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An In-Depth Tecno Camon C8 Review – Is 1GB Really Enough?

When I first met the Camon C8, the first thing I noticed was the size – exactly 5.5 inches big! Of course with something that big, you’d want to show it off by taking it out on a date and if things go well, start a relationship.
Today marks our 2 weeks anniversary and I can proudly say I’ve known enough about the C8 – what makes it tick, as well as what I like and hate about it.
Did I end up falling in love with the C8? Find out!
P.S: The phone is within the N20,000 – N30,000 price range.


Design and build quality

If you enjoy a phone that feels solid when holding it, then you might just love the Tecno Camon C8, thanks to its leather grainy texture, you get this grippy feel when holding the phone.
tecno camon c8 review design
As said in the previous post, the Camon C8 doesn’t feel heavy at all. Also, instead of having a notification sensor at the top of the screen, the softkeys placed below the screen served that purpose, you could also adjust the settings (more on that later).
tecno camon c8 review
Another thing I loved about the design was the fact that the logo on the back cover wasn’t  so obvious. Also, you should bear in mind that the Camon C8 comes with a Micro and Mini Sim. Lastly, We have the power button and the shutter button (To allow you quickly take those images) on the right side
tecno camon c8 review


Let me start by complimenting Tecno Mobile on making a smartphone display that is so on point! The Camon C8’s 720 x 1080p panel is very sharp and won’t leave anyone wanting for a lack of detail.
tecno camon c8 review
I think the display is enhanced  by Miravision pre-installed in the C8. All in all, I can tell you that the display on the Camon C8 is crystal clear –  all the colors come alive and not just in the night time.
tecno camon c8 review

Battery life

With a 3000mAh battery on the Camon C8, do you need to bother with a power bank? Maybe if you’re a terrible game addict. One word for the battery life on the Camon C8 – amazing!
Given my terrible relationship/bad habit with charging phones. (I hardly charge my devices till the last minute) the Tecno Camon C8 still got me covered. I remember waking up one morning to discover that I didn’t charge the C8  and I had 15% to get me through – the 15% got me 30 minutes grace with Wifi and brightness still active.
Also, there is a Battery saver mode and an ultra power saving mode – The battery saving mode reduces the device performance ( Might not be so effective if you need to save more battery)
While the Ultra power saving mode is very effective in saving battery, it creates a simple main screen that allows you use only essential applications.


The Camon C8 comes with roughly 10GB of usable internal storage, but it’s also equipped with a microSD card slot to help quench your thirst for additional gee-bees.

Audio and speaker

This might be disappointing to a few people – the Camon C8 has its speaker rooted at the back of the phone, so, for every time you need to play some good music you must always ensure you turn your phone to the back.
tecno camon c8 review


Err, you all know that the major feature Tecno Mobile is selling with the Camon C8 is its camera. For those who don’t know the Camon C8 comes with a 13Mp with auto-focus and dual flash.
tecno camon c8 review
..and a 5MP front camera with flash.
It has 4 capture modes – the wave to capture, touch capture, voice capture, and delay capture, it also has a HDR, actual mode, PIP (picture in picture) mode and the slow mo mode.
I am sure you all are waiting to see pictures taken with the Camon C8, however, in order to really go extensive on the camera, a camera review would be made that would contain some comparisons with my Nx300, Infinix Hot 2, Galaxy S5 and S4 to see if the device is truly worth the hype.


If you have been keeping up with the latest Tecno Mobile’s customized Android OS, you would have noticed that their user interface is so beautiful especially with the Boom J7. Well, the Camon C8 is no exception as the UI is even flatter than the previous UI thanks to the fact that it runs on a customized version of Android Lollipop 5.0 (64-bit).
Upon powering up the device after the regular set up, you would be required to do a firmware update to enhance machine stability and patch bugs. The update is 7.22MB in size. Do bear in mind that the update isn’t a software update and upon updating I didn’t really notice any changes
You should also see the Lollipop OS come into play especially when you need to stop apps. Unlike previous OS versions, the Lollipop OS allows you clear all apps at once instead of swiping them one after the other.
It also has some basic functions like tap to wake, quick start, music control, flip to mute and wave to answer.
In case you need to take a quick picture, there is a camera on the home slider where you can take pictures instantly, these pictures would appear on the timeline.
Lastly, as said earlier, your softkey is serving as your notification sensor. To adjust this, just go to display- Light and choose whatever tickles your fancy

Performance: Multitasking

I am so sure most of you are wondering if  the 1GB on the Tecno Camon C8 can handle heavy tasks. To put your minds at ease especially if you are a gamer and need to get the Camon C8, I have created a multitasking test video – In the video, I tried running different games like Monument valley, GTA, Hitman Sniper and other apps like camera, music, temple run, subway surfer all at the same time.
Do Watch the video and tell me what you think:



What is a review without a few Benchmarks, in order to see how the Camon C8 fared with other high-end devices, I used the Antutu Benchmark and Geek Bench 3. See the results:

Yes! the Tecno C8 got a total of 27,031 which is quite impressive for a phone in that price range.
For the GeekBench 3, the Camon C8 had 574 in the Single core comparison.


