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Porn Watchers In Nigeria & Beyond, Check Out PornHub's Traffic Stats.

Don’t fret, your names are not up on their site. However, just know that PornHub knows you.
For those who are into porn, you might be surprised to note that Pornhub, one of the most popular porn websites has revealed their traffic stats.


Pornhub’s traffic stats

According to PornHub, most of you (minus misstechy) browse Pornhub from your mobile devices, In short, 60% of their traffic comes from Mobile. However, do you have any idea which OS i.e. iOS or Android platform love watching porn more? Thanks to a new study conducted by Juniper and PornHub, we now have the exact stats and I couldn’t help but shake my head at the result.
Apparently, iOS users spend just 8 minutes when they visit Pornhub, what this might mean is that iOS users get satisfaction after 8 minutes, please I didn’t say this, PornHub did! However, eyin temi ni android, you spend an average of 10 minutes per visit. *coughs*

Pornhub’s traffic stats

As expected, Men search for porn than women, However, the  women who use Android dominate their iOS counterpart.
I am about to go deep here and tell you what Android and iOS users love searching for the most, It appears that both Android and iOS users have one thing in common when it comes to porn. 
pornhub-insights-ios-android-top-searches (1)
While Android users like searching for a pornstar called Lisa Ann (don’t know her), iOS users are more classy with their searches, they search for Kim K more.
Now the most interesting part of this stats is the fact that when it comes to watching porn in Nigeria, Android users dominate almost everything.

Pornhub’s Traffic Stats

So, ladies, you might want to wash your hands after holding a guy’s android device.
I think if I need to check a guy’s phone, I’d ask if he has an iPhone, if he doesn’t, he can keep his android device in his pocket. 

Images Source: PornHub


21 comments on “Porn Watchers In Nigeria & Beyond, Check Out PornHub's Traffic Stats.

  1. mrtipz says:

    frigging hilarious.. Dunno if its the stats or your remarks .too funny… #gaspingforair

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol ? I hope to make you all smile when reading tech news

  2. Kay says:

    This goes to show that if not for US, Apple is “nothing” 😐

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      LOOL, good one there Kay

  3. Laila says:

    Thank you misstechy.. All these boys with cum infested phones eeeew

    1. Osakwe tochukwu says:

      And the gals too????. Nowonders gals are nolonger in the mood these days. Na pornhub dey help them kill k@#*i?????

  4. Cirphrank says:

    Aunty Tobi, why you put their link there na? U wan spoil me?

  5. KyLe West says:

    Thank God I use a blackberry…..*shines Teeth*

  6. samm says:

    Lumia devices? Guess that goes to prove my innocence

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Why do I have this feeling you are their ring leader

  7. Michael says:

    Nice info but Ur write up ehennnnn very funny, honestly I just love reading Ur reviews. Not to strict, casual and original

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Aww thank you Micheal.

  8. Ojo Oluwakayode Folusho says:

    Dont worry @ misstechy you can always use my phone anytime i use a blackberry so my phone is safe

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol.. Please. I will be avoiding all devices for now.. Thanks ?

  9. Donmike says:

    Lol..cnt just stop laughing..
    This is my first time here tho! – No regrets.

    1. chukwudi says:

      Same thing I thought when I visited misstechy

  10. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    I use nokia torch and from cybercafe i dey browse now so. Miss techy sef im sure u follow dey visit pornhub anyhow thats y u brot the news to use reverse psychology catch some people. Thank d stars im still on the nokia torch century. #wavesmyshirtintheairlikethemusclemanxterin Regularshow….whoòoooòoooooohoooooòoooò!!!!

  11. Ehitunez says:

    Logl.. Lwkmd rotflmao… Why android users for nigeria nor go dominate, when mtn simple server dn make browsing affordable fr them.. Team blackberry

  12. micheal adeniji says:

    Lol.. Funny Thread

  13. Presh says:

    Lemme gan look for aunty Lisa Ann and report miss techy

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