Infinix Hot 2 Indepth Review

This has been long overdue, but, I finally get to show you my experience with the Infinix Hot 2, Google’s Android One Device in Africa. In this review, we will be looking at the Infinix Hot 2 Camera, Battery life, Speed, Multitasking and overall performance. So sit back and enjoy. Don’t forget to leave a comment. *bats eyelashes*


For those who don’t know, the Infinix Hot 2 bears similar resemblance to the Infinix zero, it comes in 3 color variants – Gold, white and black.
Infinix Hot 2 Review (26)
Infinix Hot 2 Review (16)
We have the volume button and power button on the right side leaving the other side void of buttons.
Infinix Hot 2 Review (8)
You also get the earphone jack and the charging port on the top. As said in the unboxing, the Infinix Hot 2 is a dual sim device with a removable battery.
Infinix Hot 2 Review (15)


Immediately you power up the Infinix Hot 2, you get the Infinix logo first with some animation. (See all that plus the boot time in the video below).
Infinix Hot 2 Review (5) Infinix Hot 2 Review (12)
After that, you get to see the Android logo that has been beautifully designed.
Infinix Hot 2 Review (30)
You should also notice the ambient light sensor(you can barely see this) along with the LED notification light seated beside the front camera.
Infinix Hot 2 Review (13)


One unique selling point of the Infinix Hot 2 is that it comes with the latest Android OS – the Android 5.1 and will be upgraded to Marshmallow – you should note that these updates from Google will become obsolete on the Infinix Hot 2 after 2 years.
Infinix Hot 2 Review (7)

 Unlike the XUI ( Infinix stock UI) you are familiar with, the Infinix Hot 2 runs stock Android.

Infinix Hot 2 Review (4)

It comes with a capacitive button where the right  button serves as your background apps drawer.
Infinix Hot 2 Review (9)
I noticed that despite the fact that the Infinix Hot 2 is Google’s Android One device, you can still smell Infinix on the phone especially with the default android apps – The Infinix Hot 2 comes with apps like Jumia and Naij, but, you can delete them if you so wish.
Also, some of the apps like Music and Gallery have been replaced with Google’s Music and Photos. You also don’t get a file manager, but the ES file explorer should make up for this.
Since it is on the latest Android 5.1 you have the add guest user option that gives visitors access to your phone without them crowding your own comfy space.


With a 2200 mAh, you really can’t get your hopes high if you want a longer lasting battery – the Infinix Hot 2’s battery is on the average. Though, I must admit the battery doesn’t drain when in sleep mode – a 1% battery when not using the phone can last for a really long time. But, as soon as you decide to play with it, it zooms away. So if you are getting the Infinix Hot 2, you might just need to get a power bank.
Also, I loved the fact that the Infinix Hot 2 charges on time, not your regular quick charge feature but you might be happy with the way it charges all the same, at least, I was happy.


The Camera on the Infinix Hot 2 is an average camera, with an 8MP back camera and a 2MP front camera.
Infinix Hot 2 Review (20)
You really can’t expect much because the Infinix Hot 2 isn’t delivering so much in that area. However,  I was able to put the camera to real test and discovered that it wasn’t so bad.
See some shots below:
In a room with no light at all (P.S I couldn’t even see a thing)
What do you think of the camera?
By the way, you can see Android one come to play with the Camera UI and filters.


The Infinix Hot 2 comes with a 2GB RAM or 1GB RAM (though I have the 2GB version) and a 16GB storage, However, you only have 11GB usable storage  and less than 1GB RAM to use.
Despite this, the RAM management on the  Infinix is very decent, it handles your basic apps well and also performs very well when multitasking. When playing games, I didn’t notice any lag at all.
Infinix Hot 2 Review (28)
I noticed that after running several applications, normal level of brightness and downloads at the same time, it became quite warm.


Since they both come with a 2GB RAM, I compared the two devices together, check out the video below to see which one fared better:


I really like the fact that the speaker isn’t placed at the back of the phone instead it is found at the bottom, the sound you get is crisp (as Smartphone speakers go) but try not to expect too much – it does serve you well if you are in a room instead of outdoors.
Infinix Hot 2 Review (23)
Reception and voice quality on the Infinix Hot 2 are also very good –  Phone calls sounded crystal clear, with no background noise or other nasty interference getting in the way.