I have to admit that I like the Camon C8. However, will this like translate to love and possibly lead to a long-lasting relationship? Watch out for part 2. 
I’d give my final say when I compare the Camon C8’s Camera with other devices and yes! a professional camera,  if the Camon C8’s camera has what it takes to beat these guys .. we can talk about marriage!
Before you go, here are some few bugs/Just for laughs I discovered. (Note: This only happened once, you might not experience this on your device)
Any chinese reader in the house?Screenshot_2015-08-20-09-28-52
That is all I can take and as always I would love to read your comments.
UPDATE: I’VE BEEN USING THE TECNO CAMON C8 FOR THE PAST 1 MONTH, WHEN I STARTED USING IT, It handled my apps well albeit not too many apps. However, of recent, the Camon c8 regularly shuts down apps. I have made a complaint to Tecno Mobile and I hope they send an update to fix this. 


136 comments on “An In-Depth Tecno Camon C8 Review – Is 1GB Really Enough?

  1. EmmanuelIK says:

    I’m really liking this phone so far, I’m going to change my phone soon and this is will probably be the one depending on price of course.

    1. windyjosezy says:

      am begin to think i will change my phone also

      1. tolung says:

        come on dunt think joooor.. just change it jooor

      2. femikutti says:

        me too

    2. tolung says:

      lol…sha dont steal your mums money to buy the phone ooo, but the phone is actually a nice one

    3. tolung says:

      the price is now out naw, 25,900

      1. bolutife coke says:

        yea saw it today

      2. Clement John says:

        please if you know a place I can by one …please do contact me on …WhatsApp no:-09020202897
        thank you

  2. T says:

    Misstechy you have kill me..with this review . Love the video review by the way

    1. tolung says:

      hmmmmm, but why is the sound that low

      1. bolutife coke says:

        you dont expect the phone to be perfect naw

    2. bolutife coke says:

      she is a good review maker

  3. JujuEars says:

    I can’t wait to wait to move from my Boom J7 to the Camon though. Thorough review… clearing many doubts.

    1. SexyChiChi says:

      Help me move nah

      1. tolung says:

        lol…move yourself joooor

    2. onekindaguy says:

      ok oh, make sense

      1. tolung says:

        over make sense

    3. tolung says:

      lol…what are you waiting for

    4. bolutife coke says:

      give me your boomj7 naw

      1. femikutti says:

        ole, go and buy ur own naw

  4. SexyChiChi says:

    Wow, Great phone it is

    1. tolung says:

      you can saying it again

      1. bolutife coke says:

        fantastic phone it is

      2. Leisure says:

        Think about de phantom z

  5. BenKafor says:

    I am looking forward to the gaming experience

    1. tolung says:

      asin, i cant wait to play grandtheft auto on it men

      1. BenKafor says:

        Yes GTA is just the best!

        1. bolutife coke says:

          asphalt speed joor

          1. femikutti says:

            grandtheft is better to know or enjoy the graphix of the phone

      2. bolutife coke says:

        grandtheft keh, abi asphalt speed

  6. JanethEze says:

    My boyfriend will get this for me for sure <3

    1. KENSHI says:

      Sister… buy for your own boyfriend too na.

      1. tolung says:

        abi oooooo, as for me i would get for my bf

        1. femikutti says:

          your head they thier

      2. SexyChiChi says:

        The bf should get for her joor, is that not his job???

        1. femikutti says:

          are you serz?? buying phones is the work of the work of a boyf???/

    2. tolung says:

      lol… that wia they will see you

    3. bolutife coke says:

      what if i buy 2 of this phone for you will you leave him for me?

