The InnJoo Halo Review: Can The Price Make You Overlook Its Defects? See Included Multitasking, Heat & Battery Test

If you are an avid MissTechy reader, you should know about the InnJoo Halo and, of course, the specs shouldn’t be foreign to you. Apparently this is a budget phone, but will the price make you turn a blind eye to its defect?
Join me as we review the InnJoo Halo together.


In the unboxing, I pointed out that the InnJoo Halo is a 5-inch dual sim device with soft keys.
One thing that makes the InnJoo Halo really obvious is its plastic back texture – though this design has received mixed feelings from a lot of people, some like it, others don’t.
As said in the previous post, we have the volume key and the power button on the right-hand side – this might hamper your screenshot taking skills. There is also an Earphone Jack on the top and a charging port by the side.


Honestly, the InnJoo Halo’s graphic has a lacklustre feel.
Instead of the full  InnJoo UI, we get the Android 4.4 KitKat UI with a touch of InnJoo.


I have two issues with the charging capabilities of the InnJoo Halo, for one, it takes quite a lot of time to charge and I also had issues charging the device via a laptop, it wasn’t stable one bit.
With a 3200mAh battery, you are left with more power to do much more, In the battery test video, you can see that the battery is one major unique selling point.


Like Joshua said, with the InnJoo Halo, you really get what you pay for, this goes for the camera as well,  the camera comes with a 2Mp front-facing camera and a 5MP back facing camera – which in my opinion is very poor – I mean we are in 2015 where OEMs like Sony are already giving us a 21MP camera. Anyways since it is a budget device, you can try to live with it or just use it as a second device.
Check out some shots from the camera.


Given that the device comes with a 1GB RAM, you can’t expect so much when it comes to RAM management, I tried playing games like Modern Combat 5, Batman, Need for speed: Most wanted and other system apps to see how well it can multitask, check out the video below, the video also includes a battery test and a temperature test.


As said earlier, the InnJoo Halo comes with an Android Kit Kat OS, I am not so sure if this is upgradable or not, but InnJoo has been sending out various Lollipop updates to several devices, so, there is a high chance that it might be. However, I noticed that the InnJoo Halo comes with a lot of bloatware especially from InnJoo, so of these apps can’t be uninstalled.

Also, there are so many ads from  InnJoo especially with the Fly store app which can be so annoying!


The InJoo Halo has an 8GB memory capacity but thanks to these bloat wares mentioned above, you are left with a 5GB usable storage.


With the speaker placed at the back of the screen, you need to put the phone facing upwards, sound quality wasn’t bad, though, if you are looking for a device that can offer quality audio, the InnJoo Halo might not be your best bet.


After using Antutu Benchmark, the Infinix Halo got a total of 19121, by the way, I wonder why Antutu couldn’t verify the InnJoo Halo.

With the InnJoo Halo having a cheap price tag, one might not be so quick to complain, However, will the price be enough to cover its defects? Do let me know in your comments.


57 comments on “The InnJoo Halo Review: Can The Price Make You Overlook Its Defects? See Included Multitasking, Heat & Battery Test

  1. Chibuzo Anthony says:

    The Halo looks nice but lack ‘some’ qualities…

  2. Joshua says:

    was really disappointed with the hype this phone got
    the camera looks really poor
    it’s Just bad, a low budget phone doesn’t mean you should remove all the fun and intresting from the smart phone to call it low budget
    Just one thing I’d like to know
    How on Earth did that phone score 19,121 on Antutu benchmark, with the terrible display, low ram, poor camera no notification light and proximity sensor
    it suprises me
    that score is higher than innjoo fire of 18,590
    which is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than this phone and they share the same slow charge wahala

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      There is probably a flaw with that.. I am guessing that is why antutu placed a no verified status.. By the way did you watch the video? I made a shout out to you

  3. Linda says:

    As usual top notch review.. For 14000 this phone isn’t so bad.. Can be a side material

  4. Joshua says:

    thanks for the shout out
    thing is I haven’t seen the video, I’ve opened it with opera mini and uc browser and chrome, still cant see the video Just pics…
    not usual

  5. Aminu says:

    Innjoo has a big problem and its something am yet to understand.
    At the launch event in Unilag , Innjoo announced to the world that Halo and Fireplus will launch with Android Lollipop.
    A friend of mine got Fireplus last week ; lo and behold , it was running Android KitKat with Innjoo’s boring UI!!!. He was soo pissed off that he had to sell the phone few days later.
    So my question is , who are they trying to fool? This guys ain’t serious. If I want a budget smartphone , I will rather get Infinix Hot X507.
    Innjoo is a brand I will not like to associate with. Too many inconsistencies. Remember Innjoo fire that was discharging by itself?

  6. Kelvin says:

    Nice video but that heat test is funny.

  7. Joshua says:

    Ya, your right Innjoo dies have inconsistencies buh. the brand is kinda ok
    considering the fact theater the company launched in 2014
    when tecno started I know how they were deceiving Nigerians to buy their plastic bad products, was a victim (no offense @ due hard tecno fans) now look where tecno is, making real good phones, innjoo is way better than tecno at producing phones Techno If u consider. their start with tecno
    still can’t believe some one will sell a phone for lollipop (not a bad reason) But….

