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Have You Seen This Viral Video Of Ants Dancing In Circles to A Ringing iPhone?

Lol, they were probably dancing shoki.

Apparently, the video is meant to show you what your phone does to your Brain cells.
In the video, the ants were seen moving in random patterns. After the iPhone starts ringing, the ants magically align and starts orbiting the ringing iPhone, you will also see that they maintained a reasonable distance from the iPhone. #CircleOfLife

Ants Dancing to A Ringing iPhone

Ants Dancing in circles to A Ringing iPhone

According to Yahoo, An Entomology Professor claims that ants have magnetic receptors in their antennae, if they are travelling long distances, they use magnetic cues from the earth to know if they are going north, east, south or west.
Other scientists are of the opinion that the video is fake.
Entomologist Phil Torres told Tech Insider this:

Honestly, looks kind of off to me and I’d say it is probably a faked video. Not that ants aren’t capable being tricked into doing amazing, fascinating behaviors but something about their movement in general doesn’t seem quite ant-like to me. I could be very wrong though, just would need to know more about where it was filmed and if swarming ant species would be found there.

Whichever way, I find it quite fascinating.. Do you think the video is fake?


4 comments on “Have You Seen This Viral Video Of Ants Dancing In Circles to A Ringing iPhone?

  1. EmmanuelIK says:

    Ok I see what the 2nd scientist was talking about, that does look weird, really weird, and they were already circling the phone beforet it began ringing albeit in a less defined formation.
    My verdict….. FAKE!

  2. felix says:

    I really dont think that video is real..
    Ok let me say the truth…nothing like that can ever happen. It then means that, that video is #fake!!!

  3. Joshua says:

    I think it’s totally fake the ants were already around the phone

  4. micheal adeniji says:

    Lol.. So funny

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