      1. femikutti says:

        she willl surely leave her boyf

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      so you no be boss laddy

  7. KENSHI says:

    Aha! For them that were doubting. Misstechy *kiss kiss*

    1. BenKafor says:

      Who doubts Miss Techy. She’s Legit

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        yea sure, she is legit as the phone

        1. femikutti says:

          lol… you people should leave my boo alone ooo

  8. SolaJ says:

    This girl in the video can talk for Africa sha.
    The screen size is just PERFECT. I like the experience from the review though. Cool

    1. tolung says:

      i actually love all about the phone

      1. bolutife coke says:

        same here bae

        1. femikutti says:

          me too

    2. bolutife coke says:

      lol…dunt mind the talkative jooor but atlist she passed acrosss something reasonable

      1. femikutti says:


    3. femikutti says:

      getting the phone will make the experience real

  9. victor says:

    great review. have you done one for the camo
    n c5?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      No Victor, I don’t have the review unit yet.

      1. tolung says:


        1. bolutife coke says:

          come on calm down for her naw

      2. femikutti says:

        when will you get the review ma

  10. Nuel says:

    I have been all over the internet looking for tech reveiws, specs and video reviews for the pass one week, that’s mid august and then i came across yours, your review cemented my thoughts on whether or not to either get this or the Infinix hot 2 (android one) i am picking the Camon thanks to your reviews and a host of others i have had to come across, totally fell in love with you being open minded, a simple and well done review, waiting for the camera test tho, that will be the icing but i am seriously considering selling my tab and getting this device once it hits the market, babe where did you get yours from tho? like the bit of brit accent ur trying out, anyways i’ll be keeping this space, nuff love dear, keep it up.

    1. tolung says:

      chai…you a story teller oooo

      1. bolutife coke says:

        i wonder oooo, see how much he typed

  11. Kiki tha Slayer says:

    please who wants to buy a one month old Asus fonepad 7, i dont think il be able to wait out the time i initally planned to get this phone. kai. great review misstechy

    1. tolung says:

      thank God , you know that this phone is better than your phone

      1. femikutti says:

        it obvious that he knows

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      it is not only asus pad it is

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        lol, are you beefing him ni

  12. Oghogho says:

    nice review miss techy, you mentioned 4 types of capture, is it that you can activate the camera with any one of those commands? or how?

      1. tolung says:

        are you for real??

        1. bolutife coke says:

          you are still asking again,, she said yes na

          1. femikutti says:

            dont mind him

  13. Hokaamoy says:

    I was really hoping camera quality would be featured in this review. Anyway, all my doubts about getting this phone has cleared. Thanks

    1. tolung says:

      that the usefullness of review.. thumbs up miss techy

      1. bolutife coke says:

        yes you are right

      2. femikutti says:

        miss techy na pro in review naw

  14. nonichuks says:

    Beautiful phone

  15. tbadejo25 says:

    Tecno finish work with this phone mehn

    1. tolung says:


    2. bolutife coke says:

      lol… tecno phones sha have ave mouth

    3. femikutti says:

      let them know

  16. Bastian Grey says:

    so i just saw this phone at 3c hub going for 25’900. and it is money well spent if you do decide to get it. in fact i would encourage you t get it if your budget is around that.

    1. bolutife coke says:

      i also saw it in the slot in my school… it is cute

  17. tolung says:

    this lollipop is really giving the phone ui a beautifull look

    1. bolutife coke says:

      asin ehn, it is very cute

      1. femikutti says:

        lol….see their mouth

  18. bakkajo says:

    This is such a lovely phone

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      yea it is

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  19. Lanre says:

    It’s been confirmed, Al these guys are working for tecno… I have been tracking your comments online

    1. tolung says:

      and her much are you paid for blackmail?

    2. bolutife coke says:

      mumu, dont go and find work to do

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  20. tolung says:

    what the essence of the 900 na, y not 26000 naw

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      and it true ooo,

  21. EmmanuelIK says:

    Why was the video removed?

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      hmmmm, only God knows mehn

  22. femikutti says:

    perfect opne ma

  23. EmmanuelIK says:

    I think she removed it herself.

  24. tobi says:

    No stock recovery on the phone. Its saying no command. I think one wud
    need to flash recovery tru so flash tool.
    Do u have the scatter file and recovery for c8???

  25. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all the insults ooo, na offense to comment my thoughts abi… anyways i also have an asus FonePad 4 sale.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Miss Techy… Have read reviews on nairland that tecmo c8 sucks at multitasking… Am planing on getting this phone.. Please how True is that ??

  27. micheal adeniji says:

    Miss techy.. I read reviews about the techno c8 that the multitasking really suck and am planing on buying this device.. Please how true is that ??

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Recently, it couldn’t handle multitasking well, I have sent a mail to Tecno Mobile about this.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I love ur video….

