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Finally An iPhone That Runs On Android

Please don’t tell me you actually thought Apple would make an iPhone that runs on Android!  If you did, you might have just committed a Tech crime – no jokes and please don’t blame me and my title.
Anyways, True! there is an iPhone that runs on Android’s OS, but, you should have guessed by now that Apple Inc. had no hand in it. This crime (which isn’t the first) was carried out by our guys from China aka the Aba of China, aka the King of  clones. You see the GIF image below – that is the packaging of the iPhone 6 that runs on Android.

Fake iPhone 6s

Fake iPhone 6s via Dailydot (DarGadgetz)

The packaging wasn’t the only thing that was cloned, even the accessories (Apple EarPods and charging cord) weren’t left out of the process.
Fake iPhone 6s
The video below shows us that despite the fact that the iPhone 6 looks similar to the iPhone 6 we all know and love, it doesn’t function like one. For example, if you click on the Apple maps icon, the Google maps opens in its stead, this applies to the app store and other features.

I think Google should find a way of blocking such from happening. Moving forward, Salute to the king of clones! I wonder why they can’t use this energy and resources to create their own Tecno and Infinix.
In other related news, would you be getting the iPhone 6? It is sold for $100 by the way.


9 comments on “Finally An iPhone That Runs On Android

  1. Amoo Olusola says:

    Chai… Nawa for these chinco guys oh..dey can clone anytin..

  2. TeeWhy says:

    Make sense 🙂

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      So you will buy it yeah?

  3. EmmanuelIK says:

    “the iPhone 6 looks similar to the iPhone 6 we all know and love”
    Nope, we don’t all love it.

  4. ElGenio says:

    Woah.., their ingenuity can be misplaced atimes
    Wait…what OS does it run on ?
    Its nice though

  5. Benjibabs says:

    No, I did not think for a sec that Apple would put that thing called Andriod on iPhone. And a big, fat He*l to that NO to even accept the fake Iphone for free.
    There is nothing pretty about cloning other people’s product. Apple should kick their butts.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lool.. I Did not expect less from you.

  6. kaybang says:

    i trust apple & it’s fan bois. Right now they’ll be like…

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