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When Beauty Meets The Beast: The Phantom 5 Review – Multitasking, Sound & Fingerprint Test Included

This is me in one picture

Guys! Like I said in my video review, this is a great achievement for Tecno Mobile, Nigerians know how far they’ve come, all the way from the Tecno N3
To the Phantom 5
It is a big Milestone, however, like every  other device, there are some minor glitches I noticed with the Phantom 5, so Join me as I take you on this review.



The Phantom 5 is beautiful! As said in the unboxing, the Phantom 5 is an all metal 5.5-inch device that might get stares from people when taken outside – at least I got stares.
It comes with a non-removable 3000 mAh battery. Its volume,  power button, and Micro SD card slot are on the right side while the  Dual-Sim card tray is on the left.

 It also comes with beautiful earphones that have an inbuilt HiFi.




The first time you power up the Phantom 5, you get to see the logo and animation that Tecno Mobile is famous for, especially with the Boom J7 and Camon  C8.
The  device takes less than thirty seconds to power on and less than 5 seconds to power off.
After switching on the device you get to see the Phantom 5’s UI and Yass, Wallpapers, by the way,  the wallpapers on the Tecno Phantom 5 are on Fleek! So gorgeous!

You should also notice that the Phantom 5 comes with capacitive buttons.


On first use,  you might want to try out the Fingerprint Sensor which I think is super fast! Check out the Fingerprint test below.

However, contrary to the opinion that the Phantom 5 allows you record 10 fingerprints, the device only allows you record 5 fingerprints.
The fingerprint sensor allows for a 360 degrees rotation, meaning that if you place your finger in any position on the sensor, the Phantom 5 will still recognize it.


Beautiful is your name, wonderful is what you are.
The Phantom 5 got me singing Asa’s beautiful because that is just how you can describe the Phantom 5’s UI.
Though running on an Android Lollipop OS, Tecno Mobile has carved out a beautiful UI for the Phantom 5, those that have handled the Camon C8 and the Boom J7 should be familiar with the UI. By the way, The Phantom 5’s UI trumps the other mentioned devices



We know that devices nowadays come with various apps that might be wanted or unwanted, the Phantom 5 is no exception. However, Asides for Apps like Palmchat, Palm play, and Carl care, you might want to  thank Tecno Mobile for installing the other apps on your behalf.
The Phantom 5 comes pre-loaded with essential apps, like Whatsapp, Facebook, WPS Office, BBM, Opera mini, UC browser, Xender, DU Speed booster, Swift key, and TouchPal.
The Big boys of gaming might not like the fact that it comes with an Asphalt Nitro (demo) and Puzzle pets, but as said earlier, these apps can be uninstalled.


As said in my unboxing, the Phantom 5 comes with a 64-Bit Android Lollipop OS
After using the device for a day or two, I got a notification for a system update and nope it is not Android Marshmallow lol. The system update was a firmware update to enhance machine stability and fix bugs.
After downloading the 29.97MB file,  I didn’t really notice much difference.


The Phantom 5 comes with an 8MP front facing camera which is huge and a 13MP back-facing camera with dual LED flash.
Of course, trust me to try out if the camera is  impressive or blah. See the test below, By the way, shout out to Omoge Mura for taking the selfie shots

INDOOR TEST (With Little Light)






OUTDOOR (This was around 4 PM, Plus I rushed to take the picture, but I am impressed it turned out this way).

By the way, the Camera has Normal, HDR, Panorama, Face beauty, Night, and Picture in picture mode.
It also has Gesture shot, Smile shot, and Slow motion mode


The Phantom 5 comes with a whopping 32GB ROM, but you have 25.9GB of usable storage


How long can the 3000mAh last for?
At 15%, it lasted for about 30minutes. I also got it to charge in less than 2 hours.
By the way ,the Ultra Power saving mode on the Phantom 5 is  a life saver, asides the battery saver option, the Phantom 5 also allows you get more juice from your battery with its ultra power saving mode.


We know the Phantom 5 comes with a 3GB RAM, however, you are only left with 2GB or less to use.
I took the RAM on a test. I ensured I selected only heavy games like the Modern Combat 5, Mortal Kombat X (Which is a  heavy game), FIFA 14, and WWE Immortals with the Camera and Music app.
Check out the video below:


Aside the FingerPrint sensor, you have your tap to wake, flip to mute and wave to answer feature on the Tecno Phantom 5.


Give me a moment, please;
GOODNESS!! The sound on the Phantom 5 is BADASS!!!!!
You know that type of sound quality that can make people tell you to turn down the volume of your phone because it is clashing with the sound from the TV? That is exactly what you get on the Phantom 5, thanks to its impressive Dolby digital sound, you can hear all the beats from your little device.
Since I know that some of you might doubt this, I took it to the extreme by practicalizing what I just said. I paired the Phantom 5 with the LG LED TV. YASS!

Doubting Thomases, don’t forget to tell me what you think!