  29. Attahiru Zubairu says:

    This is not how to make comments on reviews. Ask her whether the phone can handle multitasking, ask questions about the camera performance compared to other competitions like lenovo k3 note, umi iron, etc. Why 1gb ram, 720p instead of 1080p as seen on other competitions in 2015 etc instead of agreeing with everything she said.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Please how do I set it to get notifications? That’s what am using right now.. Sometimes I get notifications sometimes I don’t, mostly what’s app but I want to know how I can get all my notifications to pop up.. Thanks

  31. Anonymous says:

    Please how do I set it to get notifications? That’s what am using right now.. Sometimes I get notifications sometimes I don’t, mostly what’s app but I want to know how I can get all my notifications to pop up.. Thanks this is my email add

  32. Sagman says:

    Plz I have a lil Q here…Plz which is better between Tecno Camon C8 and Tecno R7(The Beast) knowing fully well that R7 is on OS 4.2 and yet to receive any update on New OS which I dont think its gonna get despite possessing OTA…and alxo I would lov yu to convince me on a better one without really emphasizing on the price difference

  33. Noni says:

    Thank you for this comprehensive review of the Camon C8, and the photos in the other article. I’m considering getting this and have been looking all over for a review of this and to date, yours is the most detailed.
    Think I might hang around here…. 🙂

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      *screaming all over the place* yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  34. Lewis Daniel says:

    Saw it with a colleague of mine yesterday and I must confess, it was , especially the UI, for the first time, I actually like a Tecno phone’s UI. That’s a plus.

  35. felix says:

    Nıce1 from tecno but they cant catch me

  36. Chris says:

    It is a nice device. Wonderful review by the way MissTechy

  37. adeyemi mathew says:

    I’m really liking this phone so far,
    I’m going to change my phone
    soon and this is will probably be
    the one depending on price of

  38. qwin says:

    i am having issues with my c8 i have to charge upto 10 hours for it to get full…

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Try and calibrate your battery. Do you know how to do that?

  39. Ire says:

    As a full time alaroro, I’ve been looking to get a New Phone with a good camera – I appreciate the review and I think I might just be giving myself the C8 for Christmas. Might.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      lol @ full time alaroro

  40. santuskudos says:

    mine is nt playing team dragon,killer bean nd host of them,,,xo plz @ #misstechy whtz d prob cos am vexed up abt dat…

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Have you installed the updates that comes with the camon c8

  41. wunmi says:

    The phone is really is nice device but I have realise that it is not really good for some of us that love games. Multitasking is really bad and must times it just shut down the game I am playing and get to home pay. My apps takes 4 to 5 seconds to switch when am multi tasking. I think if an update can be release soon to fix that it will be very nice

  42. santuskudos says:

    yes,I did installed it and after that my camon 8 cn nt still play ordinary Zuma revenge,TNT and others bt nt only that,,,my sister bought it too nd after d update hers cn nt still play the team dragon nd killer bean I sent her to her phone even when I want to play pes2011 it wil write dat the game architect ARMT6 is nt compactable with ur device ARMT4,,,
    am jt xo vexed up abt it bcos even my m3,p5 nd h6 cn play al this game without any problem…
    #misstechy plz help me to look into it cos I lyk playing android games buh my camon8 is jt tempting me to smash it against the wall…

    1. Anonymous says:

      Having exactly the same problem bro

  43. shegs says:

    Will the c8 get marshmallow update

  44. Anonymous says:

    Comment Text*. my c8 is just 3weeks old , for sale

    1. Clement John says:

      I need one …WhatsApp no:-09020202897

  45. Legendary Fortune says:

    Miss Techy the big ish here is that the Tecno Camon c8 cant multi-task. It can’t even minimize apps. Any solution ?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Have you tried installing the updates that come with the phone?

      1. Legendary Fortune says:

        Yes. Even the new Marshmallow update. It’s whack!

  46. Michaelking says:

    Having exactly the same problem bro

  47. Michaelking says:

    Tobi, i’m facing same problem with santuskudos

  48. nicky sandy says:

    my own selects charger and power bank? which power bank does it use?

  49. Emeka says:

    When i make 3 or 4 calls,the next call it will start displaying “call not sent,limit exceeded”.Is there anything i can do or is this the way it’s made.

  50. Please i need d pouch case for tecno camon c5 how can u get it for me

  51. @vinyl4realz says:

    Miss techy please reply immediately.. Between the innjoo max2 plus and the tecno c8 which one stands out better? Or do you have any advice of phones under #40 000 naira that are good?

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