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Which iPhone Is The Heaviest?

Before you scroll down for the answer, take a minute to pick an answer in your head.


which iPhone is the heaviest?

Make sure you have something in mind.
which iphone is the heaviest

which iPhone is the heaviest?

According to Wikipedia and an image from Dadaviz, the iPhone 6s+ is the heaviest of them all. See the stats below
iphone 6s

which iPhone is the heaviest

Who got it right at their first trial?

Image source: & dadaviz


12 comments on “Which iPhone Is The Heaviest?

  1. Kay says:

    Got it right 😀
    Cos according to Business Insider, thicker aluminum was used on this device (with respect to “bendgate”) to prevent that from repeating itself.
    Now, only one” normal” person can not “bend” the iPhone. (Ref) 😛
    Come to think of it, how come iPhone 5s (metal) is lighter than iPhone 5c (plastic) 😮

  2. Joshua says:

    Lol had in mind iPhone one or 5s That’s metal

  3. Alli Abiol says:

    I guessed iPhone 4. Choi!

  4. chukwudi says:

    Lol i selected 3gs

  5. Tolu says:

    Same here chukwudi iPhone 3gs looked heavier

  6. KingAbsolute says:

    I guessed iPhone 5s

  7. mrtipz says:

    guessing i failed woefully..LMAO there’s no need disclosing what i had in mind. at least lesson learnt.

    1. Laila says:

      Lool i can imagine what u selected

  8. Cirphrank says:

    My guess was on dot!

    1. Laila says:

      If i hear

  9. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Miss techy did you say iphone 6s is d heaviest cos in the image 6s+ looks like the heaviest with 192grams while 6s is 143grams. Anyway my guess was on 3gs. I know 6s+ is heavier than 6+ cos they had to put the tic tac engine that works 3D touch long press. And its funny how plastic iphone 5c weighs heavier than 5s metal. Apple is mystery that needs the mystery gang scoobie doo to unravel their mystery.

  10. KyLe West says:

    I thought the 1st iphone would be the heaviest being it an outdated technology ya knw?

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