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Guess Who Is Coming To Nigeria? Xiaomi!!

Good news Africa! Xiaomi is coming to town!


Xiaomi is coming to Africa – Image source: GSMARENA

The most valuable mobile company in China known to so many as the Apple of China is coming to Africa, Xiaomi will be using a pan-Africa distributor, Mobile In Africa – who were in charge of distributing Apple Inc.’s products to 50 sub-Saharan countries.  Forbes reported, citing the distributor’s president- RJ van Spaandonk;

Xiaomi is “very well suited to the needs and income levels of the emerging middle classes in Africa,” Forbes cited Van Spaandonk as saying.
“There is a great need for mobile technology in Africa that is of top-notch quality but still affordable. What I found in Xiaomi is a company, and a business model, that can accommodate the needs of African consumers,” he told Forbes.

Xiaomi hopes to launch two smartphones in Africa by September – The Red Mi 2 & M4 priced at $160 (N32,000) and $320 (N64,000) respectively.
I think this is a good strategy and it’s long awaited. I am of the opinion that Xiaomi would see a spike in sales, especially in Nigeria. This would also ensure popular brands like Tecno Mobile, Infinix, InnJoo and the likes stay on their toes thanks to their new competition. #CantWait!
Y’all better start saving!


8 comments on “Guess Who Is Coming To Nigeria? Xiaomi!!

  1. Kay says:

    It’s about time!
    Funny thing is: just last week, tech cabal was clamoring for this!
    Innjoo is going bankrupt! 😈

  2. Adaobi says:

    I don’t know why I sang the headline in the style of Dr. Alban’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (Carolina), but I regret nothing.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol, trust me, I wrote that headline with the song in mind.

  3. Tuntun says:

    Well looks like mobile technology in Africa is turning a corner (well we have been seen on the map of the world finally lol). Well the consumers will be better for it because the OEMS will be falling over each other to make a statement with their products thus driving the price(s) down. Good one. Bring it on!!!!!!!!

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      I know right!! can’t wait!

  4. Mbugua Macharia says:

    is mi-Fone (the first African Mobile Devices brand, not xiaomi) available in Nigeria?

  5. Anonymous says:

    African Mobile Brand mi-Fone objects to Chinese company entering Africa with similar name
    Johannesburg, South Africa – 16th September 2015 – mi-Fone the FIRST African Mobile Devices brand has issued Legal letters to Chinese Smartphone giant Xiaomi and their African distributor objecting to their upcoming plans to distribute smartphones across Africa. The objection rests on the basis that the introduction of Xiaomi’s ‘Mi’ products on the continent is an infringement of trademark in a market where mi-Fone has a well-established presence via their Mi and Mi Fone trade names
    Alpesh Patel, Founder and CEO of Mi-Fone, explains, “It is great that companies want to come into Africa and realise the potential of African smartphone growth, but it is our duty as a relatively small indigenous 100% African owned company to stand up for our rights as the first original registered owners of the “Mi and Mi Fone “ names in Africa. I would have hoped that big companies like this would have done their due diligence before announcing their proposed entry into Africa “
    In order to protect itself against unfair competition, mi-Fone wishes to protect the established ‘Mi’ and Mi Fone” brand names that exists across the African continent. “As the owners of the ‘mi’ and ‘Mi-Fone’ brand in Africa, we will follow the rule of law and strongly object to any channel in Africa that distributes similar named and related products not endorsed by us as the rightful owners “ says Patel
    “Our ultimate concern is with the use of the name ‘mi’ which immediately creates an association in the minds of consumers,” says Patel. “While we welcome free and fair competition within the Mobile Device space in order to empower Africa as a whole, this is an infringement of registered trademarks so it is important we tackle this head-on.”
    With Africa currently playing host to the fastest growing mobile market in the world, it is evident that the years of investment and innovation instilled by Africans, for Africa, through companies such as mi-Fone have gone a long way towards the empowerment and development of the continent.
    mi-Fone was the first African Mobile Devices brand established in 2008 ( Xiaomi incidentally was established in 2010 ) and boasts both African heritage as well as a strong brand reputation across the African market. Mi-Fone products and services are now available across more than 15 African markets with their African HQ operating out of Nairobi, Kenya. “Over the last seven years mi-Fone has worked hard to nurture relationships with consumers and telco- networks across the continent. Ours is a Peoples brand “ explains Patel.
    In 2014 mi-Fone was awarded the Frost & Sullivan ‘Mobile Entrepreneurial Company of the Year’ award.
    “For me this is more than a business concern, this is a social message calling for all African owned brands to stand up and fight for what they have worked so hard to build. mi-Fone has always been at the forefront of innovation and has been clearly recognised by various industry bodies for all the good work it has done in Africa to help empower our people- we are determined to continue this good work without any outside interference ,” Patel concludes.
    About mi-Fone ( ) Twitter : @mifone , @mifoneafrica , Instagram : mifoneworld, mifoneea, mifone9ja, mifonenamibia,mi_fone
    mi-Fone, founded by Alpesh Patel in 2008 is the FIRST AFRICAN Mobile Devices brand. The company was born out of the thinking that big brands were missing the point and that ultimately Africa was best served by Africans themselves. mi-Fone is driven by a passion to empower and educate mass market African consumers with access to the Internet, as well as the use of devices as an information gateway. By placing millions of low cost feature and now smartphone handsets into the hands of the average African consumer, mi-Fone will realise its dream in enabling a whole continent to become productive and in turn to become more prosperous. In its 7 year history mi-Fone has been the recipient of many industry accolades including the 2014 Frost and Sullivan “Mobile Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award”.

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