  8. Joshua says:

    @ tobi, I’ve watched slot of tech phone reviews though this is the first from your site, I must confess it’s one one best I’ve seen
    most reviews are boring & Just straight to the point But this was lively, straight to the point and the time was totally worth it
    Thumbs up

    1. Noni says:

      I have to agree, Tobi does do very good review videos

  9. felix says:

    well if were to buy the phone, the price would have made me overlook the defects. but thank God im not planning sooner or lata to buy it. so the defects are so clear in my eyes

  10. DOLAPO says:

    pls compare d camera with infinix x507 which is better?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Okay Dolapo, watch this page, will attach a picture of post under this comment.

  11. DOLAPO says:

    pls try to miss..anticipating oo

  12. DOLAPO says:

    n if possible with innjoo fire 5mp!!

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol okay can’t guarantee with the InnJoo Fire but sneak peak, I have the InnJoo Fire Plus, so might likely do thaat but you’d have to wait for me to do the review of the InnJoo Fire Plus

  13. DOLAPO says:

    tnx..buh avnt seen d hot x507 yet…se d ihalo camera is really bad ni

  14. Fundango says:

    good job @tobi,how many hours can the battery last on heavy usage and does it com with 2a “fast charger”

  15. Victory says:

    @Aminu actually it does have android lollipop…. well only the LTE version. The 3G is still kitkat don’t know why they did that though…..

  16. ayo says:

    still confuse about diz fone innjoo halo

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      It doesn’t multitask quite well.

  17. Anonymous says:

    please misstechy I need the stock Rom for this innjoo halo ….my bro just bricked my phone

  18. FELIX says:

    Its a beautıful desıgn though

  19. Jerome says:

    I am using the Innjoo Halo, I got one word for it: “useless”

    1. Harry says:

      When you say useless, how useless is this useless?

  20. Jerome says:

    It takes forever to charge, the OTA update not working, the OS5.1 on the innjoo website doesn’t correspond with the instructions included, (.PAC), Even on edge the Battery only makes about seven hours (I got two batteries).

    1. Harry says:

      oh boy! That was brutal, but I guess it has the honest truth, thanks for the heads up, now I know what to avoid this season

  21. adebayo says:

    good job @tobi,plz I want 2 know truly durable is d battery.tank U

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      It’s okay, you shouldn\t expect too much.

  22. dejavu says:

    Well that’s a lie.. I for one use innjoo halo and I must say the battery was the major reason I Bought it.. Though it takes quite to attain full charge but on H+ with constant downloading , my battery discharges @10% for every 1hrmins of usage.. I play GTA San Andreas for 8-9 hrs @ full charge

  23. dejavu says:

    Well that’s a lie.. I for one use innjoo halo and I must say the battery was the major reason I Bought it.. Though it takes quite a while to attain full charge but on H+ with constant downloading , my battery discharges @10% for every 1hr 30mins of usage.. I play GTA San Andreas for 8-9 hrs @ full charge

  24. gabriel says:

    dejavu……a u siros,,if daz tru abt d ba3.itz nt bad

    1. dejavu says:

      One thing though, if u want to derive optimum usage from d battery use d phone at a stretch or else u won’t enjoy d battery usage.

  25. tony says:

    I just brought d phone,i hopen i wil not regret too much…. D way u people are comentin about d phone

  26. anonymous says:

    please am scared,people keep on saying injoo fire plus with 3600 mah battery drain faster, misstechy help me out,how good is d battery cos I wanna get the phone

  27. sumnan says:

    plz any one tell me about the front camera result of injoo halo??

  28. Michael says:

    pls why is d flash share nt connecting.
    too slow in connection

  29. Michael says:

    what is d solution to it nw.
    I tire o.

  30. Emmanuel says:

    I just got same phone. The battery life is good but UI wacked. What more can u expect from a phone @ that price.
    Dem try sha

  31. moses Edo says:

    The ba3 take one full day to charg, too slow in charging

    1. Anonymous says:

      I understand if u r fustrated wt d charging. But ur comment is only an exaggeration. It takes 2 and half or 3 hrs at most for a full charge.

  32. moses Edo says:

    Na lie, i have d phone also my own take 2-3h charg full from 0%- 100%, maybe ur cable is nt good

  33. Truth says:

    well, I am having a serious challange here. Somebody help! I can record videos with my new innjoo but when I play it, no sounds at all. Just the moving pictures!

  34. petite says:

    pls help o…my injoo fire isn’t charging stall even though it shows d charging icon.I jus tire.

  35. Abolarin says:

    Hi… Can’t load obb from SD…. What should I do..

  36. majid says:

    innjoo halo video rec but no video sound what is prblm???? audio recrding sound is gud

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Have you tried using a thrid party app say VLC to play the videos?

  37. Willie says:

    On the antutu benchmarking ,did you test the innjoo or the infinix? 🙁

  38. akinbande tolu says:

    Please miss techy,does diz halo support otg?

  39. Chima says:


  40. Godsboy says:

    innjoo halo is good anyway, very fast in browsing, the battery lasts well. the only problem am having with it is the front camera, it’s just very annoying. no matter how steady you keel your hand it will still look blurry.

  41. deji says:

    please my innjoo halo does not display anything when swithed on at first (the screen was just white) but now it does not even switch on at all

  42. eleja caroline says:

    pls i need innjoo halo 2 battey

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