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When Ads And Privacy Clash: Google Adopts Dark Practices ….Again

This is what happens when ads and privacy clash.
We all know these two don’t see eyeball to eyeball thanks to the fact that Google can’t really penetrate into Apple’s new  iOS to effectively serve ads (Everyone knows Google relies on ads for revenue). Now, Google is trying to play dirty without getting directly involved.
If you can remember, this is definitely not the first time Google is using these tricks to solve its problems especially with Apple, In 2012, Google was landed with a $22.5 million fine after hacking Apple’s Safari web browser to disable a setting blocking an ad tool.
Apple has added what it calls App Transport Security (ATS) to iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, which can make programmers always protect people from eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle tampering. Since Google is aware of this, they made a post on how to disable  Apple’s enforcement of HTTPS-only connections – So the developers either do this or Google ads won’t show up on up-to-date iPhones and iPads which means no money for the developers.
As Google writes in a blog post:

“While Google remains committed to industry-wide adoption of HTTPS, there isn’t always full compliance on third party ad networks and custom creative code served via our systems.
To ensure ads continue to serve on iOS9 devices for developers transitioning to HTTPS, the recommended short term fix is to add an exception that allows HTTP requests to succeed and non-secure content to load successfully.

However, due to the backlash, Google updated its blog post to emphasize that it suggests this only as a last resort. ” But we all know that Developers do not understand the words “only as a last resort” if it gets their code done faster.

According to the post,  “We’ve received important feedback about this post and wanted to clarify a few points. We wrote this because developers asked us about resources available to them for the upcoming iOS 9 release, and we wanted to outline some options. To be clear, developers should only consider disabling ATS if other approaches to comply with ATS standards are unsuccessful. Apple has provided a tech note describing different approaches, including the ability to selectively enable ATS for a list of provided HTTPS sites.

In my opinion, these are just stories. Whatever happened to the Google mantra of “Do No Evil?”


6 comments on “When Ads And Privacy Clash: Google Adopts Dark Practices ….Again

  1. Kelvin says:

    We all know Google Generates 90% of their earnings from adverts which explains why they are going to the extreme to remove adblockers from browsers.
    What I will suggest they do is have a round table meeting with Apple and try to reach an agreement that will benefit both parties.
    But that is very unlikely to happen. Apple’s Ego maybe too much + Android is their biggest rival and Android is Owned by Google.
    Interesting Story 🙂

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Thank you Kelvin 🙂

  2. Joshua says:

    Google will always do whatever they can to make profit

  3. DY says:

    I agree with Kelvin

  4. SweetSusie says:

    Lol google of life though.. Why can’t they be satisfied with the money they are Already making.. Until they eat something they can’t swallow abi

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