Join MissTechy In Unboxing The InnJoo Halo

Yay guys!
I finally got my copy of the InnJoo Halo, the latest device from InnJoo Mobile, so join me in the unboxing – I will also be putting the device through its paces over the coming days, so stay tuned for more coverage.



The packaging still features the red color that InnJoo is famous for.

innjoo halo unboxing

Innjoo Halo unboxing

Opening the top reveals the InnJoo Halo in all its champagne color glory. Do bear in mind that the InnJoo Halo is available in 3 different colors, White, Champagne Gold and Grey.
Innjoo halo unboxing
Along with the device, you get your necessary accessories like your standard microUSB cable, the AC wall, a red earphone and a large 3200mAh battery.
innjoo halo unboxing
innjoo halo unboxing


The InnJoo Halo is a 5-inch device with Capacitive Touch Screen and a slightly curved edge.
innjoo halo unboxing
innjoo halo unboxing
When you remove the back cover, you should notice the Micro and Mini sim slots –  allowing you have the best of both worlds. It also has a MicroSD card slot expandable to 32GB and a removable battery.
You should also notice the 5MP camera lens that comes with single flash and a 2MP front camera. Do bear in mind that the InnJoo Halo doesn’t come with a proximity sensor or notification sensor.
You have the volume button and the power button on the right side (Might be uncomfortable taking a screenshot ), the charging port is at the left side with your earphone jack on the top.
InnJoo claims the InnJoo Halo has a Kevlar back but at first glance you might think it is, however, it is smoother than your regular kevlar. The speaker is also placed beside the camera as said in the previous post.
When you power up the device, you are greeted with the InnJoo Logo, though, the display isn’t as clear as the InnJoo Fire.
Instead of the InnJoo UI that InnJoo is famous for, we get Google’s Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) UI.
With a 1GB RAM and a 8GB ROM many might not be impressed with the processing package that comes with the InnJoo Halo, However, for a device that is sold at N13,999 you might be tempted to settle for it.
So there you have it for this quick unboxing and a first look at the InnJoo Halo! Stay tuned with Misstechy as I bring you more about the InnJoo Halo, including a comprehensive review.
What do you think of InnJoo Halo, Let me know your views down below guys!


29 comments on “Join MissTechy In Unboxing The InnJoo Halo

  1. Kelvin says:

    I’m really anxious to see the UI. , Especially the InnOs. Will like to know if they have improved on it , or its still that same boring look i saw on Innjoo Fire.

  2. Joshua says:

    Am really disappointed with the no proximity sensor or notification light tho
    Nice phone sha… I like the back and camera design
    This is a classic example of you get what you pay for

      1. crown says:

        where can I get it, can’t find it on jumia, u can send me a link

  3. GPJ says:

    Pls help us confirm if it will really get an os upgrade… and how good are the cameras?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hello GPJ, Innjoo claims it is upgradable.
      With regards to your second question, Given the fact that it is a 5MP camera, it can be termed as an average camera. Stay glued will do a full review that will cover that.

  4. ugochukwu says:

    When will the phone be available in stores and online to buy

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      You can pre-order a copy from Jumia

  5. Ajibola says:

    Is it capable of playing games like GTA and FIFA pls ???

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      I would put that to test and show you.

      1. Ajibola says:

        Would be expecting plsssss. Before I think of buying it.

        1. Tobi Ayeni says:

          No problem. you can count on Misstechy 😀

  6. Debby says:

    Its the screen upto that of camon 8 ???

  7. Lewis says:

    Waiting for the fire plus review though, want to know where it beats the InnJoo ONE

  8. Kay says:

    You seem to be the first to be out with the unboxing.
    Kudos Tobi. 😉

  9. Samm says:

    Since no one is saying it, I’d just go ahead and say it..
    This is really ugly.
    I never liked Innjoo anyway.. ?

    1. Kay says:

      It’s one sculpture. 😐

    2. Samm says:

      who makes tha kinda mistake?
      Look at the picture before the last one.. You would see “SYSTME” DATA

  10. Fundango says:

    good job miss techy,pls i would be waiting 4 user’s review.

  11. FathomBerrt says:

    is it upgradeable to Lollipop?

  12. Name* says:

    I must say i wasn’t at all impressed with the specs.. But considering the price, i think it was ok.

  13. felix says:

    I must say i wasn’t at all impressed with the specs.. But considering the price, i think it was ok.

  14. felix says:

    I must say i wasn’t at all impressed with the specs…. But considering the price, i think it was ok.

  15. Sharon Abby says:

    The injoo halo is a little too disappointing, they could have increased the price by a few thousands while adding much robust specs and features. The infinix hot 2 nails it you know. I wrote about the specs on my blog. You can check it out. Your blog has a very catchy name and nice logo.

  16. val says:

    pls does the injoo halo comes with another box beside the red colour, the one i have is nt in a red box.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hello Val, InnJoo boxes are always in white and red colors.

  17. daniel says:

    I think I love the injoo halo bcos of d price but I would like too know what proximity sensor and notification sensor mean before ordering for the phone techy

  18. Seyi says:

    nice. but does it support OTG? and with the “no proximity sensor” thingy, would the screen light still go off when making a call? thanks

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