyers and sellers on the MTN can shop data free over its network without incurring any data costs.
The partnership would not only accelerate Internet penetration in Nigeria  but would also give customers and sellers the opportunity to access over 300 product listings at the best possible prices at no cost through the marketplace for free – yes, at zero data cost to customers on the MTN mobile network while using the Kaymu app.
The key selling point for Kaymu is not only the fact that sellers don’t get charged for listing products and only pay a low commission for completed sales, but the way in which the marketplace works. Kaymu regularly scans the site for prohibited products and malicious activity, all ensuring the site is as safe as possible and making it a space where people can feel comfortable exchanging products, while making a healthy profit.
“The decision to zero-rate data usage on the Kaymu mobile app is part of our strategic intent of offering a distinct customer experience and enhancing our current marketplace community,” said Kaymu MD Sefik Bagdadioglu in a media statement. The high data costs are a major barrier for entry for consumers into the e-commerce space. We believe that this proposition will enable hard-pressed consumers to shop and engage in our marketplace without having to worry about the cost of data.”
Android, Blackberry, and iOS smartphones can now browse the Kaymu website via the Kaymu mobile app with absolutely no data charges.

Any MTN subscriber in the house?


8 comments on “Kaymu Announces Free Internet Access On Its Mobile App.

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    Lol, yes.
    MTN did exact same thing with Jumia too recently before this. Jumia zero app service.

  2. Damilola says:

    just their app, stingy peeps

  3. Cirphrank says:

    Kaymu is a no go zone. #reason_reserved

  4. micheal adeniji says:

    Lol… They want patronage.. They can’t even make it all network free internet access to their site.. well good 4 them..

  5. Joseph Emmanuel says:

    Kaymu is ready to go big

  6. Joshua says:

    too bad It’s mainly their apps 🙁

  7. Joshua says:

    but It’s really an interesting development

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