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The Android One E-Commerce Story From Konga And Jumia's Perspective.

With both claiming to be Nigeria’s largest e-commerce platform, Konga and Jumia have become Nigeria’s go to platforms for their online shopping needs, I am sure when Nigerians shop, they have the Konga and Jumia tab opened with the  “If it is not on Konga, it should be on Jumia and vice versa” mentality. Thanks to this,  the two direct competitors have always ensured they stayed on top of their game with their marketing (In this type of business, that is the only sane thing to do).
However, with the Android One Launch in Nigeria, there is only one E-commerce platform that gets to keep the bigger share of the cake. ( I am guessing you all know who it is).
Jumia sold 5000 units of  the Infinix Hot 2 in ……. wait for it (P.S: I am sure you all are like)
i cant wait
……….30 short  MINUTES!!  Amazing right?
jumia hot 2 solt out (1)
After I discovered it was sold out on Jumia, I did what every Nigerian would do – checked However, I  discovered that they barely had 100 sales, which I am guessing has a lot to do with the price.
I always love a good marketing strategy when I see one, and it seems Jumia has clinched the title this time with this partnership.


4 comments on “The Android One E-Commerce Story From Konga And Jumia's Perspective.

  1. EmmanuelIK says:

    At 1st I was like is Konga high with those prices?! Then I noticed it was third party sellers hiking the price like that.

    1. Kay says:

      Yea “Konga” in itself Does not sell the hot 2 yet. Dunno why, but that’s no good.
      Same happened with the infinix hot when it initially debuted, so I am not surprised. 😐

  2. Chidexta says:

    Personally i love the competition but i think Konga needs to up their game and make things competitive to avoid monopoly and downright exploitation

  3. DY says:

    This animations and picture ehh 😀

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