For the benchmark, I used Antutu Benchmark and the 3ds Benchmark (not all devices can handle this benchmark, but the Infinix Hot 2 did well)
See the results below:

See my Final rating and tell me what you think.


30 comments on “Infinix Hot 2 Indepth Review

  1. Lanre says:

    As always.. Great review.. Misstechy is my one stop blog for a thorough review. Kudos girl

  2. holuwamurewa says:

    No ooo I’m using the 2gb variant and I scored 21058 on antutu camera is very good for the price range and multitasking is awesome

    1. Korede says:

      Baba antutu benchmark isn’t consistent ..everyone knows this

  3. Abiola says:

    Great review. Love the way U took your time to explain each feature of the device. 9ice.
    Alli Abiola

    1. Korede says:

      I think misstechy is one of the best tech reviewer

  4. felix says:

    Shout out to u @miss techy for bringing the review to us. And for what i think abt the phone, its jst the android 5 that makes it kindaa different to me. Nothin more

  5. Dude says:

    Plz help me out my infinix hot 2 has soMe missing apps like gallery file manager and other things I just to know if its normal for it to be like that or its fault pls let me know on time so DAT I can return De phone be4 its late plz ,waiting 4ur reply thanks !

  6. carl says:

    this is my first time of visiting this blog,I must confess I am really impressed.I already bookmarked this site.keep the good work going….big fan

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Yayy Carl.. Smiley face at the moment, thanks, hope to see you here more often.

  7. KyLe West says:

    I love ur blog so much. Please keep reviewing the phones this way, it displays everything we wanna see when a phone gets out. And I can say this is the best phone review blog aside gsm arena….but they don’t recognise little phones like tecno or infinix…..making this blog second to none.^_^

  8. ob4 says:

    hmmm first time im seein a tech female……very interesting. sha really wanna get this phone buh scared about d ba3. do u think i can get a full day out of this gadget???

  9. precious says:

    hey, I got this phone weeks ago and was thrilled, but my proximity sensor has stopped functioning and I no longer see app notifications on my pull down menu. Can you tell me how to fix this?

  10. Kingsley says:

    Is the Infinix hot 2 camera better than Tecno camon c8

      1. Truth says:

        Can the infinix hot 2 camera be compared with tecno camon c5

        1. Tobi Ayeni says:

          Hello Truth, I haven’t tested the C5 so I cant say

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  12. Hotline bling says:

    Wow! First time on here n I must say it was a nice review in total, but you didn’t say how many hours the battery could last (on 3G and 2G) I don’t normally drop comments o, but just bcus u asked b4 ud give me dt bat eye 😀

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol first your name @Hotline Bling, got me smiling. now back to your concerns, I’d test that out and update this comment. So great to see your comment, it made me smile.

  13. Mucky Jobs says:

    A great tech news fan and I really loved this site and the review process

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      OMG Thank you Micky!!!

  14. Jerry Jerrison says:

    First time of visit. Love this blog. Really informing. Being of grt help when I started to think my infinix hot 2 was a fake. Thank u. Kudos

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Wow thank you so much Jerry ?

  15. sammi says:

    Nice review, please I want to repost it and redirect the credit to your website.

  16. Ruquoyah says:

    Thanks to the post I just bought ♏Ɣ phone on friday nd have been have been hving issues with the battery cos it thought it’s fake but ur post mke me understand the phone now. M a first timer here

  17. jammy says:

    wow…am impressed..mine is removeable battery nd ws scared out wen sme of my pals tld me its in-built battry…buh wit ur site hve qained knwledq abt d phne…u al feel free to cht wit me on wtsap via 09030961738 .tkns.

  18. joseph says:

    wow am impressed

  19. mine says:

    Mistechy i have something like this but says it is fake

  20. Anonymous says:

    My back button is at the right hand side while the minimize is at the left so annoying but works perfect just like the others

  21. Emmanuel says:

    My back button is at the right hand side while the minimize is at the left so annoying but works perfect just like the others

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