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See Facebook's Version Of Siri In Action: Sneak Peek, It Might Be Better Than Siri

Remember when I talked about MoneyPenny  – Facebook’s virtual personal assistant? well, it is in its beta testing phase and Buzzfeed news reporter got a hands on with the Assistant. According to the screenshot posted, it seems Money Penny might be better than SIRI. Before the Apple fanboys of this world break my bones, see some evidences.

For starters, say bye bye to robotic responses and say hello to conversational style of responses.


Facebook M


It has the ability to look up restaurants based on your preference.

 It can also take screenshots so you can fully understand what you are getting into.

You can also book flights on the go!

Lastly, how cool is this??

 If this is not cool, I don’t know what else is, After reading all this, I can honestly picture a sexy girl with sexy glasses chatting with me.
unnamed (1)
By the way, Apple fanboys, do you agree with me now?
Images thanks to BuzzFeed

9 comments on “See Facebook's Version Of Siri In Action: Sneak Peek, It Might Be Better Than Siri

  1. Cirphrank says:

    Oh damn! You just had to bring in my weakness! Ladies on glasses.

  2. KingAbsolute says:

    Brilliant, extra cool

  3. E be like say Facebook wan buy this world o

  4. Stanopili says:

    AI is definitely the future of smarter smartphones. Cant wait.

  5. kezie says:

    well, impressive

  6. Joseph Emmanuel says:

    Facebook is ready to blow again

  7. Joshua says:

    really cool stuff, from Facebook….

  8. Joshua says:

    who knows it might even be better than cortana and siri…. but for now am loving cortana

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