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8 Steve Job's Quotes That Will Make You Really Think About Life.

Steve Jobs movie debuted in the Cinemas yesterday. While scouring the Internet to see some trailers and sneak peek, I pounced on Popsugar’s post talking about  Steve Job’s poignant quotes that I loved!
These Steve Job’s quotes got me thinking about my own life in general. Check them out and tell me which one is the one.

On Trusting Your Instincts

12 comments on “8 Steve Job's Quotes That Will Make You Really Think About Life.

  1. KingAbsolute says:

    Meehn!! These quotes are classic, they’re all so inspirational.
    But, “Your TIME is LIMITED, so don’t waste it trying to be somebody else.” is The One for me.

  2. micheal adeniji says:

    Really cool.. Nice quotes… This quotes made me think about my life 4 a moment…

  3. presh says:

    “on loving what you do”

  4. presh says:

    “on loving what you do”…

  5. OptimusPRIME says:

    Lovin what you do, inspiring quotes

  6. Cirphrank says:

    I love what I do. And I just hope never to waste any of my time.

  7. Sir Stevoe says:

    These are really deep… Great quotes from a great guy like Steve Jobs… But on ‘the one’, I guess I have to agree with your choice @Misstechy- loving what you do.

  8. Kay says:

    *on being yourself* 🙂

  9. ob4 says:

    just found u…not lettin u go again @miss techy. first female im seein thats into tech. awesomeness is u.

  10. Tobi Ayeni says:

    OMG ??? thank you.. Ob4 not letting you go too

  11. sammyguide says:

    so inspiring, thanks for sharing

  12. Sam says:

    Time is limited.
    Today is the present. And a present is a gift.
    We’ve got a gift which is today. So lets not blow it.

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