Of course some benchmarks from Antutu and GeekBench



So Guys! What do you think?


35 comments on “When Beauty Meets The Beast: The Phantom 5 Review – Multitasking, Sound & Fingerprint Test Included

  1. Good,by the way who is that beautiful chick,pllease send me her Contact detail.
    Before i forget ,just bought this device from SLOT ASABA at 81,000

    1. titi says:

      Which girl misstechy or ?

    2. Fides_RYM says:

      How would you like her address?? They told you this was a hookup blog abi??

    3. SexyChiChi says:

      But the retail price is 69,999

    4. SexyChiChi says:

      OMG are you actually hitting on Miss Techy? Na wa for you o. Have some manners

  2. Skillz says:

    All the phantoms have okay camera’s when you are taking a picture in broad day light. You should take a picture around 8 pm with little to no lightening, that way one can actually tell if this phone can boast of an improvement.

  3. Kay says:

    That’s all I can say – concerning this review.
    No wonder you went awol. ?
    The Tecno Phantom 5 is cool by the way. But not “cooler” than that chick. :mrgreen:

  4. VicksPaulo says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Jesus ..complete review amaze me misstechy..keep the fire burning .BTW I love your face your shy face and also concerning the phantom 5 matter ..this phone is dope .. After reading your review i just knew the phone wasn’t getting the ratings it deserved ..I wish all phone OEMS can give you phones for reviews do it flawlessly ..your videos too are on point ..whew not a boring moment with you misstechy ..I know I am mumbling my comments but just trying to express how I feel in one long sentence

  6. titi says:

    Great to have you back misstechy . this phantom 5 is fine sha ..already pestering my bf to get me one .. IPhone check phantom 5 almost check ….love the review BTW as always top notch ..everything was covered

    1. Cirphrank says:

      Yesu! Iphone Check, nd u on dz 1 too? U wan wreck am??? Sister have mercy na.

      1. Osakwe tochukwu says:

        Story…she has nuffin. Its all mouth and no phone or bf. You have iphone and ur looking at this midrange android device. Abegiiiii

  7. emmaedeh says:

    Great review, looks truly premium. its really nice to see Tecno get a software update. The UI looks lean and fast exactly how a launcher should be not like Touchwiz.
    I am quite impressed Tecno pulled this off, looking forward to next sept, Tecno Phantom 6

  8. El Genio says:

    Nice review…And a fantastic device from Tecno
    At least a device with a 3gb ram and system updates should be the real deal for Tecno
    Lest i forget, excellent UI too!

    1. BenKafor says:

      The UI is tight seriously. DAMN DAMN DAMN!! I wish i had this phone. My friend got this, I am so jealous. He rated the phones speed 9 out of 10

      1. JanethEze says:

        You should be jealous, the phone is for big boys

  9. Cirphrank says:

    You wrote 32GB RAM. Nice one Ma, you buried this alive.

  10. Joshua says:

    nice review as ever, is still think it’s over priced tho… But it’s an awesome phone

  11. Samodan195 says:

    Nice review, pls what’s the chipset of this phone.
    Cos i can’t imagine buying a phone for $350 that scores this low in these two benchmark tests.
    I’m kinda dissapointed.
    Looks like I’ll get the elephone p7000.

  12. KingAbsolute says:

    Everything about this phantom 5 is dope, the phone is one of a kind.

  13. sammy says:

    tnx for the review but can u pls compare tecno c8 13mp and the phantom 5 13mp

  14. You got a nice review here dear. Keep up the good work. Never allow criticism to make you weary. But rather makes you a better person. This is an all encompassing review. Good job. Contact me let’s chat

    1. BenKafor says:

      Really dude? Is that how you ask someone out?

  15. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Nice review. Your really pulling it through. Your the firzt tp do a full review of this device. The device is good. Keep up the good work.

  16. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Miss techy can you do a face off review between phantom Z and phantom 5. I wanna see the faceoff between the two devices since they both share similar specs.

    1. BenKafor says:

      Phantom 5 would win dude

  17. SexyChiChi says:

    Miss Techy, Very very nice review. Everything about this phone seems too good to be true but if it is true then this is really impressive.

  18. BenKafor says:

    Fingerprint scanner. Damn, we are on some futuristic shiiiiii right here. Whoooaw

  19. JanethEze says:

    I can imagine how fast this phone will be. F*%$K I mean 3GB RAM 32GB ROM?????? Them wan kill peson

    1. Chisome says:

      LOL. Teell me about it

  20. micheal adeniji says:

    Very nice review.. Keep it up…

  21. micheal adeniji says:

    This phone is really cost.. 70k 4 mtk device..patiently waiting until it is sold out 4 50k

  22. Techycarole says:

    Great review you have here. The phone is truly gorgeous. I love it

  23. Eze amaechi says:

    please does phantom 5 produces deep bass sound via loudspeaker?

  24. Eze amaechi says:

    please does phantom 5 produces deep bass sound via loudspeaker?
    what about the call quality, is it average or above?

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