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Awesome: Huawei Mate S Allows You Call Out Its Name When It Goes Missing

The Huawei Mate  S wants to be at your beck and call, literally!
The Huawei Mate S (not yet launched in Nigeria) was released earlier this month and packs a ton of features including Apple’s famous force touch and a voice calling feature that allows you call out your phone if it goes missing.


Huawei Mate S

So let’s say you misplaced your phone and there is no one at home to give it a ring, you can start yelling a particular keyword that would trigger the phone – this keyword is found in the voice command – after saying that keyword, the phone starts flashing lights, sounds and will even say “I’m here” so you can trace the sound to locate your device.

Huawei Mate S

In as much as this is a cool feature, you can only use this feature if your phone is within the range of your voice. To see it in action, watch the video.

Me likey!


10 comments on “Awesome: Huawei Mate S Allows You Call Out Its Name When It Goes Missing

  1. VicksPaulo says:

    Wow awesome,id like to get the device to answer to thrill my friends

  2. felix says:

    That’s so amazing. One of a kind. Its a nice 1 from huawei

  3. Joshua says:

    nice one
    huawei doesn’t fail to impress

  4. KingAbsolute says:

    Nice one from Huawie. The competition is getting hotter among phone brands.

  5. emmaedeh says:

    Truly innovative, I hope its not accent based o, sometimes calling out in an accent can render voice commands useless.
    I saw what you did there with knives chau from ‘scot pilgrim vs the world’ Nice.

  6. Abiola says:

    Nice innovation. Can’t wait 2 rock it. When is it coming to Nigeria?
    Alli Abiola

  7. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Its a cool feature…next apple will adopt it call it iFIND and isheeps everywhere will start saying innovation. Huawei is the nxt android oem that will carry the torch from samsung. Im starting to pick interest in their devices. Mate S is really a nice device. Big the way i like ma kinda phone and sports a superamoled…omg this device is a true beast after note 5.

  8. Osakwe tochukwu says:

    Hey miss techy the title of the article said its huawei mate s but the video said its for huawei p8?? misss teeeechyyyyyyyyyy. Recruit me na make i join ur team i love reviewing gadgets.

  9. Lewis Daniel says:

    Crazy, really crazy. I hope I can change the keyword to my taste, will put one badass Yoruba dialect like this?

  10. micheal adeniji says:

    Wen will it be launch in Nigeria ??

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